Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 77 - False Intelligence Causes Death

pulled onto the stage as well now.

“What a great humiliation!” Wang Qingquan was furious, and killing intent even surged in his heart. “Hes throwing the face of our aristocratic families and sects onto the ground and trampling on it. This child cannot be left alive!”

“Uncle, dont worry. With Uncle Jiangs plan, that fellow wont live for long!” Wang Jinsheng gritted his teeth and said.

“Yes, hes dead for sure!” Wang Qingquan nodded and asked in a low voice, “By the way, have you investigated the whereabouts of the thousands of elite soldiers last night?”

“Yes.” Wang Jin said with some resentment, “It was Xu Fengan who did it. He directly captured Sun Panshi and killed dozens of soldiers, causing the remaining soldiers to surrender without a fight. They were probably captured and imprisoned in the dungeon.”

The first thing Wang Jinsheng did after arriving in Lu County was to be sent by Wang Qingquan to investigate what had happened last night.

At the very least, he had to figure out how the battle ended after he left.

This way, he could rely on how many soldiers Xu Fengan could kill to determine his strength, making it easier for Wang Qingquan to kill him.

Although Wang Qingquan looked down on Xu Fengan, a newly-advanced top expert, he knew very well that it was not easy to kill a top expert.

He had to be sufficiently prepared. Only by knowing himself and his enemy could he win every battle.

Unfortunately, Wang Jinshengs investigation results came from the citizens of Lu County.

In truth, no one had dared to go out last night.

No one saw the real battle scene.

Most of the people only vaguely heard the screams outside, and a small number of people heard Sun Panshi and the others breaking out of the window and trying to escape.

Even the blood on the streets had been cleaned up by Chen Tong and his men. There were no traces of Hui Shi sweeping through the army alone last night.

This morning, after the commoners went out and saw a clean street, they naturally did not think that a battle had happened.

They would only think that the battle had stopped because the culprits had been captured by an expert.

Hence, after Wang Jinsheng heard this news, he naturally thought that it was Xu Fengan.

After all, from what he knew, Xu Fengan was the only top expert in Lu County City. Who else could it be?

This was slightly different from the truth.

“To be able to kill dozens of armored and armed elite soldiers alone, this guy is already stronger than ordinary Inner World realm experts. Hes not bad.”

Wang Qingquan believed Wang Jinshengs words and sneered. “But compared to me, its far from enough. In the end, the foundation of a small sect is still too shallow.”

“Uncle, if you take action, Xu Fengan will definitely die.” Wang Jinsheng smiled.

“If I cant even kill a tiny Xu Fengan, Im not worthy of the surname Wang.” Wang Qingquan was very confident. “Jinsheng, wait here. Once Nephew Sun appears, save him. Ill go and kill Xu Fengan directly to prevent him from causing any trouble.”

“No problem, dont worry.” Wang Jinsheng was also very confident. He looked at Hui Shi, who was acting as a guard on the platform, and chuckled. “The guard on this platform was defeated by me. I let him live previously, so I wont let him escape again this time.”

“Yes, we should eliminate them completely.” Wang Qingquan nodded and said, “Be careful to end the battle quickly. Dont fight a prolonged battle. After saving them, leave immediately.”

“I understand!” Wang Jinsheng smiled and said, “Uncle, dont worry. Its just a mere Qi Condensation realm cultivator. Its not worth me prolonging the fight.”

“Alright.” Wang Qingquan left in relief. He knew Wang Jinshengs strength very well. It was impossible for him to not be able to deal with a Qi Condensation Realm cultivator.

Next, Wang Jinsheng waited patiently in the corner.

Before long, the high platform was set up. Countless citizens present cheered.

When the public hearing began.

One by one, the merchants were pulled up and the commoners stood up to accuse them. In their anger, many commoners even rushed up and beat the merchants to death.

“What a bunch of unruly commoners!” Wang Jinsheng gritted his teeth. His status was inherently different from the commoners. Seeing this situation, he felt especially affected.

Finally, after interrogating several merchants, Sun Panshi, who looked haggard and in an extremely sorry state, was pulled up.

Hui Shi had personally escorted him up.

“Its time!” Wang Jinshengs eyes lit up. “Die!”

He immediately used his swiftness technique and instantly flew onto the stage. He stretched out his arm and threw a punch at Hui Shi, trying to subdue the enemy in one strike like yesterday.

Hui Shis expression revealed a bit of surprise. He looked at Wang Jinsheng as if he was looking at a fool.

… .

Wang Qingquan did not choose to launch a sneak attack.

This was because he knew that it was useless against a top-notch Inner World expert.

He planned to kill Xu Fengan head-on.

Moreover, in order to warn Cui Heng, he planned to beat Xu Fengan to death in front of Cui Heng.

Therefore, Wang Qingquan came to the county magistrates office alone and even removed his disguise.

At this moment, Cui Heng was discussing with Xu Fengan and Liu Litao which sects and aristocratic families businesses to buy over first.

Suddenly, he looked up outside.

“What a strong emotion of disgust. Whos here?” Cui Heng was overjoyed. He put down the brush and ink in his hand and smiled. “Sir Xu, County Governor Liu, theres a guest outside. Lets go and meet him.”

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