her Immortal for me. Im afraid he had long seen through my bodys problems, so he cooked those noodles for me to eat and cured my illness.

“I dont even know where my illness came from. My father and mother searched everywhere for famous doctors, but they couldnt find a way to cure it. Now, its just a bowl of noodles… Hes really a deity!”

At this point, she had already let down her guard greatly.

After all, if such a powerful Immortal had any evil intentions towards her, those little thoughts and machinations of hers would be useless.

Furthermore, this Immortal had treated her illness. He should be a good person.

“If thats the case, maybe Ill really be able to return in 12 days?”

Jiang Qiqis heart was filled with anticipation, and at the same time, the guilt she felt became even stronger. She felt more and more that she was judging a gentlemans character with a petty heart.

No, it should be using the heart of a little girl to measure the depths of an Immortal. She corrected herself again.

“Tomorrow morning, I will go and apologize to Big Brother Immortal.” Jiang Qiqi made up her mind and finally calmed down.

After adjusting her emotions, she felt that the bed and blanket here were actually very soft and comfortable. Before long, she fell asleep.

Actually, Cui Heng had not intended to use the bowl of noodles to treat Jiang Qiqis illness.

He really only cooked the two bowls of noodles for them to eat.

At that time, it just so happened to be time for his dinner as well. At most, he only had the intention of cooking more noodles since it was convenient.

The only special thing was that the noodles had been grown from the Beginners Farm. They contained a trace of subtle spiritual energy that could nourish the body.

For a Foundation Establishment cultivator like Cui Heng, that bit of spiritual qi could be said to be insignificant, almost nonexistent.

But to people like Jiang Qiqi who were weak since young, it was a life-saving medicine.

Even if it was not to the extent of completely recovering her body, it was enough to remove the pain from her illness.

Cui Heng spent the night in the cultivation room.

Although the Meditation Chamber gave him a 10% increase in cultivation speed, it was not very useful.

Now that he had completed the early-stage Foundation Establishment, he could only increase his Dharmic powers by a little from his usual cultivation.

It was not of much use to break through the early-stage Foundation Establishment.

“The problem I can feel now is that my Dharmic powers are not agile enough. I can only follow the cultivation technique step by step. This causes my Dao foundation to become like a pool of stagnant water. Its difficult to activate, so its naturally difficult to break through and become stronger.

“Although I have developed some simple circulation methods for my Dharmic powers, I can only barely make my Dharmic powers more flexible. The effects are limited.

“If only I knew Dharma spells, or some other means that could change the way my Dharmic powers operate, perhaps I could make my Dao foundation more flexible.”

Cui Heng was summarizing his cultivation experience and pondering about the method to break through.

The Beginners Immortal Cultivation Technique was indeed a beginners tutorial. There was really only training content and no spells.

He had been ruminating on this problem like this for quite some time, but he still had no clue on a solution.

Tonight was the same.

Cui Heng sat there until dawn, but he still didnt have any ideas.

He walked out of the cultivation chamber as usual, intending to head to the Beginners Farm to get some food for breakfast.

However, the moment he went downstairs, he saw the pure and pretty girl standing at the top of the stairs.

She seemed to be waiting for him.

“Big Brother Immortal!” Jiang Qiqis eyes instantly lit up when she saw Cui Heng coming down the stairs. She jogged over and took a deep breath before bowing repeatedly, mimicking the manner of the martial artists she had seen before. She said respectfully, “Please forgive this little girl for being rude yesterday.”

“…” Cui Heng was instantly stunned, then he laughed lightly. “What are you doing?”

“Ah, I-I… that, yesterday I treated you as a bad person.” Jiang Qiqi scratched the back of her head in embarrassment. “My mother said that girls should be more vigilant.”

“Haha, I see. Thats not wrong.” Cui Heng had actually seen through her thoughts yesterday, but he just didnt say it out loud. “Then am I a bad person?”

“You are a good person!” Jiang Qiqi said with incomparable seriousness.

However, just as she finished speaking, she shook her head and corrected him solemnly. “No, youre a good Immortal, a good Immortal big brother!”

“Then Ill be your Big Brother Immortal.” Cui Heng laughed heartily as he politely refused thegood person card.

“Big Brother Immortal, to express my apologies, how about I perform a sword dance for you?”

Jiang Qiqi seemed to feel that her verbal apology was not sincere enough, so she said, “This is the sword technique that an old Daoist priest taught me. Not only can it be used to nourish ones health and prolong ones life, its also very beautiful to watch.”

She had thought about how she should apologize last night.

Its just that a verbal apology was too weak.

However, she realized that she did not seem to have any special abilities. She couldnt possibly help Big Brother Immortal with matters of conducting business right?

In the end, after thinking about it, it seemed that only her sword dance could barely be considered a passable skill.

“I dont need a sword dance…” Cui Heng subconsciously wanted to refuse. Letting a 14 year old girl perform a sword dance for him felt a little like child abuse.

Although Jiang Qiqi was naturally beautiful, and her appearance and figure was rather mature, in his eyes, she was still a little girl.

However, before he could finish his words, an idea flashed in his mind. He suddenly asked Jiang Qiqi, “You said that this sword dance is actually a kind of nourishing sword skill. Can this be considered a kind of martial technique?”

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