Chapter 81: Lets Talk Peacefully

“Deputy Chen!” Qian Fangkong collapsed to the ground.

“You, how did you get in?!” Song Ming was also pale with fear. He looked at Hui Shi in horror and looked outside.

This was the inner hall of the county office. There were many constables guarding outside. Even if Hui Shi wanted to enter, someone would definitely come over to report first!

How could he have let him in so silently!

“What are you looking at?” Hui Shi shook the bloody steel blade in his hand and sneered. “Are you curious about how I got in and why the constables outside didnt make a sound?”

“You, you, could it be…” Song Ming looked at the steel saber in Hui Shis hand and trembled. “You killed them?!”

“Do you know what the most perfect infiltration is?” Hui Shi did not attack immediately. Instead, he asked with interest.

At the same time, he held his steel saber and slowly walked in front of Song Ming. He smiled and said, “The Governor once told me that as long as I kill everyone who sees me and make them unable to scream in time, it will be the perfect infiltration.”

“I-Im the county deputy of Taichang County, an official of high rank. You cant kill me. The Imperial Court will blame you!” Song Ming was completely frightened. He could only rely on these words to protect his life.

“Heh, Imperial Court?” Hui Shi sneered and didnt say anything else. He raised his hand and slashed down. Song Mings head immediately flew out, and dark red blood spewed like a pillar, splashing all over the county magistrate, Qian Fangkong.

“Ah! Dont, dont kill me, dont kill me!” Qian Fangkong knelt on the ground with his face covered in blood. He kept kowtowing and begging for mercy. “Deputy Chen, I was wrong. I know my mistake. Please spare my life!”

Hui Shis surname was Chen. After leaving Lotus Flower Monastery, he no longer dressed as a monk and only called himself Chen Hui Shi.

“Deputy Governor” was an appointment given by Cui Heng.

Great Jin originally did not have such an official position. It was basically a local official who carried out the governors orders. There was no position like Hui Shi, who was specially sent to carry out the governors orders.

Hence, Cui Heng made one based on the similar official positions he knew.

As someone sent into the county by the governor, he could temporarily take over the military and political authority of a county and carry out the decrees.

Initially, he wanted to appoint him as the Governor General or Viceroy, but now that Hui Shi was only implementing a county-level decree, it was not appropriate.

It would not be too late to change it later.

Therefore, Qian Fangkong called him Deputy Governor Chen.

“Stand up!” Hui Shi placed the steel saber on Qian Fangkongs neck and said in a low voice, “Are you going to implement the decree issued by the Governor or not?”

“Implement! Ill definitely implement it!” Qian Fangkong nodded repeatedly.

How would he dare to say no now? Song Mings head was rolling by his feet, and his eyes were staring at him.

“Good!” Hui Shi nodded and sneered. “I dont think your neck is as tough as my saber, right?”

“Dont worry, dont worry. Ill definitely implement it without any mistakes!” Qian Fangkong nodded like a worm and even bowed with a kind of respect shown to Governor Generals.

“Thats good!” Hui Shi put away his saber and turned around. He said to Zhao Huai, who was waking up the constables outside, “Zhao Huai, lets go!”

“Yes, Deputy Governor!” Zhao Huai imitated Qian Fangkong and addressed him respectfully.

“Youre a fast learner,” Hui Shi scolded with a smile, but he was in a good mood now and didnt care about this. He said with a smile, “How is it? I only killed one person this time and resolved the matter!”

“Yes, yes. You only killed one. The improvement in Deputy Governor is already very great.” Zhao Huai held back his laughter.

“Heh, Im not stupid,” Hui Shi said with a smile. “I still have to rely on these constables to work in the future. Why should I kill them?”

After the two of them left, Qian Fangkong mustered his courage and walked out.

Only then did he realize that the bailiffs outside were not dead at all.

They were just knocked unconscious.

However, he did not think that Hui Shi was just scaring him.

After all, Song Ming was really dead!

Hence, that afternoon, the citizens of Taichang County saw the notice of the new decree.

It could be seen that survival instinct was the number one productive force.

However, when the commoners saw this notice, although they were very happy, they did not believe it at all.

The Governor actually wanted to force the Taichong Sect to sell all their businesses to the government, and they were only allowed to sell them for 10% of the market price.

This immediately caused a large number of citizens to discuss fervently.

“The officials are trying to rob the businesses over forcefully? Arent they afraid of the Taichong Sects revenge?”

“Our County Lord will definitely offend the Taichong Sect by issuing such a decree!”

“Taichong Sect is filled with martial arts experts. Something big is probably going to happen!”

“I heard that this was set up by the Governor of Lu County City. This is a good thing for us!”

“Heh, its a good thing if it can really be done. In my opinion, someone is going to die!”

“Sigh, does that Lord Governor really know what our small place is like? He actually dares to issue such a decree.”

… .

… .

The contents of this decree quickly spread throughout the county.

Naturally, it quickly spread to the Taichong Sect.

Such a ridiculous matter quickly alarmed the Vice Sect Master of the Taichong Sect, Gao Man.

The Sect Master was still outside, and he was not in the sect.

Gao Man immediately gathered the elders and said in a low voice, “This decree is clearly aimed at us. What do you think?”

The Punishment Elder snorted. “Qian Fangkong doesnt have the guts. I heard that a Deputy Governor came from Lu County recently. Its probably him.”

“This was the new county governors idea.” The Medicine Hall elder shook his head and said, “Thats what he did in Lu County City. Our grain and salt merchants there have all been raided. Now, hes targeting our headquarters.”

“Damn it!” The Cultivation Imparting Elder slapped the table and said in a low voice, “In for a penny, in for a pound. Lets go over and kill that dog county governor. I dont believe that the four of us, Xiantian experts, cant kill that dog official.”

“Not good, not good!” At this moment, a disciple guarding the mountain suddenly rushed into the hall and shouted, “Elders, someone wants to barge into the sect. He claims to be from Taichang County and wants to see the Sect Master!”

“Stop him!” Elder Punisher shouted. “Do you think our Taichong Sect is a place where people can come and go as they please?”

“But, but…” The disciple guarding the mountain was about to explain when a figure suddenly flew over from behind and knocked him unconscious on the spot.

Gao Man and the elders took a closer look and their pupils constricted.

What knocked out the disciple guarding the mountain was actually a headless corpse. It was also wearing the clothes of a Taichong Sect disciple.

“How dare you!” The Technique Imparting Elder stood up in anger and was about to rush out.

But just as he took a step, a white light flew in from outside!

The Elders neck was cut off on the spot, and his head rolled to the ground. His body took a few steps forward before falling to the ground.


The white light hit the wall, but it was a steel saber that was stuck straight into the wall.

The Great Hall of the Taichong Sect was instantly silent. One could hear a pin drop.

Hui Shi slowly walked in. He looked around at everyone and said with a kind smile, “Dont panic. Im just here to talk to you about something.

“Everyone, sit down and talk. Lets talk peacefully.”

… .

The political decree of Taichang County was implemented very smoothly.

In just ten days, Hui Shi had completed the acquisition of the Taichong Sects assets and returned to Lu County to report.

In the inner hall of the Governors Office.

Cui Heng looked at Hui Shis report and couldnt help but size him up again. He chuckled and said, “Am I seeing things? You actually didnt wipe out the Taichong Sect.”

“My Lord, I feel that if we kill the right person, we dont have to kill too many,” Hui Shi said respectfully. Then, he explained his various operations in Taichong County.

“Good, you did very well.” Cui Heng nodded and praised.

This outcome was somewhat unexpected.

Initially, he thought that sending Hui Shi out to implement the Governors decree had its pros and cons.

The good thing was that the decree could definitely be implemented quickly. The bad thing was that although the decree would be implemented, there would probably not be many local sects and families left.

With the people gone, Cui Heng could no longer collect his emotion light of disgust.

However, everything was difficult in the beginning. It was good to let Hui Shi use ruthless methods to start.

It can serve as a warning to others, and things would go much smoother in the future.

Unexpectedly, Hui Shi had killed less than a hundred people this time.

This meant that the sects and families in Taichang County could still be used as generators for the disgust emotion light.

It was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Even though Cui Heng had yet to go to Taichang County to collect emotional feedback, he felt happy and comfortable just by reading this report.

He completed the implementation of the decree in such a short period of time without harming the local population.

It was simply perfect.

Hui Shi was indeed suitable for such external matters.

“Its my honor to serve you, my Lord.” Hui Shi was very excited when he heard Cui Hengs praise and knelt down.

In his heart, Cui Heng was not only a Governor, but also a powerful Immortal God with boundless Dharmic powers. What an honor it was to be praised by an Immortal God!

“My Lord, theres something else I need to report,” Hui Shi said in a low voice. “Ive learned from the Taichong Sect that their foreign affairs elder, Sun Liansheng, has left a few days ago and is headed to Yanzhou. Hes probably going to the Langya Wang Clan to report. Do you want me to go over and capture him?”

“Going to the Langya Wang Clan to report?” Cui Heng was overjoyed when he heard that. He shook his head and said, “Dont worry about him. You can just go to the other counties to carry out the Governors decree as usual.”

He was originally worried that the Wang family of Langya did not know about this matter. Now that Sun Liansheng had taken the initiative to inform them, it had really helped him a lot.

Hui Shi immediately understood that Cui Heng had other plans for this. He immediately nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Speaking of the Langya Wang Clan, we have to mention Wang Jinsheng.” Cui Heng stood up and chuckled. “Chen Tong just returned from his leave two days ago and is studying how to let more people know that Wang Jinsheng is imprisoned here.

Its interesting. Previously, I allowed him to take ten days off to accompany his sister back to their hometown, but he insisted on only taking seven days. Now, although he has returned from his leave, he even brought his sister along.

Lets go. Follow me and see if he has come up with any solutions.”

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