Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 90 - A Hundred Years Ago Why Did the Immortal Dawn Sect Seal the Mountain? (2)

t was a narrow escape from death!

“However, since Lord Angel chose to appear and didn’t attack us, it should mean that he has already acknowledged my actions and the current Langya Wang Family.”

Thinking of this, Wang Huaiyi was overjoyed. This meant that the Wang Family’s 260 years of hard work had not been in vain. They finally had the qualifications to carry out the orders of the Upper World.

Hence, he knelt even more respectfully and said in a respectful tone, “After 200 years, our Wang Family can finally listen to the Jade Calligraphy Order again and serve the Upper World’s Sect Master in this hundred year period?”

When Cui Heng heard this, he immediately understood what the Angel’s presence meant.

In fact, it was a messenger from the Wang Family’s main sect in the Upper World, sending a mission order to the Wang Family in the Lower World to arrange what the Wang Family in the Lower World should do in this hundred years.

From the looks of it, to the normal people, this 100 years period was just an opportunity for them to fight for Immortal Opportunities.

As for a top clan like the Langya Wang Family that was related to the Upper World, they probably had to complete the special mission given by the Upper World to let the main sect of the Upper World achieve a certain goal.

This 100 year period was not as simple as he had understood.

Hence, Cui Heng chuckled and said, “What do you think?”

When Wang Huaiyi heard this smiling tone, his heart, which had been hanging in the air, instantly relaxed.

However, he did not immediately ask what the mission was. Instead, he said very considerately, “Lord Angel must have arrived not long ago. Do you need me to tell you about the various sects in the world?”

“Alright.” Cui Heng let the figure in the golden light speak in a calm and superior tone, but he was overjoyed in his heart. This Wang Huaiyi was really sensible.

Then, under his further indirect questioning, he finally obtained a lot of information about the various sects in the world from Wang Huaiyi. It was more detailed than what he had learned previously.

Unfortunately, the Wang Family of the Lower World did not seem to have much understanding of the Upper World. Cui Heng did not manage to get much information out of him.

Fortunately, he also obtained an extremely important piece of information.

Why did the Immortal Dawn Sect seal the mountain a hundred years ago?

After squeezing Wang Huaiyi dry, Cui Heng removed the golden light and left the cave abode.

This trip to Yanzhou was considered a fruitful one.

Of course, in the end, Cui Heng gave Wang Huaiyi a hint regarding the Upper World mission—he would talk about it after Wang Qinghe saved the face of the Langya Wang Family.

It was just that he did not know what the Wang Family of Langya was like at that time.


Why did the Immortal Dawn Sect seal off the mountain?

This was something that Wang Huaiyi had experienced before.

However, he was only in his forties at that time and had just stepped into the Profound Gate realm. He was not even at the Xiantian realm and could not really participate.

Therefore, he did not know the cause of the matter. He only knew the general process and the final outcome.

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