Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 92 - Learning the Dao in the Morning Death in the Evening (1)

charge of the implementation of the government decrees in those places.

There were only 21 counties in the entire Lu Prefecture.

This time, he had returned to the county city to report on his duties. He would be leaving soon and would be implementing a decree in the ninth county.

Another wave of heads were going to be sent rolling

If it were anyone else, they would probably not dare to let go of such a sharp blade.

Cui Heng was different.

After all, he had personally forged this sharp blade.

After Hui Shi left.

Cui Heng returned to the inner hall of the government office and spread out a piece of paper.w∪xiaworld. site He wrote a name on it.

Zhou Hongyi.

This was the Daoist priest who had found Lu Zhengming in Xiling County and wanted to visit him in Lu County. He was the inner disciple of the Daoyi Palaces Sect Master, Zhang Shuming.

In todays world, he could definitely be considered an important figure.

“If I want to obtain the position of Fengzhou State Overseer, I might be able to gain the support of Daoyi Palace.”

Cui Hengs lips curled up slightly.

Although the Daoyi Palace had never supported anyone since ancient times, as long as he wanted to, there were many ways to get Zhang Shuming to come over personally and beg him to accept the support of the Daoyi Palace.

Cui Heng had already confirmed this when he learned that Zhou Hongyi had not sent a letter from Giant River County, but from Xiling City.

It was different from Zhang Shumings focus on transcending the mortal world.

Zhou Hongyi felt that cultivating the Dao and martial arts also required one to frequently walk the mortal world and interact with ordinary people.

Only then could he be closer to the true Great Dao.

Therefore, although he had only been in Xiling County for half a month, he had already become familiar with most of the people in the city. He even had a few friends who told him everything.

This was undoubtedly related to the fact that Xiling County had just suffered a military disaster and there was not much population left. However, Zhou Hongyis social skills were obviously unquestionable.

Moreover, he did not deliberately interact with others. He really enjoyed the feeling of interacting with ordinary people in the most ordinary way.

This was Zhou Hongyis attitude towards cultivation.

Every evening, he would come to the south of the city and play a few games of chess with a few old men in their sixties or seventies while chatting.

“Haha, rob!”

An old man with half of his teeth missing placed his chess piece with a smile. He ate one of Zhou Hongyis chess pieces and said with a smile, “Little Zhou, you seem to be a little distracted these two days when playing chess.”

Zhou Hongyis talent was extremely high. He had already stepped into the Xiantian realm in his twenties. Although he had entered the Inner World realm already, he was only in his early thirties. In terms of appearance, he was only in his twenties.

Naturally, this group of old men called him Little Zhou.

“Haha, Uncle Chen, you can tell?” Zhou Hongyi placed his chess piece down and broke the chess deadlock. He smiled and said, “A few days ago, I sent a visitation card to the governor of Lu County through the Governor Deputy. I wonder if he will accept it. Im a little nervous.”

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