Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 94 - There Must Not Be A Second Hongwu


Wang Qinghe stood up and sneered. “This time, you and I have brought enough elite soldiers. After we attack Lu County and save Shenger, well lead our troops to Lotus Flower Monastery to ask whats going on!” “Thats right. With such an army around, even if there are Deity Realm experts in Lu County, they wont dare to compete with us!” Xie Beixing also laughed loudly. “I want to personally kill that Cui brat to avenge my good nephew!”

Both of them were very confident.

Even though they had already predicted that Lu County might be a trap, they were still confident.

This came from the soldiers they had brought.

Wang Qinghe brought 500 people, and Xie Beixing brought 2,000.

Although it seemed like Xie Beixing had more people, Wang Qinghes 500 people were actually the main combat force.

Although Xie Beixings 2,000 people were all elite soldiers, only 200 of them knew martial arts, and they were only at the Qi Condensation Realm.

As for Wang Qinghes 500 people, they were all well-equipped. They were wearing refined iron armor and holding tempered weapons. Every one of them even were Tendon Transformation realm martial cultivators.

In the pugilistic world, a Tendon Transformation realm cultivator could be considered a hero. He could even be an elder in some small sects. Above that was the Marrow Cleansing realm, which was enough for one to be called a first-rate expert!

This was 500 armored and armed Tendon Transformation experts, and an elite force at that, who were proficient in battle formations that could form a formation to charge and kill the enemy!

These 500 people were enough to easily defeat the so-called tens of thousands of ordinary soldiers!

Even a Deity Realm powerhouse would be frightened away on the spot.

If he didnt run, he would die!

“Report!” At this moment, the voice of a messenger came from outside. “Second Master, a group of merchants has arrived outside. They want you to help them!”

This was clearly a soldier from the Langya Wang Family. He was addressing Wang Qinghe as Second Master.

“Merchants?” Wang Qinghe frowned when he heard that. Just as he was about to give the order to chase them away, he suddenly had a thought and said in a low voice, “Let them in to see me.”

“Yes!” The messenger left.

“You want to ask these merchants about Cui Heng and Lu County?” Xie Beixing was a little surprised. “This place is quite far from Lu County, and its not around the Hong River. Im afraid the nearby merchants dont know much about Lu County.”

“No.” Wang Qinghe shook his head and said, “During the day, we passed by Wucheng County and Changhe County in front. You didnt pay attention to the conversations of the commoners there. Almost all of them were praising Cui Heng. This is definitely not normal.”

Generally speaking, there would definitely be administrative malpractice in the dozen or so counties under a Prefecture.

Therefore, most of the commoners would be dissatisfied with the governor. Those who were slightly better might not feel much, and they would neither scold nor praise him.

However, the citizens of Wucheng County and Changhe County were actually praising Cui Heng. This was an extremely unusual matter.

This meant that the county governor had definitely done something to make the people grateful.

To be able to make so many ordinary people grateful, coupled with the information he had previously obtained about the situation in Lu County, made Wang Qinghe feel an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

A group of merchants was quickly brought in.

When they saw Wang Qinghe and Xie Beixing, they knelt on the ground and cried loudly.

They were originally from a large local clan and had rich assets. However, the Governor of Lu County, Cui Heng, was a jinx who harmed people. He forcefully bought their assets at 10% of the price, causing them to live like ordinary people. It was simply a fate worse than death.

The more Wang Qinghe listened to this description, the more shocked he became.

His fists involuntarily clenched, and his body trembled.

Although Xie Beixing did not know much about this, he felt a sense of familiarity in those words, but he could not remember what it was.

After that, Wang Qinghe promised to punish the Governor of Lu County severely before letting this group of merchants leave. Then, he looked at Xie Beixing beside him and said solemnly, “Do you find Cui Hengs actions very familiar?”

“Its a little familiar, but I cant tell what it is. I feel like Ive heard or seen it somewhere before.” Xie Beixing frowned and thought carefully.

“Heavenly King Hongwu!” Wang Qinghe directly pointed it out. He gritted his teeth and said, “This is clearly what Heavenly King Hongwu did back then. Its him, its him. Thats right, its him!” “Oh my god!” Xie Beixings face instantly turned as pale as paper. He trembled in fear and said in shock, “Thats right, thats right. He killed the strong and divided the land… its Heavenly King Hongwu!”

The name Heavenly King Hongwu was the eternal nightmare of all the aristocratic families in the world. It was a name that could stop children from crying at night. It was a nightmare that they could never escape from!

Even though this was someone from nearly 300 years ago, his reputation still made the big clans tremble in fear!

“This fellow must be inextricably linked to Hongwu from back then!” Wang Qinghe said firmly, “Kill him. We have to kill him before he grows up. We cant let another Hongwu appear in this world!”

“Thats right, we must kill him!” Xie Beixing nodded solemnly. “Should we inform the other families? This is an earth-shattering matter!”

“No!” Wang Qinghe shook his head and said in a low voice, “Back then, Heavenly King Hongwu had the power to kill all the Deity Realm experts in the world. If this Cui Heng is really related to Heavenly King Hongwu, we might be able to obtain Heavenly King Hongwus inheritance. This is a supreme opportunity!”

“Indeed!” Xie Beixing agreed with this point of view and nodded. “Then tomorrow morning, well immediately speed up our march and strive to take down Lu County before tomorrow evening!”


At the same time, in Lu County, Zhou Hongyi arrived in the night.

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