that Cui Heng had compiled according to the current martial techniques of the Yuhua Sword Pavilion after learning that Xu Fengan was far away from reaching the Deity Realm. It perfectly matched what Xu Fengan had learned.

Since even Zhou Hongyi had obtained a talisman that could assist with his cultivation, he naturally wouldnt treat Xu Fengan badly.

Moreover, Xu Fengan even got the Yuhua Sword Pavilion to cooperate with the implementation of the government decree.

Cui Heng would not mistreat anyone who worked hard by his side.

“Go on.” Cui Heng smiled. “Study hard.”

“Thank you, Immortal!” Xu Fengan thanked him again and left happily. After a while, Captain Chen Tong came again.

“My Lord, theres news from the various counties that foot soldiers suspected to be from the Wang Clan of Langya are marching here. They should be coming for us.” Chen Tong explained the situation briefly.

“Theyre finally here.” Cui Heng clapped his hands and smiled. “It wasnt in vain that I waited so long. Go to the dungeon and bring Wang Jinsheng and Wang Qingquan out. Hang them on the flagpole of the city gate.”

“Hang, hang them on the flagpole of the city gate tower?” Chen Tongs eyes widened when he heard that. This was killing the heart! When the people from the Wang Clan of Langya arrived, they would probably faint from anger on the spot.

However, to do such a thing to the top preeminent families in the world, an indescribable excitement surged in his heart. He could not wait.

In the past, he wouldnt even dare to think about such a thing!


In the death-row dungeon of Lu County City.

Wang Jinsheng and Wang Qingquan were still alive. They were very dispirited and looked like they were about to die.

Actually, it just looked like that.

Both of them had martial cultivation and their physiques were extremely strong. Even if they were locked up in this dungeon that did not see the sun, their bodies were still very healthy.

The main reason was that the mental damage caused by the public trial had almost crushed their personalities.

If it were someone with a more unyielding temperament or someone who was completely in despair, they would probably have already committed suicide.

For example, Sun Yanshi.

After discovering that Wang Jinsheng and Wang Qingquan had been captured, he directly slammed his head into the wall of the dungeon and died.

However, neither Wang Jinsheng nor Wang Qingquan had the courage to do so.

Perhaps it was because they still held a glimmer of hope in their hearts that the Wang Family from Langya could come over and save them.

In the corner of the dungeon where Wang Jinsheng was, the air was filled with a pungent smell. He looked at Wang Qingquan beside him and asked in a low voice, “Uncle, do you think someone will come to save us?”

“Yes, definitely!” Wang Qingquans mental state had already recovered a lot. Although he was still unable to use his martial techniques, he could already communicate normally. “You and I being imprisoned here is equivalent to slapping the face of the Langya Wang Clan. Even if its just for the sake of face, they will definitely save us.”

“But, but… Will it succeed?” Wang Jinsheng asked uncertainly.

“This…” Wang Qingquan fell silent when he heard this. He said with a bitter expression, It should be possible. Even if Cui Heng is extremely powerful and has unimaginable methods, he wouldnt dare to completely fall out with our Wang Family.”

“Thats right, thats right. No matter how powerful he is, he definitely wont choose to fight our Wang Family head-on!” Wang Jinsheng seemed to have found confidence from this and actually smiled. “Since he hasnt killed us yet, he should be afraid of our Wang Family.”

Although the two of them had seen Cui Hengs strange methods, they did not know that Hui Shi had slaughtered thousands of elite soldiers.

Sun Panshi had already committed suicide before telling them the situation.


Suddenly, there was the sound of chains colliding against the cell door.

Wang Jinsheng immediately shivered and locked himself up. He looked outside with a face full of fear and saw a few prison guards undoing the chains. “Officers, are we going to the public trial again?”

Wang Qingquans face was also a little pale. He knew too well how it felt to be tried in public. It was simply a double torture of the body and mind. It was worse than death!

Although Wang Qingquan had never personally bullied the citizens of Lu County, he was Wang Jinshengs backer. When Wang Jinsheng was publicly interrogated, he would also be dragged along.

“Its not a public trial anymore.” The prison guards left without saying anything else. Wang Jinsheng and Wang Qingquan looked at each other in surprise.

Could it be that they were saved?!

“Gentlemen, long time no see.” Chen Tong walked in slowly and chuckled. “Follow me. Theres no need for you two to return here anymore.”

This made the two of them even happier. They were so excited that their bodies were trembling.

They could finally leave this damned place!

They were finally saved!

Their long-term “ideological education” even made them subconsciously not think about other possibilities and wholeheartedly think that they were saved.

However, when Wang Jinsheng and Wang Qingquan followed Chen Tong to the city gate of Lu County, they were stunned.

“W-what do you want to do?!”

“No, no, you cant do this!”

Wang Qingquan and Wang Jinsheng exclaimed, but they had no room to resist at this moment. They could only watch helplessly as the soldier clasped his hands behind his back and tied them to the rope used to raise the flag.

“Rise!” Chen Tong sneered.

The soldiers immediately turned the winch. The rope that bound Wang Qingquan and Wang Jinsheng quickly rose and hung the two at the top of the flagpole.

Now, the two of them were hanging in the air with their hands tied.

It became the most beautiful scenery on the city wall of Lu County.

“Ah!” Wang Jinsheng kept roaring. Such humiliation made him almost go crazy. “Just you wait! When my father comes, all of you will die!”

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