Chapter 4: What a tragedy

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Autor: Su Mengmeng

Translation: Koko 



Mo Junlan listened to Lin Feifei's words, but his inside remained calm.
He looked at Lin Feifei indifferently, thinking about how to kill this woman.

“Anyway, you're going to get married tomorrow, being that the case…” Lin Feifei looked at Mo Junlan's face, an unkind intention flashed in his eyes, then she spoke, “Ugly bastard, get up quickly and come out with me to do one thing.


Mo Junlan looked up at Lin Feifei again, then stood up slowly.


Seeing that Mo Junlan was so obedient, Lin Feifei was quite satisfied.
She turned around after walking towards the door saying, “Your existence is simply a disgrace to our Lin family.  it's better for you to marry out, after all, it's a waste of rice to keep such an ugly thing like you in the Lin House.”


   Mo Junlan's gaze was cold as he looked at Lin Fei Fei's back.


However, Lin Feifei was still full of disgust and went on, “Not only you’re ugly, you’re also a waste who can´t cultivate.
I really don't know how the elder second uncle and the second aunt gave birth to such an ugly ghost as you!” ”

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Seventeen-year-old Lin Feifei was beautiful in appearance and well-developed in body.
Making her very easy to lure men’s hearts, but her own heart was clearly vicious.


Mo Junlan, “…”


Why did this woman's mouth keep cawing like a crow?


If it weren't for revenge, he’d have strangled this woman long ago.


Mo Junlan thought of his parents, but his emotions were unusually calm.
The impression of them in his mind was actually somewhat blurred.


Mo Junlan was almost unable to remember even their appearance.


So, what did they really look like in the end?

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Mo Junlan walked behind Lin Feifei while trying to recall his past life.


Then he found that the number of times he had met with his parents could be actually counted on even ten fingers.


Mo Junlan, “…”


Really, if it was not miserable, it was tragic!


If it weren't for Lin Yuyan’s affair, It was estimated that they wouldn’t be able to remember him yet!


Forget it, he's fine on his own.



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He still has the Lingxia Sword!


The reason why Mo Junlan still remembered Lin Junyi and Lin Feifei was entirely ‘cause they’d often come to bully him.
So they were a little difficult to forget, after all, their presence was just too strong.


Lin Feifei still kept taunting Mo Junlan.
While Mo Junlan was observing the surroundings, which were exactly the same as the route he had taken in his previous life. 


But the difference is that, in his past life, Mo Junlan was forced to go by Lin Feifei; Whereas in this life, he followed Lin Fei Fei voluntarily.


Mo Junlan followed Lin Feifei to a mass grave.


Among the mass grave, there stood a woman and two young men who looked similar to Lin Fei Fei in age.

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“Feifei, did you really take him out?” One of the young men named Zhao Bao spoke, his eyes filled with contempt as he looked at Mo Junlan.
He was the nephew of Lin Feifei's mother, he was twenty years old and his cultivation level was in the middle stage of the Profound Realm[2].


“Does he dare not come out?” Lin Feifei said contemptuously, “He’s just a waste, could he fight against this miss?


“Feifei, since he's already here, then our game can begin as well.” Another young man named Lin Hui spoke up.
He was also a member of the Lin family, but his status in the Lin family was not as high as Lin Fei Fei's, ‘cause he was just a son from a side branch.


“It’s disgusting even to look at such an ugly person.” The woman frowned and talked, her expression and tone thick in disgust.


Mo Junlan looked at the opposite few people, but suddenly remembered an experience from his previous life.


He was tied to a tree by these people, and then played that so-call game.


And after the game was over, those people even punched and kicked him.

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