Chapter 5: Likes to play with lives

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Autor: Su Mengmeng

Translation: Koko 




Mo Junlan looked at the several people on the other side and suddenly felt his fist a little itchy.
Squinting, his eyes fell on the rope in Lin Hui's hand.


“What do you want to do with me?” Mo Junlan raised an eyebrow lightly and asked indifferently, “Play games?”


Lin Hui didn't expect Mo Junlan to speak.
He was first stunned and then said with mockery, “This young master thought up this game.
Schlub, if you don't want to be beaten, then be good and obey”


“Stop talking nonsense to him, hurry up and tie him up.” Zhao Gao said impatiently.


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“It's really disgusting to look at him more.” The woman opened her mouth again, and her expression was sick.
Her name was Lin Li, also from the bloodline of the Lin family's side branch, and she was related to Lin Hui as a brother and sister.


“Do it!” Lin Feifei also said.


Lin Hui took the rope and walked over to Mo Junlan.


“Are you sure you want to touch me?” Mo Junlan asked suddenly.


“Do you think this young master really wants to touch such an ugly monster like you?” Lin Hui said in dislike.
After saying this, he wanted to use the rope in his hand to tie Mo Junlan.


However, before Lin Hui's hand could touch Mo Junlan's body, he was seized by Mo Junlan.


For a while, Lin Hui could not help but be stunned.


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At that moment yet, Mo Junlan's hand suddenly turned and actually twisted Lin Hui's wrist in one go.


“Ah!!!” Lin Hui immediately let out a miserable scream, his face was as pale as paper, and his forehead dripped with cold sweat.


Right after, Mo Junlan lifted his foot and kicked at Lin Hui's abdomen, looking as Lin Hui's body suddenly fly out backward and then fall to the ground fiercely.


Lin Hui's hand showed a twisted state.
Because of the excessive pain, even his body involuntarily curled up, looking very wretched.


Seeing this scene, the other people were immediately stunned, and no one reacted at that time.


The rope that was originally in Lin Hui's hand was already in Mo Junlan's hand right then.
He looked at the several people who had been shocked on the other side, and his eyes flashed with cold light.
Then he curled his lips, “I don't like to play games, but I like to play with lives.” 


Of course, he plays with others’ lives.


“You…” Lin Fei Fei looked at Mo Jun Lan with an incredulous face.

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She actually just felt spiritual power fluctuations in this guy's body?


Wasn't he a crap who couldn't cultivate?


Why could he use spiritual power?


Zhao Bao and Lin Li were also shocked.


They also bully Mo Junlan a lot on weekdays.
Although Mo Junlan had been resisting, he’d eventually be suppressed by them.


Mo Junlan suddenly flashed and moved to Lin Feifei's front.
Under Lin Feifei's shocked and disgusted gaze, he slapped Lin Feifei hard.


Mo Jun Lan’s knocked Lin Fei Fei to the ground, and her cheeks became red and swollen.

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“How dare you fuck bastard to hit me…” But, before Lin Feifei could finish her words, Mo Jun Lan gave her a stomp on her palm, and then she let out a tragic shriek.


“You're looking for death!” After Zhao Bao came back to his senses, he immediately looked at Mo Junlan with anger in his furrowed eyebrows, and next sent an attack on Mo Junlan.


Mo Junlan raised his hand and waved it, and shockingly the spiritual attack that Zhao Bao struck out was immediately bounced back by an invisible force, before landing on Zhao Bao’s own body.


Making Zhao Bao spit out blood immediately.


Lin Li looked at the situation in front of her, and couldn't help but feel the need to retreat.
She bit her lip and was about to turn around and run when she saw Mo Junlan suddenly make a move towards her.


Mo Junlan threw out the rope in his hand, and to one’s surprise, the rope seemed as if it had a spiritual nature—actually flying towards Lin Li automatically.


Before Lin Li could react, her body was already bound by the rope.

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