Chapter 6: Refuse to Answer

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Autor: Su Mengmeng

Translation: Koko 




Mo Junlan's gaze swept over the long vines around him, then ran up his spiritual power, and controlled those long vines to bind the four of them.


“Awful monster, you let go of me or…” Lin Feifei looked at Mo Junlan with indignation in his eyes.


“You disgusting ugly bastard, better hurry up and let go of us.
If this matter is known by the rest of the Lin family, the consequences are not something you can bear.” Lin Li opened her mouth and threatened with a gloomy face.

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“Is it?” Mo Junlan lightly raised his eyebrows, still with a casual attitude.


“You damn lousy boy, how dare you hit me ……”Lin Feifei's originally pretty face was now distorted, his eyes were full of vicious color.
And gnashing his teeth, she said, “After I tell my parents about this, you will be dead.”


    “Unfortunately, you won’t have that chance.” Mo Junlan hooked the corner of his lips, with eyes deep as a cold pool, glowing with a layer of chilly tone.


    “What do you ……
you want to do to us?” Lin Li's heart suddenly had a bad premonition.


Mo Junlan did not answer Lin Li's words, he abruptly moved toward Lin Hui.


Lin Hui looked at Mo Junlan, who was getting closer and closer to him, and he couldn't help but jump.
With a voice involuntarily trembling, he said, “I tell you…
if you……
you dare to kill…
kill us then…
the people of the Lin family will not let you go…”

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“If you want to live, let us go quickly.” Zhao Bao also followed and spoke,  but his expression and voice contained a strong sense of threat.


    “Are you guys sick in the head?”  Mo Junlan sneered and tickled, “Now you are the ones in danger, but you guys are threatening me instead? In this situation, wouldn't it be better for me to kill and silence you? ”


As Mo Junlan's words fell, their faces suddenly changed.


“Even if you kneel down and beg for mercy now, crying out to your parents, I will not let you go.”  Mo Junlan smiled slightly, but his eyes were cold.  The corners of his mouth lifted slightly as he said “I’m always a person of tit for tat, and I also especially like to treat others in their own way.” 


   Mo Junlan said while finding a bottle of medicinal powder from Lin Hui's body.


“You…” Lin Hui saw this and couldn't help but widen his eyes.

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 “What's in this, you originally tried to use it on my body, right?” Mo Junlan raised his eyebrows and asked.


“No!” Lin Hui hastily denied it, his heart bursting with anxiety.


“Right or not,  I have my own decision in my heart.” Mo Junlan opened the bottle cap, then sniffed the medicinal powder inside, and he was a little disgusted, “The medicinal power is not strong enough, the material used is also very low-grade, and it is also mixed with ordinary herbs.  At most, it can only attract first-grade ant bees.”


how do you know that?” Lin Hui blurted out in shock.


“Of course, I saw it.” Mo Junlan's tone carried a hint of contempt.


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“Aren't you waste? Why are you able to use spiritual power? Could it be that you’ve always been pretending?” Lin Li looked at Mo Junlan and couldn't help but feel a little bewildered in her heart.


“I refuse to answer that question.” Mo Junlan said while recalling his previous life and then sprinkled the medicinal powder in his hand, on several of them respectively.


You could imagine how ugly their faces were.


“By the way, I almost forgot one thing…” Mo Junlan smiled before taking off all the spatial storage bags on them.


He didn't have a single spirit stone on his body now, simply poorer than a beggar.


“Lin Lan, hurry up and let us go…” Lin Feifei continued to look at Mo Jun Lan angrily.


If the eyes could kill people, Mo Junlan would’ve already been killed by Lin Fei Fei by a thousand cuts.

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