Father! ..N-no..!!!! A heartbreaking scream pierced in a cold underground… smell of blood engulfed the whole area.

She was screaming and pleading for him but no one listened and pitied her

Slash! Sond of knife piercing was heard and the love of her life fell on the ground with a loud thump .

”N-no no pls don …. Y-you… w-why are you doing t-this.. p-pls stop -d-on k-kill him pls father..!!! . ”Ava chen managed to plead between her sobs.

”You just shut up!! ”

her Father said harshly and kicked her .

she balanced her self on the ground and started walking slowly towards Aaron

”L-love ”!!

she called and ran her hands in his hair .

”Wake u-upWake pls ” she cried.

”You killed him …. Father why are you doing t-this to us we just wanted to live happily under your blessings. You said We are Family father.. ! After you snacthed everything from us can you just leave us … A-Aaron… he gave you everything… H-he ,, his company, his assets, his money EVERYTHING!!!! ”

..she screamed.

”Did you just raised your voice at me ? Your father ? ”

”So what if I did? Ask yourself!! Are you even worthy of being called father after you snacthed everything and killed us . ”

”Huh! Don forget that I will never kill my own blood /family. You are still alive aren you!?? ”

”Whats the point ? ” she said sarcastically.

” I have nothing left . The person I love is dead. So whats the point of living father. ”

”Don be ridiculous purple .. you are smart, and a capable fighter too . As for that bastard .. he Snickered , his own family wants him dead he is just useless Ire .but you .. you are not , just be grateful that I still need you for my business. ”

purple that name…. She remembered when her father called her first time she was so happy to have a cute nickname from a father but now ….

It sounded like a curse.

”Am I still your purple ? I am not ..,Your words are useless father.! In this dark world only he gave me warmness and sunshine. Only he made me happy .he was the only reason I am alive after all this , and now you are saying that he is useless?.

After finishing her words Ava bent down and whispered i love you in Aarons ear and took the knife which was already pierced in his chest. ”

we will meet again my love

”Stop her now!! ” Her father ordered anxiously

But it was too late . She was already bleeding from her wound and her breathing also stopped . She never regretted anything in life except the fact that she was unable to save him . But she will sure remember everything and if heavens give her a chance to settle this she will be the one who will take every one of them s lives with her own hands .


Darkness ,pure darkness that was only thing she can see .. where is she? Alan ? Yes . .. Aaron where is he ? This sound…. Its my phone .. bu-but where is it?

A sudden ringing of phone jolted her .

Huh ? What happened I was dead right she thought feeling her hands …

After feeling her body she climbed off the bed hurriedly and walked towards mirror

o way!!! God!!!! Holy shit!!! series of curses broke out in her mind

I need to calm down! In ALIVE !!! Wait what is the date rn she ran and grabbed her phone without minding the missed calls she opened calander.

oh my holy shit!! Today is 7th of June that means I come back 3 years before I died!!!!

She happily screamed…

But a sudden thought made her body go cold

aaron a voice in her mind remind her

y-yes where is he ? He died before me so that means he is rebirthed too right?

does he know about me?

what if he thinks that Im also dead

The waht ifs were like a cold bucket of water to her that wake her up from her dreamland .

i -i – let me call him

She took a deep breath and dialled his num

Surprisingly the other side ans after just one ring

”Love? ”

h-he is alive!! she screamed in her mind

But before she could say anything a sob broke out from her mouth and all the events that happened started running like a turmoil

”I- a-al ” she tried to speak but just couldn her emotions were in a mess

”I know ” Aarons voice sounded hoarse .

”Where are you ? At home ? How do you feel? Are you okay? ”

he asked anxiously.

he was afraid . Afraid that this was all a dream. And it does feel like dream he doesn even know that all of the things that happened was a dream or his past life was he really back ? Or he died and this is not actually real . And this is real so that mean that she was died too? She is back or he was the only one that returned. He was so confused…

”Aaron? ” Her voice broke him from his thoughts

”I am coming just wait for me ”

Not minding anything he just grabbed car keys and made his way to her home …

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