Although Aaron was busy with driving ,his mind was anywhere else.. he still can figure out any of the questions from before. He actually didn believe in this rebirth. Ofcourse in this modern world no one believed in those things

if I tell her about this all will she believe me ? Or she will just call me pathetic!

And if this is all true… What about her

She died too ? Who killed her ? Her father? Impossible… ! He killed me because he can lock up her in that villa and use her for business.. so who killed her ? If she was not killed than this is still her first life right?


”Beep ”

That sudden sound broke his train of thoughts

atleast she is safe he thought and smiled

When he closed his that time ,eyes he never thought that he will see her again he just prayed for her safety.

This time he will sure Protect their love and bring hell to the earth for those people who killed them


After 15mins of driving Aaron

finally reached at her apartment

Before he could ring the bell . The door opened and a figure rushed into his arms

Feeling her body tightly wrapped around his body he heaved a sigh of relief

Next second he heard her sobs

His expression also changed and he picked her up and they both settled down on the sofa with her in his arms

Both just hugged each other without saying anything trying to calm down their emotions

Ava can stop herself from crying

She was just so happy seeing him alive

She can still clearly see his lifeless body everytime she closes her eyes… Tha-that feeling is just so frightening.

And now she is in his arms .., and they are both alive and well.

”I had a terrible nightmare ” Aaron broke the silence

He just wanted to know that this is real or not maybe just maybe she was returned too…

”Nightmare? ” She asked seemingly confused

”Hmm, i-i ” his voice was more hoarse than before.

”Let me guess you saw my father got you killed you …. right? ”

”Y-you ”

”babe do you believe in rebirth? ”

”Of course I do now ” he spoke .

”So if I tell you that it was not a nightmare it was actually our past lives so will you believe me? ” She spoke sadly

”I-i saw you being stabbed infront me I t-thought that I will never be able to see you again ” she sobbed

”love I believe you but what about you ? How can you remember this without being killed or without death? ”

After he asked that something clicked in his mind and he asked again

”Who killed you? ” His eyes became terrifying cold

”I killed myself ” she answered firmly

”W-why? ” He asked, his eyes became teary

guilt! this is the only emotion he can feel now

”There is no me without you ” she smiled

”Fool ” he hugged her tightly…

yes fool, that what she was in her past life she was fool for not being aware about the real enemies she was fool for giving up everything for her family she was fool for not able to save him . she thought bitterly

”I am sorry I failed to save y-

”Don say that .. its not our fault we are back and we remember right? This is what matters right now and if i have not died this will not happen and we will be fooled again so its ok I believe its our fate ”

”Love ” he called her gently and made her face him

”Hm? ”She replied softly creasing his cheeks

”Lets go abord I booked tickets for London . Grandfather always wanted me to go back to him and train with him In my past life but I was so rude to grandfather that I actually went to U.S without telling him . In our past life only grandfather loved us and cared for us without any Ill intentions so I want to be on grandfathers side and as for revange grandfather can help us in that Im sure he will also happy to see that Im no longer greedy for my fake parents love

After 3 seconds silence lalisa slowly nodded her head trying to understand his every word

” Yes! I remember grandfather also warned me everytime I met him but I just ignored him so I think it better for us to return to his side also I want to train there properly and then I will soon announce myself as the CEO of L.I.P.S ”

”ok as you wish ”

”I love you babe ”

”I love you too love ”

After 10 mins Ava spoke again

”I um Im hungry. ”

He chuckled ” what a coincidence me too ”

They both looked at each other and burst out laughing

they both cooked had their dinner and they also decided to not to bring those sad memories back … Now only one thing that matters is they are together and they know about their real enemies

Well tomorrow they will be going to London for year

”To a new start ”

Cink …

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