Rebirth of the Greatest Sorcerer

Hubris of the Greatest Sorcerer

It was a rain-soaked April evening when the roar of an old codger shook a cliff-side cave


Metatron the goat, complete with fabricated wings and halo, rolled his eyes and spat cud at the feet of the delirious sorcerer. The waves of the North Sea beating against the cave entrance seemed to put an exclamation on that savage retort.

”Even your contemptuous spit will not rain on this parade, Old Goat ” Merlin shot back, lighting his victory pipe in celebration for his lifes greatest breakthrough. He almost ran out quid trying to buy this loose leaf, over-taxed tobacco. Thankfully he had a worthless old Spanish real lying under his bed. That dodgy coin collector did seem a little too eager to relieve him of it though.

It had been a long half a millennium of seclusion in a godforsaken cave on the North Sea. The world had long forgotten the truth of him and his favorite blonde gofer Arthur. See thats what the legends get completely wrong: Merlin gave a crows foot about the fate of Albion or Camelot or any of that. As far as he was concerned Arthur and his crew were muscle whose sole purpose was to keep the Fae in line and handing over precious magical resources.

He couldn very well knock off his elder cousin Thoth in Cairo, or whatever they call it now. He would be refined into mono-atomic gold seasoning. All sorcerers had their domains, and by the time of Merlin, most of the choice locations were already claimed. And although hed like to think he was one of the more gifted Sorcerers to ever grace a staff, the accumulation of millennia could not be ignored. So when Merlin finally finished his apprenticeship with Thoth, he returned to the Isles and became the big fish in a small pond.

Fortunately the people made something of themselves and were useful in supplying and financing his research. Lizzy did always love to shower her Johnny D with plenty of gifts. It was also fortunate that most of the sorcerers on Gaia ascended in the following centuries of Merlins growth period.

Merlins treatment of Isles folk as mere pipelines and guardians of resources may appear to be callous but don humans relegate similar duties to the untalented among their kind?

Sorcerers are not the same species as human, their DNA rhymes. Like some great ape DNA rhymes with human DNA, so with humans and sorcerers. And thats just the hardware: the difference between the size, complexity, and density of the soul was 3 fold.

Essentially they viewed humans, along with a handful of soul-possessing animals, as beings to be shepherded and occasionally, as was the case was with rulers and militaries past and present, sheep dogs. Suffice it to say in this modern age Merlin had a fairly distant attitude. And what compounded this isolation was the fact that his sorcerous bretheren had all ascended to higher planes centuries ago, leaving the youngest Merlin with the keys to lock up.

”Anansi, that old spider bastard will be so shocked when I show up. ” Merlin murmured as he beheld the blood red stone shot through with veins of silver starlight.

There was no need to say it but Merlin was precocious brat. He had to be, he was a half Arch-demon…at least that was what Gaia, their mother told him during his coming of age ceremony.

When he communed with the planet, that was also his mother, he asked her why he had blue skin when his brothers and sisters all took on the pigmentation of the locals. This throw away line lead too many downstream effects including Merlins eventual invasion of the 7th circle of Hell, his usurpation of his imperial fathers infernal Dynasty, and the capture and enslavement his half-brother Baphomet in this comical goat form.

Merlin stripped him of his name, his spiritual power, and was in the process of stripping him of his sage inheritance.

These actions may seem extreme to the unintiated, but to those schooled in Merlins warped logic it was a fait accompli. Since sorcerers were all blessed with such demiurgic powers, their ascension to higher planes of existence was equally harrowing.

Each sorcerer had to construct an item, whether it be a wand, staff, or miniaturized machine that was capable of splitting the void. Other creatures, including humans, simply had t

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