Tristan quickly got into the work of setting up his five point, elementary mana gathering formation.

Ive got thirty minutes to set this thing up. Just in the days work of this absolute genius, he smugly thought, stroking his already dangerously large ego.

Setting up an elementary mana-gathering formation was easy work. A pentagram oriented towards true north, a direction all sorcerers are able to point towards instinctively, was layered with mana attraction runes inscribed along the lines and circle encompassing it.

Of course all physical labor was done with his minor telekinetic powers. As if an invisible laser was at work in the tunnel, a formation inscribed itself on the ground.

After 10 minutes it was completed, awaiting Tristans activation. He had some time to take a step back and contemplate his future rise to power.

Id like to believe I can reconstruct a 4th class dark yellow body with Solomons blood purfication and reconstruction ritual, but I don know how punitive the ascendance laws are on this plane, he pondered.

He was thinking about what strength he will be able to marshal against the suppressive forces of this realms laws.

Ultimately it shouldn be too harsh, after all the Creator who set this process into motion wouldn want to lose a good captain, he finally consoled himself.

Sorcerers, or any ascended bloodline, had an ingrained drive to rise to higher planes and serve the Creator. This drive was hardwired into the laws of the universe, otherwise with the powers these ascended beings wield in the end stages, they would be capable of obliterating existence with a sneeze,

The grand prize was not simply learning at the feet of the Creator in the heavens, but true immortality. No matter how great the worldly powers an ascended may gather to themselves, the sands of time would strip them away. The great caveat to this deal was that it was a limited time offer.

Although the slots available at the feet of the Creator seem numerous, 144,000 in total, most of those slots are reserved for foot soldiers and servants. The Twelve Captains of the Zodiac will be the actual conductors of heavens host at the end of time. Word of mouth has made the roles of the Archangels vague but, in a dream a day before his failed ascension, Gaia informed him that these powerful figures were like the hands and feet of the Creator. They would end up directing the twelve captains in his place.

Thinking of his mother, Tristan felt an in intense nostalgia for his time spent with the receptive parts of his family. Of course aside from his coming of age ceremony, he communed with his mother through spotty dreams. He slayed his father Belphegor and enslaved his brother Baphomet. Truly the only father-like or brotherly figure in his life was his half brother Thoth Trismegistus.

If hes on this plane, Ill know it. His alchemical might and Emerald Tablets are too overwhelming to go unnoticed here, he thought, contemplating a reunion with his erstwhile mentor.

The time soon came for the activation of the formation and Tristan was antsy. This would be his first act of true magic on this plane and, while certain universal laws are consistent, he was nervous.

”Cuir an Gnìomh, ” he suddenly pronounced. A blue light emanated from the runes and the formation activated. Tristans soul-body, hovering above it, assumed the lotus position. He cycled the gathered mana through his soul-body as he had no where to store it. For now.

Blood pooled at the sink Isaiah created at the foot of the mana vein. As more and more mana was freed from the mana vein, the capillaries that threaded them released blood that poured down the wall and collected at the bottom of the large hole.

”This mana should temper my soul quite a bit. It has already gained violet streaks due to the dimensional radiation, ” said Tristan, excitement causing him to vibrate the air with that stray thought.

The tempering process ended as soon as it began. Tristans soul was now over 50% violet with the rest being his base electric blue.

”That remnant soul should be here any minu- ”


”Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Or in this case alien remnant soul, ” Tristan said, casting off caution and speaking towards the increasingly vibrating tunnel.

Approaching from a dark side tunnel on the left side of the formation, a remnant soul filled the air with barely audible, scrambled whispers.

Tristan unhinged the soul-bodys jaw like a python and sucked the ethereal being inside of himself. A golden inverted pentagram flashed for a moment before sinking back into his forehead.

Digesting the soul fragment he thought, ”tastes like peppermint? at least I know my soul-body has fresh breath, for whatever thats worth. ”

After he finished consuming the remnant soul, his soul-body flashed violet and was fully converted to a higher energy state. The energy states are separated into two sub-levels, dark and light, light being the more powerful of the two. Each level is demarcated by a color on the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Due to his heritage and hard work, Tristan possessed a light blue soul-body. After his failed ascension and subsequent dimensional baptism, his soul jumped to half-step dark violet. And he finally, after his stunt in the Azorp mines and dangerous tempering with mana, had a fully dark violet soul.

Suddenly there was a quake deep in his soul.

”Im feeling some indigestion…no, no, NO! ” he exclaimed, frantically trying to figure out why he was losing strength.

”It looks like Ill have to seal my soul to a dark orange energy state to prevent it from destabilizing. he said, hanging his head in partial defeat.

This planes laws would clearly not make it so easy for Tristan, or any other being at that, to correct their failed ascensions.

He quickly made a few hand seals and incanted, ”Seula anam ceithir uairean. ”

With that incantation, his soul cultivation plummeted to a dark orange energy state. He deftly made the sign of the evil eye with his right hand. This action corralled the excess energy from his souls fall towards the demon blood pool.

”Here goes nothing. Solomon better not have been bullshitting when he gave me those supplemental demonology lessons… ” Tristan downtroddenly said.

”From dust we came, to dust we return. From blood I came from blood I return…Fuil na Chorp!!! ”

Following the incantation, the blood pool turned into a blood particulate vortex. Tristan quickly dived into the chaos and there was a flash of red orange fire.

After five minutes the smoke cleared. A strange, childish wailing could be heard at the bottom of the pit.

”Wuwuwu…Im a damn brat…wuwuwuwu…*sniff*…*sniff*…my glorious rebirth is ruined. ”

Floating out of the pit because he was too small to climb out, a chubby five year old Tristan was making sniveling sounds. His jet-black hair and electric blue eyes, which would have looked striking in a man in his prime, made him look like a cute child.

After regaining his bearings, Tristan quickly looked at his skin. Back on Gaia, he did not show himself much due to his blue pigmentation, a legacy of his particular archdemon bloodline. There were many demi-human bloodlines on this plane, at least according to Isaiahs testimony, but only half-demons had the bright coloration that resembled his base corporeal form.

He also mentioned to Tristan that few races could travel openly among the humans and half demons were certainly not one of them. Therefore when he looked down and observed his fair skinned self, he was satisfied.

”Its only right I look this way with all the time I spent in seclusion in that cave, ” Tristan joked.

After stabilizing his mental frame he realized he received a consolation prize. While his body was five years old, his energy cultivation was at the light red level of the first class realm and his body was cultivated to the dark orange level of the second class realm. Unlike soul cultivation which had only one realm of improvement, the energy and fleshly cultivation system of sorcerers had seven, which were separated into classes. From the first to the second to, eventually, the all powerful seventh.

”Although I won be able to lean on my spells for sometime, at least I can make use of my martial cultivation, ” he consoled, ” and I think that approaching racket down there is a perfect place for me to vent my frustration. ”

Indeed, for through the entire process of rebirth the racket coming from the side tunnel which the remnant soul emerged from grew increasing loud.

”Its time to put in some work with this rod, ” Tristan said with an uncanny grin on his chubby childish face. Before Isaiah departed, he left behind his trusty old iron hammer. He wanted to leave behind a stun baton, but the Azorp Mining Company kept close watch over their inventory even with Lord Brandons benevolence.

A normal five year old would be quaking in his boots, but the stark naked child form of Tristan hefted the hammer like it was made of paper.

”I once battled a clan of werewolves on a full moon with nothing but a wooden staff. Lets see what these mines have that have gotten everyones panties in a bunch. ”

Indeed, the remnant souls were not the only thing to be afraid of in these mines.

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