As for the philosophy debate faction, Dyon once again had to push the idea away because he simply didnt know enough. It was clear that a faction of philosophy was important to a world based in understanding the wills of things, but without a clear understanding himself, even marginally contributing would be difficult. And the crux of the matter was that if he wanted to profit from joining, it would again take time to build up a reputation, so others would be willing to pay to listen to his lectures.

The forging factions was quite a good choice, but it required high cultivation levels to improve at a steady pace. Without appropriate strength, it would be impossible to forge the materials of the martial world, or even handle the environment needed to mold said materials.

At the moment, Dyon couldnt even sense energies of the martial world. How would he gain enough strength to hammer those godly materials or handle the heat needed to smelt them?

This left the alchemy and formation factions. However, Dyon felt that there was something severely off-putting about them. It wasnt that anything about them in particular was odd, but rather the fact there existed a faction that combined the both of them…

‘Why do the alchemy and formation factions exist if something like the array alchemy faction does? I dont get it. Dyons brows furrowed as he continued to walk.Plus… According to the Book of Factions, the alchemy and formation factions have dozens of members each, but the array alchemy faction only has two…?

Although Dyon was confused, he smelt the signs of opportunity. Due to the importance of secondary professions, Libro had warned Dyon that they were arrogant and uppity. Maybe a small two-person faction was exactly what Dyon needed to get his feet wet. Still, the question remained… How could you combine formation theory with alchemy theory?

Having made his choice, Dyon spun on his heels. He could look for his room later, but now, it was more important to do more research. So, he headed back towards the library.

Dyon walked into the library to find it to be in the same state he left it in. It must have been almost midnight by now, but it seemed like the students hadnt noticed.

‘Maybe theres some technique that also reduces the amount of sleep you need?

Dyon had previously thought that this might be a possibility, but since he was on a time crunch, he hadnt asked Libro.

Standing in front of the grandiose desk, Dyon waved at the monitor.

It flickered to life to reveal Libro shaking his head. “Youre really reckless you know. Had you misread the situation even a bit, you would be dead.”

Dyon smiled a devious smile. “So you have cameras in more areas than just the libraries?” Dyon shrugged. “They wouldnt dare openly harm me unless they want war with the mortal world.”

A wry smile spread across Libros lips. “Maybe Focus Academy is wary of the mortal world, but the same cant be said for higher echelons of the martial world. You need to be careful.”

“Ill keep that in mind.” Dyon was well aware of this fact. But, he was a person who adapted to the situation while following his principles. If this approach wouldnt have worked, he would have found another. “Im thinking of joining the Array Alchemy faction, so I need whatever books this first level card you gave me can get on them and their area of expertise.”

Libros eyes flashed with something that looked like disappointment. “You know, I could put in a good word for you and help you join the Library and Research faction. Also, the array alchemy faction is…” A complicated look graced his features, taking over the disappointment.

“Thank you, Libro.” Dyon said sincerely. “But I dont think Id like to join the Sapientia family.”

Libro sighed. “I understand. If you ever change your mind in the future, were always looking for intelligent lads like you.”

Libro really was disappointed. He had just watched Dyon learn a speed-reading technique that only the top percentage of the Sapientia family knew. He had only given it to Dyon to help Delia fulfill her favor and because he never thought hed be able to learn it.

Now, an elite technique of the Sapientia family was out in the world and the person who had it wasnt willing to join them.

“But Dyon, there are other factions you could join. The Array Alchemy faction is dead in the water. Not to even mention the fact that since you only have access to the first floor, none of their advanced techniques arent available to you. Even if you had Delias card you would be at a loss.

“Focus Academy doesnt have a single advanced technique with connection to the Array Alchemy faction regardless of floor.”

Dyon was sad to hear this, but he had no choice. Only a faction like this would, for one, accept him, and also have a low requirement for cultivation. He had limited options.

“I get it, I get it.” Dyon said softly. “Although the fact the entire academy doesnt have any advanced techniques is surprising, Ill have to continue forward with them.”

The Array Alchemy faction had 2 members, one of which was barely at the lower common grade threshold, while the head barely touched upon the door of the high common grade. Considering the heads of the alchemy and formation factions had all broken into the practitioner grade, this showing was simply too pitiful.

“I wont deny that the theory behind Array Alchemy has supreme value. But, theres a reason that theres a taboo on combining alchemy and formation theory. Theyre too difficult to learn alone, let alone fusing them.” Libro shook his head.

Dyon smiled. “I cant begin my road in the martial world yet because I dont want to begin without the proper cultivation technique. And even if I had one, my talent in energy cultivation seems to be pitiful.

“But, Array Alchemy from the lower to peak common grade doesnt require my power being high. I only need an understanding of plants, array theory, a refined soul and plenty of practice drawing arrays and grafting plants together. I can do this.” He looked at Libro, eyes burning with determination.

Libros eyes softened. “Ill make an exception. Since even the so-called array alchemists of our school dont check out these books, Ill give you a copy of every array alchemy related book we have at Focus Academy. And, Ill toss in the alchemy and formation theory exclusive books for the first ten floors.”

Dyon smiled brightly, feeling very thankful to Libro.

However, what he didnt know was that Libro was keeping a harsh reality secret from him.

In the martial world, all three paths – energy, body and soul – were connected. Currently, Dyon had an innate soul awakened, which made him “lucky”, but only insofar as a 1/5 probability was concerned.

When all was said and done, Dyons soul was at the lower foundation stage. This meant he could practice array alchemy to the lower common grade. However, if he wanted to progress to the middle common grade, he needed a middle foundation stage soul…

The body, energy and the soul were all connected. If the body was not powerful enough, one could not house more powerful energy, nor a more powerful soul.

Simply put, if Dyon wanted to progress along the soul path, he had to either progress along the arduously difficult and ignored body path, or learn to leap over the hurdle of his poor talent and use the auxiliary ability of energy cultivation to temper his body…

Either way… It was impossible to rely on the soul path alone. Yet, that was all he had.

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