the Saint level and their understanding of spatial will might have even evolved to the level of an Intent. Thats a level of expert I cant even fathom.”

For the first time, Dyon was truly shocked by something of this world. Opening up a dimension to be your burial grounds? What kind of ridiculous concept was this?

Even with all its technology, Dyons Mortal World couldnt accomplish anything close to this.

“But, why would they need kids like us to enter realms like that?” Dyon asked. “Wouldnt it still be beneficial for elders and school heads to take a part in worlds like that?”

He found it ridiculous that people would actually leave something so important to teenagers like them. The Mortal World government would never allow something like that to happen.

“Well, these worlds tend to have restrictions on cultivation or age. And those powerful enough to break those restrictions, would obviously have no interest in those treasures.

“Think about it, if you were dying and wanted someone worthy to continue on your legacy, would you want someone who was old and had already tapped out their potential to get it? Or would you want someone who had the chance of surpassing you to get it?”

“I see. So, these experts are looking for people to continue their legacy even after their deaths. I understand.”

“I hear the world theyve found to open this time is particularly special. Actually, they had found this world many centuries ago, but it wasnt until after hundreds of years they pinpointed the exact location. But, even then, the last 4 times theyve tried to open it, the power in the treasure wasnt enough. This year, they hope that 500 years worth of built up energy will be enough to finally break into the world.”

Dyon raised his eyebrows, “Wow. Seems like we got lucky this time around.”

Eli, though, laughed self-deprecatingly.

“Dont joke around Dyon, were first years without pillar family backing. How could we get strong enough to compete with those monsters? Maybe you have a chance if you cultivate and combine your array formation understanding. Six months might be enough for a genius like you, but I wont progress much at all in that time..”

Dyon smiled. “Well do this together.”

Eli froze, but then nodded firmly. What Eli didnt know is that Dyon had no intentions of cultivating at all for the foreseeable future. If he was going to join the festivities, hed have to find another way.

The two worked in silence, a comfortable atmosphere settling in.

“Okay, done! Lets go see the prin – I mean lets go tend the garden.”

Dyon laughed at how flustered the first friend he had made here was getting. “Sure, lets go see the princess.”

Elis face burned red as he picked up the basket and turned away, not wanting to face Dyon.

“Ill be back tomorrow Uncle Ail, see you!” Dyon said, waving to the young-old man.

Once the door to the faction closed, Uncle Ails eyes could be seen glistening with tears, “Its good that Little Elis made a friend.”

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