”Anyway, where am I? ” I inquired, remembering that I wasn in my room or any other familiar place.

[You are currently in Japan, at a residence that you broke into, and the owners are tied up downstairs. Youll be killing them, so you can get comfortable with killing others.] Cynthia said with a smile.

”How am I in Japan? Wait, Im a dragon, which makes it possible, but how come I can kill people who deserve it, like a criminal or something? ” I inquired, looking curious.

[You can kill anyone without hesitation if you are willing to kill an innocent person without any hesitation.] Cynthia said while smiling.

”If thats the only way for me to kill without hesitation, fine, but Im starting to wonder why I didn see a dragon transformation skill or something similar on my skill list? ” I inquired with a look of curiosity.

[When I gave you my essence, you lost your dragon form, but don worry as it doesn weaken you at all, as dragon form is only needed to retain a dragons pride as you can manipulate space to fly and have the physical strength of a dragon in its true form when in human form.] Cynthia said with sincerity.

”So the myths and legends about a dragon needing to take on its dragon form in order to fly weren true? ” I said with a smile.

[Yeah, that was made up by humans.] Cynthia said these words while heaving a sigh that indicated she was sad for peoples false imagination.

I was able to cast every magic spell my former bodys owner had because of the memories she left behind. However, I also knew all of her innate abilities, which weren displayed on the status screen since the system only displayed skills that were acquired, not innate abilities.

I cast spatial flight, floated up a foot, and maneuvered about a little before landing.

[It seems like youll be using your skills in no time at all.] Cynthia said with a smile.

”True, how many people are downstairs? ” I inquired with a look of curiosity.

[Put your dragon vision to use and discover for yourself.] Cynthia said, knowing that I needed to improve my skill efficiency.

”You do realize that by refusing to assist me, I dislike you much more, right? ” I thought as I rolled my eyes and looked down.

My pupil narrowed into a slit, allowing me to see five people, two of whom were adults—a woman and a man—and three of whom were children—two boys and one girl.

”Dragons skills are truly extraordinary. ” I said as I put on a mask that hid my face but allowed me to see clearly while blocking others from seeing my face.

[So even though you are not the same person as the previous owner of your body, you still cover your beauty by donning that mask, which is sad but not at all surprising given that you inherited her memories]. Cynthia sighed, but quickly recovered as she didn want to make her lover dislike her more.

”Ive never worn a mask like this, and I don want to flaunt my beauty as you do. ” I said, my face showing seriousness.

e becoming a succubus, so perhaps youll flaunt your beauty when you become one like I do.] Cynthia said as she pushed out her chest.

”Im not going to be like you. ” As I couldn picture myself being like her, I quickly rejected her words.

[There is a possibility, so don rule it out so quickly.] Cynthia said while smiling.

”True, but Ill worry about that later since I need to kill them first. ” I said ignoring her words and entered the shadows using [Shadow Magic]

I emerged from a shadow next to them with a dragon-katana in hand, and I stared into their frightened eyes.

”W-what are you going to do with us? If you want money, take it. ” A middle aged man said as he attempted to protect his wife and children.

”I don need any of your valuables or money, besides taking your lives. ” I said as I slashed the mans neck with my katana.


His head rolled off as the wife and kids eyes grew even more terrified at the sight of the decapitated head of the man who they believed could protect them.

”W-why are you doing this? ” While her body shook in terror, the woman inquired, trying to remain composed so she could be strong for her children.


The womans torso was cleanly sliced in half, and a massive pool of blood formed beneath her corpse as the top part of her body slid off her bottom half before falling to the ground next to the children.

”Ill kill you fo… ”


Before he could complete his sentence, the vengeful kid was killed.



As I had no emotion when killing the parents, the last two children perished without any fight, but after killing the three kids, a tear ran down my cheek.

”I can believe I did that, and the only emotion I experienced was a small amount of sadness that caused a single tear to fall down my cheek. ” I expressed my sorrow for them but I couldn show it since I didn feel guilty.

[If you
e wondering how you were able to kill those humans guilt-free, its because you
e a dragon who doesn give a damn about such things; hence, even though you believe it to be wrong, it won make you feel guilty.] Cynthia said while grinning.

”I see, so my mindset has changed. ” I replied as I nodded as I looked at the crimson-smeared human bodies.


I was roused from my slight daze by the hunger-induced growling of my stomach.

”I need something to eat. ” I said as I walked out her to the refrigerator and looked for something to eat, but I soon realized that nothing in there would satisfy my hunger as dragons have a large appetite.

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