[I can materialize myself and have s*x with you, which will work since you can live off soul energy, or you can eat the humans, who ought to be nutritious enough and delicious.] Cynthia said with as she rested her hand on her palm.

”Im fine. ” I said as a bluish-black flame emerged on the human corpses, then I changed it to a yellow-red flame and set it so it would go out once the house had been reduced to ashes.

[I failed to mention that soon youll only be able to consume soul energy, but don worry, you can still do it in a variety of different ways since you weren born a succubus.] Cynthia said with a smile.

”The good news is that when the time comes, I won need to have s*x to satiate my hunger. ” I thought with a smile.

I left the area by teleporting and showed up in front of a nearby buffet restaurant. When I went inside, the receptionist welcomed me.

”Hello, young lady. Will you be having breakfast alone this morning? ” The front desk clerk enquired. with a smile.

I smiled and answered, ”Yeah. ”

”Alright that will be 3400 yen. ” The receptionist said with a smile.

”Cynthia How will I pay if I don have any cash on me? ” I asked telepathically while maintaining my composure.

[When you kill, your system automatically gives currency to your balance tab depending on the power of the one they killed, which will also be in the currency depending on the location your at.] Cynthia said with a serious look on her face.

”Thanks. ” I said as I looked in my status for my balance.


I opened the balance tab right away after finding it.

‹10,000 yen›

”Thankfully, I have enough. ” I thought as I reached into the pocket of my leggings, pulled out a bill for 5,000 yen, and gave it to the front desk clerk. (A/N – When the user withdraws funds, they are converted into coins or cash.)

The front desk clerk took the money and cashed it in before returning the change, which I added to my balance.

”Ill take you to your seat right now. ” The receptionist said as she began walking, so I followed her.

The receptionist gestured to a booth as I approached it and said, ”Heres your seat, miss. As for food, go up and pick as much stuff as you want. ”

After saying those words, the receptionist turned around and left. I then proceeded over to the food that was on display and started picking anything that had meat in it since I didn know what they were even if I could read the name-tag.

”Yeah, Ive never been a fan of vegetables, so Ill pass; furthermore, they probably taste like grass, since Im a dragon. ” I thought as I picked as many of the meats as I could and brought them to my table, where I ate them rapidly before returning for more.

Due to the two hours I spent waiting for some of the cooks to finish another batch of meat, I still didn feel satisfied.

”I have such a large appetite for such a small and fragile body, its difficult for me to eat in the modern world as a dragon. ” I ate all the meat on display and thought as I awaited the chefs to complete their next batch.

[Small-pieced food won fill you up that much since dragons typically eat the monsters they slay.] As she was stuck in the god realm, Cynthia remarked as she appeared bored.

The meat chefs were complaining as they asked, ”Who is eating the meat so quick, since its gone the moment we put it on display? ”

”I didn sign up for this, but I hope I get paid for it adequately. ” Another chef said as he continued cooking the fish.

”It appears that I am overworking the chefs. ” I thought with a smile.

I overheard another conversation from a booth across the room where two women were sat with a baby in a high chair next to them.

”Did you see the news about the killing of the Sato family next door? ” The woman said with a worried expression.

”Yeah, they only managed to uncover the remains of the scene, but they did find human remains, but there are no leads on the murderer. ” The woman opposite of her said.

More meat was visible on the display, so I quickly grabbed it before anyone else could and started eating it.

After another two hours, I finally felt satisfied, so I left the buffet restaurant and made the choice to train in the forest, where I could use wild animals, to hone my abilities before I began assassinating.

[Do you understand that since your body is continually emitting a draconic that would frighten animals.] Cynthia said with a smile.

”They would either cower or flee if I tried to fight them, sigh. ” I sighed as I really did want to fight them.

[Yep.] Cynthia uttered these words as her hand materialized in front of me and caressed my breast.

I snarled as I grabbed her materialized hand and tore it to pieces as I said, ”Can you not? ”

[Why don you let me just caress your breast?] Cynthia said as if she thought it was OK to do so without anyones consent.

”Because I don want you to touch my breasts. ” I said with some anger in my tone.

[Fine.] Cynthia stated with her arms crossed and a pout on her face.

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