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Before I train magic and other skills, I should probably become accustomed to my body, I reasoned. It is a natural obstacle course, so using the trees could be effective.

I Given how light my body was, I leaped higher than I had intended to, but in the end I could barely make it to the tree branch.

I leaped from branch to branch while adding extra things because I wouldn get used to my body from just jumping and since it would be much more difficult.

By the time it was noon, I had fully adjusted to my body.

”Cynthia, shouldn there be a way for me to conceal my aura given Im suppose to be an assassin? ” I queried.

[Yeah, there is; just visualize concealing it, and it will do so.] Cynthia replied.

Why didn you mention that earlier?

[Because you didn apologize.] Cynthia pouted, crossing her arms once again.

Fine, Im sorry.

[I accept your apology, but please refrain from doing it again; youll make your wife cry.] wiping her tears from her eyes.

I know your faking it. Going back to my training, I shook my head.

I concealed my aura till it could hardly be felt and I used my dragon vision to scan the vicinity in search of a worthy opponent.

Oh nice, I spotted a black bear 500 meters from here. I then leaped through the trees until I was above the black bear.

The black bear swatted its paw at the small stream that was filled with fish, appearing to be fishing for food.

If I kill it immediately, then it won amount to much compared to if I spar with it. I thought. But I need to also train my assassination skills, so Ill use bears for sparring and find another animal to train my assassination skills.

I jumped off the tree branch and landed next to the black bear without making much of a sound because I didn want to startle it or make it ignore me.

The black bear was furious that I had disturbed its meal and turned around and stood up straight on its hind legs.

”That won frighten me. ” I stated, moving in its direction.

Once I was within arms reach, it swatted its paw at me while brandishing sharp claws, which I deflected with one hand.

”Is that all you have? ”

I kicked it, sending it flying into a tree, which broke the tree in half and the many hundred trees behind it.

I don think Ill gain anything from sparring with it, I thought. Therefore, Ill have to fight stronger opponents, but I should be able to train my assassination skills.

I searched the forest for a second black bear within a 600 feet radius, but I was unable to locate one. I then turned my attention to other animals and discovered a red fox, which would also be effective.

I jumped off the tree branch and moving through the trees until I was above the red fox, where I formed a dragon dagger.

Killing it swiftly would be ideal for an assassin, but its not ideal for training in this forest as Id have to keep looking for another animal to train.

I leapt off the tree and isolated this region from reality by creating a dream world.

Ill be using you as a training partner, so if you want to live, then help me train. I talked to it telepathically.

The red fox nodded as it understood its own predicament.


I dashed in its direction, then in an instant I was standing next to it, slashing my dagger across its neck to kill it.

They are just too weak to either endure the blow or even dodge it, therefore I shouldn have believed that using assassin skills on them would be effective, I let out another sigh. I suppose practicing my skills alone is more efficient on Earth.

I left my dream world and looked for a clearing before leaping through the trees and quickly arriving at the location.

I suppose Ill start with demonic magic.

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