Two days passed.

I trained until it hit the day where I would be do-ing my first quest.

Cynthia, give me the details of the ones I need to assassinate.

[Look at your system. There should be a tab that says quest. Tap on that and it should show up.]. Cynthia said, smiling seductively.


[Hmph]. Cynthia pouted and crossed her arms.

What are you upset about now?

[…]. No response.

Ill just do the quest, you can pout all you want.

I looked at my system and tapped on the tab that said [Quest], which displayed a single quest.

[World: Eacerah

World Type: Cultivation

World level: 4

Targets: (Wang Yang), (Jia Chen), (Kong Ru)

(Tap on names for further details)]

Why does it have to be a cultivation world? Fuck.

[You only need to kill three people, so youll

able to leave the world only after a few days]. Cynthia giggled.

I don get the face-slapping gimmick all the cultivation worlds have though, which bothers me the most.

[I don get that either, but maybe the fact that they are cultivating makes them messed up in the head, since cultivation improves your body and soul].

Maybe, but I guess I should read their details.

I thought of tapping on the name, Wang Yang, which caused further information to appear on the holographic screen in front of me.

[(Okuda Katsuro)

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Danger Level: 5

Cultivation Stage: 5

Occupation: Martial Artist, Branch Master

Location: Okuda Clan, Second Branch

(Tap to see Description)]

I tapped to see the description, and what I saw was an image of a man with a toned muscular physique, long black hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a blue and white kimono, and amber eyes.

At least I have a map, which displays all the cities, sects, and monster locations.

I thought as I knew this with the memories of Kaila. (A/N: I gave the MCs former self a name, which is Kaila.)

I tapped out of Wang Yang and tapped on Jia Chen.

[(Matsui Shizuka)

Sex: Female

Race: Succubus Demon

Danger Level: 7

Cultivation Stage: 6

Occupation: Martial Artist, Demon Emperors Concubine

Location: Demon Palace

(Tap to see Description)]

I didn expect to see someone like you.

[Don compare me to that bitch. I would never leech off of a man like she does]. Cynthia pouted.

Whatever. I shook my head as a small grin appeared on my face.

I tapped on her description and found out she had an hourglass figure, large breasts, pink hair, Succubus horns, a tail, and wings. She wore an erotic pink and white kimono and had pretty green eyes.

I think she would suit you if she wasn so obsessed with men.

[Now you
e bullying me, hmph]. Cynthia looked away in order to avoid eye contact.

You didn deny it though.

[That bitch would never suit me, only you will]. Cynthia stated.

Im done teasing you even though it was fun.

[Once we
e in bed Ill make sure you pay].

Now the third target. I ignored her last words.

[(Minamoto no Yoritomo)

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Danger Level: 8

Cultivation Stage: 7

Occupation: Martial Artist, heir of Minamoto Clan

Location: Kamakura City

(Tap to see Description)]

So this one is the strongest out of the three.

I tapped on his description and saw that this man had a pot belly, wearing a black, white, and grey kimono that showed his hairy chest, black hair and short beard, black eyes, and lastly, yellow teeth.

Im glad this guy is on my target list.

[I agree with that].

Now how do I get to the world?

[Don worry, Ive got that handled, and Ill change your clothes to fit theirs]. She snapped her fingers.


The contour black seamless leggings and black crop I was wearing changed into an erotic black and red kimono.

Can it not be erotic?

[Nope, you
e lucky; it covers your pussy and most of your breasts]. Cynthia replied with a blush.

I guess so, now teleport me to the world so I can finish the quest.

[Can you say please?].


[Meanie, fine, Ill do it, but we
e having s*x later].

No thanks.


Im not having s*x with you since you forced me to wear this erotic kimono.

[Fine, Ill just teleport you]. Cynthia pouted as she flicked her hand.

A magic circle spread out on the ground around me and covered my body in white light.

My vision turned white as I felt weightless as I traveled through the void in between the two worlds, protected by the white light covering my body.

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