After buying some herbs that Lin Tian found useful, it was getting dark and Lin Tian decided to return to the Lin family.

When Lin Tian arrived at the front yard of his house, Lin Tian found the door of the house was open, not opened in the usual way, but opened because the door fell out of place and fell into the living room.

Lin Tian stepped in, the room inside looked messy, there were some furniture scattered out of place and bloodstains left on the floor.

With the entrance falling inside and the messy situation of the room right now, there should be someone who entered her house with unfriendly intentions.

Someone entered the house by forcibly opening the door, then looking for something in the room, after not finding what they wanted, he looked for someone to investigate, after finding the victim and unable to comply with the perpetrators wishes, there was some violence and left blood stains on the floor.

While thinking this, Lin Tian thought of Lin Lin who was in the room.

Just when he inspected the house with his spiritual sense as he arrived at the front yard, Lin Tian didn find a single breath presence in the house, which meant the perpetrators had long since left and Lin Lin was also taken away with them.

Judging from the bloodstains on the floor, it should have happened when he had just left the house and there was more than one culprit. And the other party should have watched him first.

When Lin Tian checked the room, the food he gave Lin Lin was still there and there was a piece of paper beside him.

Picked up the paper that said ”Come to the mountain behind the Lin familys residence! ” in his hands, Lin Tian just smiled and nodded slowly.

There was no change in emotion on Lin Tians face, standing in front of the window in the room, Lin Tians eyes looked at the place behind the Lin family house for a moment, then left the house and headed for the mountain behind the Lin family residence.

With a faint smile and a calm look on Lin Tians face right now, if those experienced immortals saw him, they would immediately move away from Lin Tian and would immediately get out of his way.

The people of the immortal realm knew, if Lin Tian had shown a faint smile and a calm look on his face, a bloody storm would immediately come and sound.

There was a small, rather dense mountain behind the Lin familys house.

In the middle of the forest there is a wooden house that looks dilapidated with some weeds growing there, because of the many wild plants that grow and cover the house, if you don see it clearly, you will think that this is not a house, but a tree that has been dead for years. year.

This wooden house that looks lifeless now has 3 visitors, two boys and one girl.

In the dark house, two young men were standing in the room and watching a woman in front of him. The woman looked pitiful, huddled in the corner of the room, burying her head between her knees, with several scars on her body and tears rolling down her cheeks, she couldn help but cry.

”Right, stop screaming like a dog. If you don listen to our words, well make that trash Young Master of yours never again able to see you! ” One of the youths said to the woman in the corner and said in a threatening tone.

Hearing those words, Lin Lins thin, petite and pitiful looking body seemed to tremble.

The two youths in front of him came to his modest home like bandits, asking about what Lin Tian did earlier and asking him about killing someone. Because Lin Lin couldn answer, Lin Lin was beaten and brought to this place to lure Lin Tian himself to come here.

Thinking of just being a servant and only being able to drag Young Master into his own troubles, Lin Lin felt that he was completely useless.

”Brother Guo, are we just going to leave it like this? ” One of the youths asked the young man in front of him who looked stronger.

”You mean? ” The younger looking stronger man asked the man behind him.

”Brother Guo, take another look, this little maid, although her body looks thin and lacking in nourishment, her face looks quite attractive. Seeing this servant girls face, my body gets excited. Brother Guo, do you think we should try it first while waiting for the brat? That Lin Tian is coming. ” Lin Wu continued and explained.

Hearing Lin Wus words, Lin Guo tried to look at Lin Lins face again more clearly, although her face was a bit dull from crying and there were tears on her cheeks, her face still looked quite beautiful and her face couldn be categorized as a maid, it was more like a woman of the second generation who came from a noble family.

”Thats right, I didn expect that Lin Tian brat still has a maid with a noble face. ” After looking around for a while, Lin Guo nodded and said.

”But remember, our first goal is to complete Young Master Kais orders. Once everything is done, its not too late to sample this servants service. ” Lin Guo continued with a smirk on her face.

”Bang ”

There was a loud voice in the room.

Lin Guo and Lin Wu who were discussing about the next matters were immediately taken aback and the smiles on their faces disappeared.

The two of them immediately turned around and found Lin Tian standing in front of the entrance that had been blown to pieces and had fallen several meters from where he had come from.

Seeing Lin Tian in front of the entrance, they were only shocked for a moment and then happy smiles immediately appeared on Lin Guo and Lin Wus faces.

They were shocked to think that it wasn Lin Tian, ​​but when they found out that it was Lin Tian, ​​how could they not be happy. After waiting for quite a while, they were finally able to quickly complete Young Master Lin Kais orders and then they would enjoy the service of the maidservant behind him.

”Oh.. finally the famous Young Master Lin Tian from our Lin family has come. ” Lin Guo felt no fear, looking at Lin Tian in front of her with a playful smile and sneer.

Lin Tian looked at the two people who were standing in front of him a few meters calmly.

One of them had third qi training and who looked like a leader, and the one who was saying to himself had fourth tier qi training.

Two small prawns

Even though one of the two of them had a cultivation one level higher than himself, with only his current third level of training and his past experience, he thought they were just two little Shrimp.


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