iately kneel down and kiss my feet, maybe I will still think about doing it a little lightly. ” Lin Wu looked at Lin Tian coldly and said in a cold tone.

Lin Tian looked at Lin Wu in front of him disdainfully and then shook his head.

”What, are you not going to do it? ” Seeing Lin Tian shaking his head, Lin Wu thought Lin Tian was refusing.

”No, I still have something and Im in a hurry, you guys better go forward together. ” Lin Tian shook his head again and said casually.

”Do you think.. ”

”Why so much bullshit, Lin Wu? Hurry up, and kill him! ” Before Lin Wu could finish her cruel words to ease the annoyance in her heart, Lin Guo shouted from behind her.

Lin Wu didn dare to ignore Lin Guos words anymore. Lin Wu rushed forward, raised his right hand, folded his fingers and tried to hit Lin Tians chest.

Seeing Lin Wus fist coming at him, Lin Tian still stood there motionless and dodged. He still stood and looked at Lin Wu calmly.

When Lin Wus fist was half a meter away from his chest, Lin Tian raised his left hand in front of his chest to stop Lin Wus impending fist.

Lin Wu, who saw Lin Tian was still standing there and not moving, a sinister smile appeared on his mouth.

Just when Lin Wu who was smiling and thought he would soon see Lin Tian fly from his punch, his fist stopped in front of Lin Tians chest. From his wrist, Lin Wu felt a hand grab onto his fist and block him from going forward.

Surprised for a moment, Lin Wu tried to increase his momentum, but his triple refining power was like falling into a sea and then disappearing.

Feeling that something was wrong, Lin Wu tried to pull her hand back, but Lin Wus arm didn move an inch, like a large rock was holding her hand back.

Lin Wu tried to raise his head to look at Lin Tian, ​​Lin Wu found that Lin Tian was looking at him and was still looking at him with a very calm face.

Just when Lin Wu saw Lin Tians eyes staring at her, Lin Wu felt that he was being stared at by a murderous monster that had killed thousands of living beings.

Lin Wu suddenly felt that he had fallen into a sea of ​​blood, his back suddenly felt cold and cold sweat involuntarily dripped down his back and wet his back.

After that, Lin Wu felt a rock hit his stomach and sent him flying backwards.

After falling, Lin Wus body twitched a few times, after stopping, slowly his breath also began to dissipate.

Lin Tian kicked Lin Wus stomach with his right foot, sending him flying several meters and falling right in front of Lin Guo who was standing.

Flying back a few meters, leaving his right arm which was still left and held in Lin Tians hand.

”Turns out hes just a barking dog. ” Lin Tian threw Lin Wus right arm to the side, looked at Lin Guo in front of him and said emotionlessly.

The incident only lasted a few breaths, before Lin Guo could react, his subordinate Lin Wu who was still alive and trying to hit Lin Tians chest suddenly flew and fell right in front of him. And still left his right arm in Lin Tians hand.

Seeing Lin Wu in front of him, Lin Guo was shocked and was unconscious for a long time.


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