in family, but because of his sickly body and unable to train, he was looked down upon by the Lin family.

Let alone enjoying the luxuries of a wealthy second generation like the rest of the family, he himself was completely ignored by the Lin family and placed behind the Lin family home. The house that was given to him was not a luxurious one, but a dilapidated house that could be said to be on the verge of collapsing.

If it wasn for his father Lin Nantian who had left the Lin family many years ago, and made merits to the Lin family in the past, he might have been kicked out of the Lin family.

Lin Tian was previously unable to practice, he was bullied and bullied by the Lin familys children. Lin Tian is also a man of pride, although he can practice, he doesn take his fate for granted, even though he can absorb spiritual aura, with 16 years of hard work and perseverance, he managed to break through the third qi refining level just by relying on practice physique.

The Lin family doesn know if Lin Tian can train.

Just yesterday, Lin Tian managed to break through the qi layer when, thus, he was extremely excited. When Lin Kai the son of an elder of the Lin family mocked and said that his father was a loser, he came forward and tried to beat him up. Normally Lin Tian wouldn mind the bullying of the Lin familys children, but yesterday he had only tripled his qi, so his confidence soared, moreover Lin Kai was also mocking his father.

But unfortunately, Lin Tian who was considered a calf that could just walk didn know, that Lin Kai was the seventh qi layer. Lin Tian who had been beaten so badly finally could only endure and when he came back to his senses, he was already in this place.

Now, knowing what happened, Lin Tian took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

In the past, he was Immortal King Xianzun. Although now his cultivation is gone, he still has memories of the past, it just has to start from scratch, it is not difficult for his Xianzun to return to his former glory and teach the people who have wasted him.

After thinking about the matter, Lin Tian looked at Lin Lin again and a tender feeling rose in his heart.

Lin Lin is a little girl who her father saves when returning from a trip. Then took her to the Lin family and made her a personal servant for him. Lin Lin must have been the one taking care of and guarding her all this time when she was unconscious. This girl was the only relative who had not abandoned her for many years, even if she knew her own fate.

”Im fine, don worry too much! ” Lin Tian looked at Lin Lin gently, stretched out his hand to wipe the tears on his cheeks and said.

Lin Lin was in a daze, the young master in front of him looked different from before. This Young Master was usually very indifferent towards anyone and only cared about training, but now, he suddenly stretched out his hand and comforted himself.

Then he realized that his young old hand was still on his cheek and was still wiping away his tears. Lin Lin hastily retreated, avoiding the reach of Lin Tians hand, turned her head and there was a blush on her white cheeks.

”Master… Is Young Master really… really alright? ” Lin Lin lowered her head, did not dare to look at the youth in front of her and said haltingly.

”Are you going to check it yourself to find out? ” Lin Tian spread out his arms to make it easier to check himself, he smiled with a playful smile.

According to him, the little girl in front of him was quite cute and felt like teasing him a little.


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