Reborn To The Sky

Eternal Star Art.

, he had to be surrounded by thousands of practitioners in the immortal realm and finally arrived at this place. Even though the scroll had a Pagoda in it, but if there wasn anything interesting, Lin Tian really didn know who to curse at.

Looking at the Jade in his hand, Lin Tian felt elated, The green colored Jade in his hand was the soul Jade.

Soul jade is Jade which is usually used to record something by practitioners. Practitioners who could record in this Jade should at least be at the Gods stage. This jade is usually used by elders in the training world, used to record martial skills or methods to pass on to juniors.

Lin Tian also knew how to open it, in fact he had also used Soul Jade in the past to give to his disciples in the palace.

The jade in his hand, judging by the current and past situation, should not be carried out by a cultivator like in his prime, much less a cultivator of the Gods. Lin Tian used to be a Nirvana cultivator, Nirvana cultivators could be considered immortal, because Nirvana stage cultivators had already transcended the mortal body and stepped onto the immortal path.

Nirvana cultivators were already considered peaks in the immortal realm and could be called Immortal Venerables. With Lin Tians gaze, he could guess that this Jade was beyond his comprehension.

With such hope, Lin Tian sat cross-legged in the Pagoda room, released his Divine consciousness, penetrated the jade in his hand and began to study the things within.

Eternal Star Art!

Lin Tian was a little surprised, after trying to look deeper into it, he became even more surprised.

As a pinnacle existence in the immortal realm, Lin Tian knew many training methods, but he had never heard of a method with such an arrogant name.

The training methods are divided from level one to ninth. Level one is the lowest and nine is the highest. Above the ninth level, there are still Yellow rank, Warrior, Earth, Heaven and finally Sacred rank. In the past, Lin Tian was lucky enough and obtained a Sacred rank method for his practice.

This Immortal Star Art was not classified as Sacred rank, much less ranks one to nine. This Immortal Star Art showed that it was beyond Lin Tians understanding.

The Immortal Star Art practice method consisted of 7 levels. Firstly, cultivators can absorb spiritual energy under any conditions and are said to be able to absorb ten times that of other cultivators. Second, a person who practices the Immortal Star Art can absorb energy from plants and animals regardless of impurities and side effects. Third, it can even absorb the spiritual energy of other cultivators which doesn have to be higher than his cultivation level.

Just thinking about the first through third levels had made Lin Tian excited, he didn dare to think about the fourth let alone seventh.

Apart from soul cultivation methods, the Immortal Star Art also had body cultivation methods. Unlike soul training methods, body training methods are only divided into one to five. It is said, that the first method can have a punch power of 10000 kg, and each increase is increased by 10 times. If mastering to the fifth level, doesn that mean Lin Tian can have a punch of 100,000 tons?

And that being said, once it reaches the fifth level, the body will become extremely hard, as hard as a Kirin beast and white in color.

Lin Tian was surprised, no longer surprised, Lin Tian was really surprised. With this method of practicing the Immortal Star Art, he would not need much time to reach his past cultivation. In fact, it is not impossible to go further.


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