Knowing what he wanted, Lin Tian couldn wait to start training immediately, but Lin Tian heard Lin Lins movements from outside the door, so he couldn help but give up. Before that, Lin Tian also needed to remove the poison in his meridians first.

”Young Master, this is Lin Lin, I brought food for Master. How should I treat him? ” Lin Lins innocent voice came from behind the bedroom door.

”Come in! ” Lin Tian opened his eyes and said.

After the bedroom door was opened, Lin Lin was seen carrying a tray with some food and fruit on it.

Looking at the tray in Lin Lins hands, Lin Tians gaze fell on a bowl of rice porridge on the tray. Even though it was just an ordinary rice porridge, which was only filled with sliced ​​dried meat, Lin Tian could see something out of the ordinary.

As a pinnacle existence in the immortal realm, Lin Tian knew various kinds of skills such as alchemy, formation and refining. Even though he didn study medicine, the various ingredients and methods of medicine were almost the same as refining medicine, so it wasn hard to see things like poison.

”Young Master, are you going to eat your favorite porridge first? Or something else? ” After Lin Lin placed the tray of food on top of the bedroom, he then asked Lin Tian and offered with a smile.

”Lin Lin, where did you get this food from? ” Lin Tian did not immediately answer, but instead asked.

”As usual, I got from the kitchen in the Lin family, provided by the Lin family cook. Is there something wrong? ” Lin Lin explained and then asked strangely.

”Throw away the porridge! ” Lin Tian said directly.

”But this is Masters favorite porridge, and Young Master hasn eaten for quite some time since his coma. ” Lin Lin hesitated and couldn help but ask.

That Young Master usually really liked the congee he brought down from the Lin family, but this time it was a bit strange.

”Don worry, Im not hungry, ” Lin Tian said casually, ”you better throw it in the trash and don eat it like last time. ” Then Lin Tian looked at Lin Lin seriously and continued.

Due to their shortcomings and their condition in the Lin family, they Master and servant often share food.

Even though Lin Tian in the past knew that Lin Lin often ate from his leftovers, he didn forbid it. But he also often didn finish his meal to spare a little for Lin Lin.

Now that the former Lin Tian was gone and as for the current Lin Tian, ​​would he let his only relative eat his leftovers? If that happened, it would completely spoil his image.

”Yes Young Master. ” Lin Lin lowered her head and said quietly.

Lin Lin felt embarrassed, all this time it turned out that his Young Master knew the actions he was always doing behind his back.

Lin Tian nodded, then he took the porridge in Lin Lins hands and threw it out through the window behind him.

”Young Master, that is… ” Lin Lin was shocked and felt that it would be a pity for food to be wasted like that.

”What? Are you going to eat it and disobey your Masters orders?! ” Lin Tian asked Lin Lin in a slightly harsh tone.

Lin Lin didn answer, he just shook his head and didn dare to look at Lin Tian.

”Fine, from now on, I won make you eat leftovers anymore. With me, in the future, you won be short on food anymore. Not only food, youll also get what other people can get their whole life. ” Lin Tian said word by word confidently.

Seeing Young Masters confidence like this, Lin Lin felt that Young Master had changed a lot. Unlike in the past, in the past, his young master only thought about himself and there was only training in his brain.

”Theres no need, Lin Lin is just a servant. Lin Lin doesn want more, Lin Lin just wants to continue with Young Master and wherever Young Master goes, Lin Lin will always follow him. ” Lin Lin couldn contain the excitement in her heart and then said excitedly.

Then he realized that what he said was a bit ambiguous. Lin Lin hastily lowered her head and her cheeks immediately turned red.

Lin Tian just smiled without commitment.

”Eat the leftover food. Im going out to do something. Wait here and don leave until I come back ” Lin Tian got up from the bed and said to Lin Lin.

”Where is Young Master going? ” Lin Lin realized from her embarrassment, raised her head and immediately asked.

”Go find the fat pig. ” Lin Tian replied without looking back.

”Have you finished what I asked for? ” Inside the Lin family maids modest room, a middle-aged man around forty years old asked a fat looking woman with some fat on her face.

”Completed Master, subordinates did as Master asked. ” The fat woman immediately replied with a humble posture.

These two people were none other than Lin Zhongs father Lin Kai and the woman herself was the Lin familys cook. Right now, they were talking about the rice porridge they always gave Lin Tian.

”Has the service picked up the food? ” Lin Zhong asked again.

”Do Master, he just took it. It is estimated that he is eating it now. ” The female cook replied with a sinister smile.

”Good, take your wages this month. ” Lin Zhong tossed a bag of silver coins to the female attendant, and then left the bedroom door.

”Thank you sir. ” The female cook immediately thanked her and bowed.

After Lin Zhong left the bedroom door, the maid immediately took a look and counted the money in the bag.

As the head cook of the Lin family, even though his wages were higher than other servants, he was never satisfied.

Because of his greed, when Lin Zhong first asked him to add something to Lin Tians meal with the addition of a few rewards, he didn think much of it and immediately accepted it.

Even though he knew that this was not a good thing, he didn care if anything happened to Lin Tian. Everyone in the Lin family knew that Lin Tian was a waste that couldn train, moreover the Lin family had also thrown him away. Such a person, who has nothing in the Lin family, what can he do to himself?

After saving his paycheck this month, with a smile he could no longer hide, he walked into the kitchen humming a few songs.

”Is there enough money? ”

After the female cook entered the kitchen, she saw a young man leaning in front of the kitchen table, folded his arms across his chest and was looking at him with a calm smile.

The female cook was surprised for a moment, but when she found out the young man was Lin Tian, ​​she immediately relaxed.

What can trash do to itself?

”Tsk..Tsk.. Isn this the famous Lin familys young master. What is this young master doing here? If this Young Master wants more rice porridge, hed better cook it himself. ” The female cook sneered and said in a seductive tone.


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