Reborn To The Sky

Sacred Pavilion

Lin Tian frowned. Do all the servants in the Lin family all have no eyes and think that they don exist?

He himself was the Young Lord of the Lin family, the Patriarch of the Lin family was his grandfather, if his own father had not left the Lin family a few years ago, it was certain that he would be the next Patriarch.

Lin Tian shook his head, it was only natural that in the past Lin Tian and Lin Lin shared food. This Lin family truly no longer considered him as family.

Seeing Lin Tian not speaking and shaking his head. The female cook became angry.

”Don tell me that I have to do it for you. If you were still the Lin familys Young Master, I might have considered it, but now you are the Lin familys trash and disgrace, so you better think about your position. Maybe, maybe if you plead and kneel to me, I might will change his mind. ” The female cook held both her hands on her chest, looked at Lin Tian and said word by word ruthlessly.

Lin Tian just shook his head and sighed.

This female butler could do this to him, it was certain that this was the influence of the Lin family.

Lin Tian shook his head in complete disappointment with the Lin family.

After shaking his head, there was no longer any change of emotion on Lin Tians face. Lin Tian looked at the maidservant again calmly without any emotion, and stepped forward.

”Hey.. What are you going to do? If you do something to me, I can make you regret for the rest of your life! ” Seeing Lin Tian walking towards her, the woman was not afraid, with Elder Lin Zhongs support behind her and with Lin Tians current status, what could he do about her.

”Slap ”

There was a loud slap in the room.

The maidservant who was still sneering and having a mocking look on her face, suddenly felt like steel hit her left cheek.

It happened so fast, before the maidservant could react, she only felt a gust of wind in front of her face, then like a heavy object hit her left cheek, along with a few broken teeth, she flew a few meters, and stopped after hitting the wall behind her.

The womans chubby body which was over a hundred kg flew a few meters just like that.

After crashing and stopping, the woman was shocked and in pain.

He did not expect, that Lin Tian who had been considered trash and a waste would dare to do something to him.

After waking up from his shock, he tried to stand up and scold Lin Tian again. After all he still had support behind him.

”You really are a child…. ” Before the woman could finish her cruel words, she saw a shadow in front of her and then a hand grabbed her neck.

The hand was as strong as iron pincers, the woman tried her best to release it, but she was only human and in the end she could only be disappointed.

”Understand position? I am the Young Master of the Lin family. As for you as a servant, you do not understand your position, as a servant who does not understand position, there is a price to pay. ” Lin Tians cold voice sounded in the kitchen.

”Click ”

After that there was a clear fracture of bones in the kitchen.

Until now until the end, the maidservant who had not had time to finish her cruel words, died with a broken neck and widened eyes.

He would not have expected, that Lin Tians Young Master of the Lin family, who used to be quiet and became the Lin familys trash would be so decisive.

He also wouldn have thought, although Lin Tians body was still the Young Master of the Lin family, but his soul was that of a thousand year old powerhouse.

If he had known, maybe he wouldn have been so stupid as he is now and his precious life might not have been lost. But the rice has turned into porridge and regret is now useless.

When he just went to the kitchen, Lin Tian heard the conversation between Lin Zhong and this maidservant, but he didn stop her and waited to seek the Lin familys information from the maidservant.

Lin Tian actually also had no intention of taking this ants life and bothering to get his hands dirty, but he didn expect that this ant would not only disrespect himself, but he would also insult him, this was truly intolerable.

The name Immortal King Lin Tian was taboo. If he still had the power of the past, with the current nature of the Lin family, he would definitely directly use his fists to exterminate the Lin family.

But now, he had to start over and there were many people from the Lin family who could crush him with ease. Therefore, he took an approach by seeking information first and determining the next step. Its a shame the female cook didn realize her position.

There was no emotional fluctuation on Lin Tians face, killing someone seemed like he was killing a chicken.

After taking the money that Lin Zhong gave the woman, Lin Tian threw the woman aside like throwing a chicken, then looked for some food in the kitchen and left.

The whole process takes no more than a minute.

After leaving the kitchen, many of the Lin family children mocked him, looked at him with disdain and said behind his back badly.

Lin Tian looked at the current scene in the Lin family, he didn mind the disdainful look of the Lin family, he just shook his head and walked to his dilapidated house leisurely.

After seeing the nature of the Lin family towards himself, Lin Tian decided not to think about the Lin family anymore. In other words, I no longer have any relationship with this family now.

After entering his private room, Lin Tian found that Lin Lin had fallen asleep on his bed. She was curled up on the bed, judging from her current appearance, she must have been very depressed and tired all this time. But he never said or complained against himself.

After the incident in his past, Lin Tian was no longer able to trust anyone casually, he decided not to give anything to anyone. But Lin Lin is one, he can give her anything and can be considered as her family. Lin Lin had never left her in all these years, she was also always with him in times of trouble and he never asked for more.

Lin Tian felt a warm feeling in his heart.

Lin Tian smiled, stretched out his hand and gently stroked Lin Lins head.

Lin Lin who was sleeping felt Lin Tians hand movement and then opened his eyes. Seeing Lin Tian in front was gently stroking his head, Lin Lin immediately got up.

”Sorry Young Master, Lin Lin overslept. ” Lin Lin was embarrassed and replied quietly like the sound of a mosquito.

Lin Tian shook his head, smiled and passed the food he took from the Lin familys kitchen to Lin Lin.

”Eat! ”

”Where did Young Master get it from? ” Lin Lin was surprised by the large amount of food in front of him and couldn help but ask curiously.

”Didn I say that I was going to find a fat pig. ” Lin Tian said calmly with a smile.


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