Reborn To The Sky

Sacred Pavilion

in each glass contact the medicinal ingredients are stored neatly, they are hung on the walls of the room for display. although the herbal ingredients are all the highest grade is the third level, it is quite satisfactory to be placed in a small town like this Longshan city.

Lin Tian was not very interested in some third level medicinal ingredients. He stepped forward and headed straight for the booth at the bottom of the stairs.

”Young Master, is there anything you would like to sell or buy? ” The shop assistant saw Lin Tian come over immediately asked with a friendly smile on his face.

Even though Lin Tians appearance was simple and didn look like a second generation from a large family. as a shopkeeper, the maid didn dare to ignore her and greeted her with a friendly smile.

Seeing a shop service with an arrogant name like this, Lin Tian nodded silently. The nature of the waiter is quite satisfactory.

”I looked for the ingredients in this record. ” Lin Tian handed a pre-written note to be used to concoct a poison-eliminating potion in his meridians to the maidservant and said.

”Wait a minute sir. ” After the little girl saw Lin Tians note, she immediately nodded and said.

Lin Tian nodded and stood there waiting.

At the same time, at the entrance to the door of the Sacred Pavilion, two women walked into the pavilion.

The two women looked beautiful, the first woman looked to be 20 years old, her developed appearance looked very attractive.

Behind that attractive looking woman stood also a beautiful woman, her age was about 16 to 17 years old, she wore a face covering and only showed her thick eyebrows and long eyelashes and big beautiful eyes. even though she was wearing a face covering, she was not inferior to the attractive looking woman in front of her, if she removed the veil, she would definitely be a few points better off than the woman in front of her.

The arrival of the two women immediately attracted the views of the people in the entire pavilion.

Lin Tian was also curious and couldn help but avert his eyes. Lin Tians eyes brightened when he saw the appearance of a woman who had a face covering on her face.

Lin Tians surprise was only for a moment and then a look returned indifferent.

Lin Tian had walked in the Immortal realm for thousands of years. Lin Tian has seen too many beautiful women who can destroy a country, although this womans appearance is not inferior to the women he saw in the immortal realm, but now Lin Tian doesn really care about women, he just wants to quickly increase his strength and returnto the Eternal Realm.especially since he was betrayed by Ling Yueyin, which made him completely disillusioned with the creatures called women.

The veiled woman also saw Lin Tians appearance when she saw him. seeing Lin Tians shocked appearance for a moment when he saw it, it really made him completely unexpected. Usually if anyone saw her, the young man would definitely fall under her skirt.

Unlike the people in the shop, they immediately came to surround the two of them and try to please themselves, but the young man only looked at himself for a moment, then turned his face and saw some of the herbal ingredients that were in the booth.

Is the herb more interesting than itself? The woman guessed that maybe Lin Tian was abnormal.

This is a woman, if you compliment her, she will think you are disgusting. But if you ignore him, he will think you
e not normal.

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