On Lin Zixi’s last day off, he woke up in the ‘early morning’, went to eat breakfast, and dropped his phone.

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Fortunately, although the mobile phone he endorsed was aimed at mid-to-low-end consumers, the quality was still okay.
The corner of the bare phone knocked into the floor when it fell from a high altitude, but the phone could still be used as usual as he picked it up to call his agent, Chen Yunyun.


“Sister Yunyun, what's the matter with the hot search on Weibo?” As soon as the call was connected, Lin Zixi asked without saying hello, “Why is the number one hot search ‘Lin Zixi looks like Gu Zecheng’?!”


“Oh.” Chen Yunyun on the other end of the phone replied in a cold tone, “Not only on Weibo, you can also see it when you open the news websites.
Anyway, the hot search and the front page have already been bought, so don’t waste it.”


Lin Zixi was baffled when he heard it and asked in astonishment, “Why did you say to not waste it? Didn’t the company ask me to hype CP with Liu Xia? I heard Xiao Zhang said that he has already revealed some warm-up news in various forums last week.”


“The news reveal was done, but unfortunately, before it got hot, your good fans and 'LianXi Fufu' fans upturned Liu Xia.
Even her previous beautified photos were dredged up.
I let a few big fans stop them, but they kept going.” Chen Yunyun was not calm and collected this time, sneering, “Still hyping CP? It's already good if the company doesn't insist on hiding her.”


It had been four years since Lin Zixi made his debut by acting in a TV series in his junior year in university, and he was aware of how capable of fighting his fans and certain BL CP fans were.
He coughed awkwardly and said, “But you also can’t use this topic as a substitute for it, ah.
Who is Gu Zecheng? I'm only a half-red, not even purple little star.
Isn’t it the same as courting death when I touch his porcelain? You quickly remove all the hot search and press releases.”


“Don't worry, some people had hyped sex scandals with Gu Zecheng before, but we never saw him respond.
And it's not just one person who thinks that you look like him.
Even if it’s said that you look like him, can Big Boss Gu force you to have plastic surgery?” Chen Yunyun over there was called by someone.
She comforted Lin Zixi without any worry and then exhorted, “You go to bed early tonight.
Tomorrow is the booting ceremony of The Legend of Concubine Ling, and Xiao Zhang will pick you up at 7 o’clock.
Don’t get up late.” She then hung up the phone.


Lin Zixi stared blankly at his mobile phone for a long time, but he could not calm down.


Others did not know, but he clearly knew in his heart.
Of course he looked like Gu Zecheng—because that's his father.


The kind of blood relationship between a biological father and his illegitimate, unrecognized son.


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In summary, the fucking story of Gu Zecheng and Lin Zixi, except for some details, was like this.
An ignorant girl and a second-generation young master of an army officer went from friends to lovers.
Their first sexual intercourse bore fruit.
After the incident was known, the couple was separated.
The girl took the break up fee from the boy’s family, but she was reluctant to have an abortion as per the deal.
In the end, she went far away to give birth to and raise the child by herself.


As for the details, the college girl who was a home tutor back then was already a senior, while the second-generation high school student who was tutored was only a sophomore.


So before Lin Zixi, who had been bullied in his childhood because he came from a single-parent family, knew the truth, he always felt that his own dad was a beast, a coward, and not a human at all.
After his mother got drunk before her second marriage, he finally got to the bottom of who was the man who had provided the Y chromosome to him.
Then when he calculated that man’s age with his fingers, there was only one thought left—


Mother, you’re the one who’s a beast!


His mother hardly mentioned anything about his biological father, and now that she had formed a new happy family—even his half-sister was almost nine years old—although he was curious about what had happened to them in the first place, he also understood that it's not good to question her closely.


However, as the only beneficiary of the wrong and improper romance that happened at the wrong time, Lin Zixi, who could come to this world safe and sound, always had a guilty conscience of being sinful and shady when facing Gu Zecheng's news and images.


Well, maybe it's the mentality of a convicted criminal facing the victim?


He had met Gu Zecheng in person once when he participated in a charity event, and it was enough to scare him to a heart attack.
Now, a hot search drafted by his company actually linked them together .
This was simply asking for his life, ah.


The so-called people were sitting at home, and disaster came from the sky.


Lin Zixi, who had taken advantage of the gap between his announcements to stay at home for a weekend and gotten up on Monday to ‘Lin Zixi looks like Gu Zecheng’ everywhere, felt ill at ease for a whole day on his last day off.


Even if the thirty cards he drew out in succession when playing a mobile game were all worthless cards with no useful seeds, it couldn't give him more blows.

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He had only one wish—of course it's not world peace—which was for XX or XXX studios to quickly and urgently released big news about whichever star taking drugs, visiting prostitutes, cheating, or coming out of

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