Lin Zixi returned to his room.
He initially planned to continue playing the mobile game and raise the orange card drawn by his dad’s golden hand, but he eventually couldn’t resist the guilty feeling of having eaten too much in the morning.
After struggling for a long time, he still went to the hotel’s gym.

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As a result, he had just been jogging on the treadmill and sweating profusely for nearly two hours when a dinner invite message was sent to his mobile phone.


Saying that it was an invite was actually not very accurate.


After all, “Let’s have dinner together tonight, okay?” was called a dinner invite; as for “Come to Qinjiang Club at 7 o'clock tonight.
Don't be late.”, this was… probably a notice to participate in a meeting?


Young actor Lin stared at the message on his mobile phone and pondered for a while, but he still returned a message back: [Sent to the wrong person?]


[Just try to be late.] Gu Zecheng replied ten minutes later.


Apparently, it was really for him.
But the gold master daddy suddenly invited him for dinner for no reason and even chose a well-known private club in S City….
Could it be that the old lady still felt that she had not stuffed him enough in the morning and wanted to do it again in the evening?


Thinking of this possibility, Lin Zixi trembled involuntarily.
Originally, he had planned to call it a day, but now he continued to stay in the gym for more than an hour.
Only when it was almost four o'clock in the afternoon did he take a shower and return to his room.
After he had taken good care of his whole body, changed into a suit, and drove himself to the place appointed by Gu Zecheng, it was already 6:50.


Lin Zixi handed the car key to the parking valet.
As soon as he entered the club hall, the lobby manager came up and welcomed him.


As a high-level private club, Qinjiang Club had always been a place where celebrities from all walks of life gathered.
Young actor Lin did not especially disguise himself when he came here this time, so the other party naturally recognized him all at once.


Lin, President Gu said to please wait for him first.” The lobby manager very politely led Lin Zixi to a large sofa.


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Lin Zixi did not sit down; rather, he asked in a seemingly casual way, “Is there anyone who’s already here?”


The lobby manager recalled, “Mr.
Zhou Fan and President Jiang Youliang have just arrived.”


Lin Zixi nodded without changing his expression and thanked the other party, but he was very surprised in his heart.


You had to know, the name ‘Zhou Fan’ sounded ordinary, but this person was actually not ordinary at all.
He had won two awards in three international major film festivals and swept countless best actor awards in the domestic film festivals.


And Jiang Youliang was the president of Fengcheng Entertainment, the company that Zhou Fan currently had a contract with.
Fengcheng Entertainment belonged to Yu Fengyuan’s Fengcheng Group, but President Jiang was the one in charge of its daily operations.


Gu Zecheng’s dinner appointment actually invited Fengcheng Entertainment's president and the most powerful movie emperor under its banner.
Lin Zixi could not help but suspect that his dad was so horrified by his drama that he could not stand it anymore and decided to personally get resources for him.


After all, based on his current positioning and the strength of Stars Entertainment, it was estimated that Gu Zecheng could be harmed by his drama for three years—in fact, it should be eight years, but he reckoned Dad Gu would be used to being harmed by then, so it could no longer be called harming.


Although young actor Lin had no goals in his acting career, being able to have the opportunity to participate in more reliable movies or TV series was always a happy thing.


Call Gold Master Daddy!


Lin Zixi’s heart was bursting with excitement.
When Gold Master Daddy arrived at the club at 6:55, he could not help but smile radiantly while looking at the other person.


Young actor Lin’s face was originally extremely handsome; now it was coupled with a sweet smile from the bottom of his heart, excuse Gu Zecheng for being unable to stop himself from staring at Lin Zixi dazedly.
Only after a while did he manage to reply, “You already know that I’m looking for someone to make up for your acting class?”

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“Acting class?” Lin Zixi was taken aback, “It’s not giving me resources?”


Dad Gu glared at him with an expression of ‘you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks’.
“As far as your acting skills are, if I forcibly put you in a movie of a famous director, won’t you be ashamed to act?”






He was not ashamed!


He was not ashamed at all!


Those who came from talent shows and idols were not ashamed to act in Director Zhang's drama.
Why would he, a (not very professional) drama graduate, be ashamed to act?!


Even though Lin Zixi said that, he knew that Gu Zecheng did not owe him anything.
It was already Gu Zecheng’s great help and kindness to find him an acting teacher—a veteran movie emperor like Zhou Fan to boot.


He was not too disappointed.
When he followed Dad Gu into the private room, he was already smiling from ear to ear.


Zhou Fan and Jiang Youliang were already waiting inside.
As soon as they saw Gu Zecheng, they left their seats and came over to greet him.
“President Gu! I'm really sorry, our president Feng has a board of directors meeting tonight.
He’s really busy and unable to get away, so he can only let Zhou Fan and I receive you first.
Someday in the future, he’ll make an appointment with you to get together.”


Gu Zecheng took Lin Zixi to take a seat, “You’re too polite, President Jiang….
It’s originally my presumptuous request, but President Feng immediately helped me to make a proper arrangement.
Thank you for finding the time to come today.”

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“No, it happens that Zhou Fan and I are both in S city.
He hasn't joined the crew now, so it's all good.” Jiang Youliang and Zhou Fan glanced at each other, then the former smiled and said to Lin Zixi, ” Mr.
Lin is the most popular young actor now.
It’s also good for us to have such opportunities for cooperation and exchanges.”


…He was not, he was not!


Whether it was in terms of popularity or fan fighting strength, the most popular young actor now was Qiu Lianyi under the banner of their Fengcheng.
It was hard to say whether young actor Lin was the second.


However, in the face of such business flattery, Lin Zixi only complained in his heart and naturally wouldn’t really expose it.
Instead, he said sincerely, “As far as I’m concerned, being able to learn from Teacher Zhou is a great thing….
I’ll trouble Teacher Zhou to give this unworthy student a lot of guidance from now on.”


Lin Zixi said ‘teacher’ and ‘student’, but it did not mean that he was going to formally become an apprentice to a master right now—with his aptitude, he reckoned that Zhou Fan might not be willing to accept him even with Gu Zecheng's face.


According to the current situation, Movie Emperor Zhou should be regarded as his private cram class teacher, and their relationship as a business teacher-student relationship.


And Zhou Fan clearly positioned himself like this.


Movie Emperor Zhou exchanged contact details with young actor Lin at the wine table and made an appointment for the class a week later in his own studio instead of his private residence in S City.
The time for class was set for just an hour.


But no matter what was said, for Lin Zixi, being able to get one-on-one guidance from a widely acclaimed senior like Zhou Fan was like pies falling from the sky, the kind of pies with edible gold foil outside and stuffed with truffle, foie gras, and caviar inside.


Therefore, whether he was toasting or being toasted, he drank very happily during this dinner without the usual dilly-dallying spirit of ‘ten thousand persuasion to drink a cup’ like when he was forced to socialize.


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In all fairness, as a person who had been in the show business for several years, young actor Lin’s alcohol tolerance was still pretty good.


It was a pity that he was facing an old movie emperor and two bosses who had been on the battlefield for a long time.
In addition, he had hardly eaten anything since breakfast and exercised for more than three hours in the afternoon.
When the dinner was over, he looked fine on the surface, but in fact, he was already a bit drunk and even walked a little crookedly.


“How do you plan to go back tonight?” Gu Zecheng frowned behind him and asked.


Lin Zixi did not speak and subconsciously raised the car key in his hand.


Dad Gu's brows furrowed even tighter.
“You’ve become drunk like this, and you still drive? Where’s your assistant?!”


“I…hiccup…I didn't call him, ah…” Lin Zixi walked to the door of the club and answered, while his brain sluggishly considered whether it would be troublesome if he looked for a substitute driver.


However, before he could think about it, he was pulled into the black SUV that stopped at the door.


“You look like Gu Zeyi, and you didn’t study well like Gu Zeyi.
even the cause of death also wants to be like his?” Gu Zecheng, who had pulled Lin Zixi into the back seat, saw his startled expression and sneered.






A nephew resembled his uncle.
In this case, let’s forget about it, thank you!


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