Calling his dad to lie that his grandma was ill, Lin Zixi felt that doing such a thing would shorten his life, so he hurriedly tried to persuade the old lady, “This isn’t good.
In case my brother is busy with his business…” 

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But before he even finished speaking, the old lady picked up the phone in the living room and pressed Gu Zecheng's mobile phone number.


Young actor Lin was at his wits’ end and had no choice but to take the telephone handset.
The call was connected within three seconds.


“Big Brother, it’s not good! Our mom suddenly fell ill! You go home immediately!” Lin Zixi shouted with all his strength.


Dad Gu on the other end of the call was silent for a few seconds and then commented unceremoniously, “Your recited lines were too exaggerated.
Your training in the basic skills is so poor; it’s no wonder that you always use dubbing.”


Father, Big Brother, you paid attention to the wrong point, ah!


“Most TV dramas are now dubbed, so it doesn't matter how good my lines are.” After young actor Lin finished speaking, he realized that he had been carried away by Gu Zecheng, so he quickly forced himself to remedy it, “Our mother is really ill.
You come back quickly, okay!”


Then he heard a sigh and a sentence coming through the telephone handset, “Does the old lady forget that there’re surveillance cameras installed at home? I can monitor her in real time from here.”


The air was instantly quiet.

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After Lin Zixi coughed a few times, he turned his head towards Grandma Song, an expert at harming her grandson, and said helplessly, “Big Brother said that there’re surveillance cameras at home…” 


He and the old lady stared at each other for five seconds before she winked.
Then she covered her chest with a hand, closed her eyes, and slumped on the sofa.


Young actor Lin watched his grandma's awkward performance and could not help but lament that his Mercury retrograde was passed on from his ancestors, and his poor acting skills might also be passed on from his ancestors.


“Big Brother, it’s not good! Our mom’s so angered by you that she fell ill! You go home immediately, okay!” He changed his lines and read them again with no expression on his face.


One of the most tiring things in life was that the people who formed a group to defraud were exposed right away, so they instantly changed their methods into touching porcelain—in addition, one of the people involved was your own mother, and the other one was your ‘own young brother’ hired by yourself.


Big Boss Gu took a deep breath, “…Tell the old lady to stop making trouble.
I'll go home now.”


Gu Zecheng was finally home more than half an hour later.
As soon as he entered the house, he was called to the living room by his mom and ended up sitting opposite Lin Zixi.


The old lady sitting on the sofa in the middle took a sip of tea, looked at her eldest son, and asked, “Tell me, what disaster did your little brother rush into this time that made you unhappy?”

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“Mom! My cooperation project with Tianyuan International is about to start soon, and I also have many things to do on the domestic side.
Haven’t I told you already?”


“Gu Zecheng, who’re you fooling?!” The old lady put the teacup back on the table heavily, “If you didn't have something on your mind, could you not contact your brother for more than a month?!”


Just as Dad Gu was about to explain again, Grandma Song continued to lecture, “How did your dad and I teach you two back then? If there’s something between brothers, don’t keep it in your heart.
There’s no knot that cannot be untangled between blood-related brothers.”


Gu Zecheng acknowledged what Grandma Song said, but the problem was—the handsome young man sitting opposite him was not the real Gu Zeyi; moreover, even if they were really blood-related brothers, the knot between them was not easy to untangle—who made Lin Zixi fall in love with him.


Yes, in Dad Gu's opinion, young actor Lin pretended to be drunk and uninhibited to kiss him, but at the same time he also said he did not accept unspoken rules and had not had his first kiss yet in real life….
If this was not a crazy hint of confession to him, what was it then?!


Regardless of whether it was true or false, if it was someone else, Gu Zecheng would have definitely rejected them without the slightest hesitation.


But Lin Zixi was the one he hired to impersonate Gu Zeyi, and the old lady was involved in the middle.
Gu Zecheng could only refrain from acting against evil so as to prevent harm to the innocent.
Therefore, he simply avoided and did not see Lin Zixi for more than a month, intending to treat him coldly.


However, Big Boss Gu was not completely at ease with young actor Lin and was afraid that Lin Zixi would take advantage of his absence to deceive the old lady to do something.
So although he had not shown up, he always monitored the situation at home through the surveillance cameras whenever Lin Zixi came to visit.

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After many observations, Gu Zecheng had to admit that Lin Zixi, the little star who had made a disturbance by hyping up his resemblance to him at the beginning, was indeed not a person with deep scheming.


This person was good-looking, but after staying in the muddy waters of the entertainment circle for several years, he unexpectedly could still be what he was now.
Although he could not be regarded as pure, he was at least very simple, and he also had no ambition or desire, which was quite rare and precious.


Although at first Gu Zecheng really looked down on young actor Lin’s unmotivated appearance, after watching him for a long time, he actually began to think that such a person was also very good.
In any case, he was better than those who demanded too much and ended up dragged into the cesspit in return.


In short, in Dad Gu's heart now, although he could not accept the feelings of this ‘cheap little brother’, he did not feel much trouble either for having this young and handsome suitor—besides, with Lin Zixi's character, Gu Zecheng did not believe that he had the courage to make his intentions clear to him.


Gu Zecheng believed that he had figured out the entanglement between him and Lin Zixi, so now he was able to face Grandma Song's questioning skillfully and easily, “Actually, I don't want to say it, *sigh*….
Xiao Yi has probably told you.
He got drunk when we met last time, but he himself might not know what happened afterwards….”


Dad Gu sighed again and then said, “He drank too much.
Not to mention vomiting all over my body, he even vomited on my face….
Until now, I still feel disgusted whenever I think of it, and it almost became a trauma in my heart.
It just so happened that I’ve been busy these past few days, so I went ahead and avoided my little brother.”


Young actor Lin heard this utterance and realized at once that his dad was arbitrarily putting the blame on him—the clothes on his body were still dry and clean when he woke up the next day; how could he had vomited—but at this moment, he could not dismantle his gold master daddy’s platform.
After giving the other party a quick glare, he put on a very apologetic look, “I'm so sorry, Brother! I was very happy that day, so I drank a lot and put you to a lot of trouble.
Fortunately, you’re my own brother.
If it were someone else, maybe they’d just leave me on the spot.”


Gu Zecheng was the boss of such a big group, and he had been the pillar of the family for so many years, so he was naturally very credible when he spoke in front of his mom, plus there was Lin Zixi's cooperation.
The old lady was also shocked knowing that such a disgusting yet not despicable trivial thing actually happened between the two brothers.

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Grandma Song finally breathed a sigh of relief at this time and turned around to educate her ‘little son’, from the dangers of drinking too much alcohol to being careful of getting inebriated and led into a trap by people, whom were so chaotic nowadays.


Lin Zixi suffered a long lecture for no reason, so he could only comfort himself inwardly: replacing his dad to get thundered was where filial piety lay, and what his daddy said was what he said.


After he finally finished listening to the old lady's lengthy speech, and the three of them had their dinner together, it was eight o'clock in the evening.


A certain xuanhuan drama with surprisingly decent ratings was about to begin.


Young actor Lin's eyelids twitched, and he immediately got up and pulled Gu Zecheng's hand, dragging the other party to the balcony while saying to Grandma Song, “My brother and I haven't seen each other for more than a month, so we brothers are going to chat by ourselves for a while.”


The old lady was a little surprised, “Why now, ah? Po Tian Ji is about to begin, and today is the finale.”


At first, when Dad Gu was dragged away, he was a little mystified.
Hearing what his mom said, he immediately followed his son to stand on the same front.
“We haven't seen each other for so long, so we have a lot to say now.
This TV series…
we’ll watch it online later.”


Thus, the two ‘brothers’ both hid on the balcony to seek refuge…
eh, no, to communicate their feelings.

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