There was someone looking for troubles among the visiting group of fans.
If it were not for the other party being an old woman, dozens of enthusiastic sister fans on the scene would be able to show how they tore apart a living person.

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When Lin Zixi had just debuted, he encountered an incident where the other party could not remember his name, but this was the first time he was mistaken for someone else.
And it still happened in front of his fans, making Lin Zixi feel very embarrassed.


He could only comfort himself that fortunately, in order to save Sun Yuwen some face, Chen Yunyun did not plan to hype the fans' visit.
Otherwise, this laughable matter would have been big if there had been paparazzi on the scene.


That grandma fan from someone else’s fan club might be a bit muddled since she was already old.
Fortunately, the woman who came with her was still able to handle the situation.
Seeing that the harmonious and happy atmosphere of cheering, talking, and laughing instantly dropped to a freezing point, the fortyish woman in a pantsuit hurried to persuade the old woman, “Auntie Wen, we’ve seen him, so it's time to leave.
Don't disturb Xiao Yi's work here; he’s very busy.”


When she said that, although the old woman still held Lin Zixi's hand tightly, she gradually calmed down visibly.
She sighed and said, “Ze Yi, there’s nothing to be done if you’re busy with work, but no matter how busy you’re, you must find the time to go home.
Your big brother and I are waiting for you.”


After speaking, the old woman reluctantly followed the woman who came with her to leave the movie set.
She turned her head to look at Lin Zixi several times in between.
Maybe seeing him have no intention of urging her to stay, she finally left with a desolate expression.


Once the troublesome old woman, who even brought up another relative, left, the fans who came to visit hurriedly comforted their idol and showed their loyalty one by one.


Lin Zixi was someone who had seen the world after all.
He quickly adjusted his mentality, looking like nothing had happened.
In turn, he was all concerned about how his fans came, how to go back, what to do when they stayed out-of-town, what to eat later .


In any case, the little sister fans in his fan club were moved to tears and directly shouted that they would support their sunshine boy idol for a lifetime.


Therefore, although there was a small episode in the middle, the company and the fans who were able to come were satisfied with this visit to the booting ceremony of ‘The Legend of Concubine Ling’.
And other fans from all over the country waiting in front of computers for front-line high-definition photos to lick were also satisfied.

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As for Lin Zixi himself, who had been surrounded and watched at close range for more than an hour, his opinion was unimportant and not worth mentioning.


Although The Legend of Concubine Ling had started, there were still two days before the leads formally joined the crew.


Lin Zixi's agent, Chen Yunyun, who was particularly capable of finding troubles and doing things, took the opportunity to arrange an activity for him, which was to attend an award ceremony.


Speaking of the award ceremony, it was not a particularly high-end and classy thing.
It was just the annual TV drama celebration held by S TV station, one of the four major domestic satellite TV stations.


Basically, every satellite TV, as long as it was not too bad, would hold this kind of TV drama award every year.
Whether it was the best, the most popular, or the most fashionable award, everyone got his/her own share.
As long as you could show up, the organizer could figure out an award for you.


To sum up, there was no gold content in it; it was just to make fans happy.


The reason why Chen Yunyun arranged for Lin Zixi to attend this annual TV drama celebration of S Satellite TV was that the shooting location of The Legend of Concubine Ling was in the movies and television city on the outskirts of S city, so the time was suitable and the round trip was convenient.


Another reason was that the currently most popular domestic young actor, Qiu Lianyi, had already decided to attend this event.


Lin Zixi and Qiu Lianyi roughly followed the same route—no acting skills yet supremely good-looking.
It was reasonable to say that they should travel together sparingly since two kings had better not see each other.

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However, in the era when the Internet was developed and BL culture was in vogue, two young actors at a similar age who had acted in the same drama could not only be rivals but could also hype CP.


Lin Zixi graduated from CFA and signed to the current company after his first drama, which was an adaptation of a martial arts novel where he acted together with Qiu Lianyi as a male lead.


When this drama was filmed, it was changed to look like the doujin of the original novel to the point that even the original work fans were unable to spoil the TV series.


However, driven by highly good-looking actors, good platforms, and aggressive marketing, it became a popular work both online and offline.
All of a sudden, Lin Zixi and Qiu Lianyi’s careers were pushed to the next level, and the CP seed ‘LianXi’ also grew since then.


Well, yes, it was this ‘LianXi’ that Lin Zixi's pure fans together with his company, which was planning to support a newcomer, tried to overturn by hyping a BG CP a few days ago.


Whether it was the CP fans who genuinely felt that the two people really had an affair or the wicked melon eaters who thought that the combination of two handsome guys warmed the heart and delighted the eye, ‘LianXi’, this existence that was supported by many people, was one of the several big evil cult organizations in the entertainment circle.
The two companies where Qiu Lianyi and Lin Zixi belonged to then decided that not only would they not kill the CP, but they would also add fuel to the fire from time to time by sending out sugar, marketing, and hyping.


Regarding this, Lin Zixi said that whoever loved to be a dragon slayer warrior could do it themselves.
In any case, he would not do it.


When Lin Zixi was a child, he was often bullied because he did not have a father and looked like a pretty doll.
When he got older, he became a bad boy who bullied others in return.
When he was in high school, he went through a seeking death phase and even got close to the boss of a small gang around the school.
He was still pretending to be obedient in school, but he was a veteran of many fights outside the school.


Lin Zixi saw Qiu Lianyi for the first time on the movie set.
On the surface, they exchanged cordial and friendly greetings, but his back felt numb from the beginning.
He had never felt like this before even when fighting with the toughest hooligan.


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The first impression of “the other party was a fierce character” was so deep to the extent that even after the two of them got acquainted with each other, Lin Zixi's evaluation of Qiu Lianyi was still: a pretty good person but unprovokable.


Now this “unprovokable” fierce character was sitting on the left of Lin Zixi, leaning in his ear and whispering, “I notice that the benefactor’s yin tang is dark.
I’m afraid there’d be a bloody calamity.”


The breath wafting over from the man made Lin Zixi shiver.
Just as he was about to rush someone, he found that the on-the-spot live broadcast camera was turning towards their directions.
He immediately adjusted his sitting posture and leaned in Qiu Lianyi's direction, but what he said was actually, “Stop talking nonsense! You’ve never learned fortune telling by face reading.”


“If the benefactor begs the old monk, the old monk will disassemble it for the benefactor.
If the benefactor doesn’t believe it .
it’s up to you.” Qiu Lianyi stopped his words halfway as the S Satellite TV’s camera went over them.
Seeing Lin Zixi being noncommittal and not forcing him to continue, he sat up straight again.


Lin Zixi was actually a bit curious after being goaded like this by him.
Just as he was going to beg the 'master' to disassemble it, the award-presenting guest in front suddenly called out his name.


“The Internet’s Most Popular Actor—Lin Zixi!”


Lin Zixi looked at Qiu Lianyi at the split second his name was called out, and Qiu Lianyi, in tacit understanding, was also looking at him cooperatively.
Thus, the two people immediately hugged each other, and the pair occupied about 2 seconds of screen time on TV. 


After finishing the act that could make CP fans and the melon eaters madly take screenshots, Lin Zixi stood up to accept the award.


Such an exaggerated award of 'The Internet’s Most Popular Actor' was certainly not very exciting.
Lin Zixi briefly thanked his fans and company on stage and quickly stepped down.


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After him, Qiu Lianyi won 'The Most Commercial Actor Award'—for his acting skills in 'LianXi Fufu'.
Even if S Satellite TV made everyone win an award and exaggerated it, they were still not shameless enough to award the best actor among the two of them.


When Qiu Lianyi was done receiving the award, Lin Zixi had forgotten about the bloody calamity from Master Qiu’s fortune telling by face reading.


When he drove home alone after the celebration and found that he was being followed by three cars, he finally remembered Master Qiu’s words, but it was already too late.


He could only pick up speed, wanting to get rid of the people behind, while sending a WeChat voice to Qiu Lianyi, who had turned off his mobile phone, “Qiu Lianyi, have you discovered something beforehand?! You actually didn't tell me directly…


Although there was nothing wrong with Lin Zixi sending the word 'fuck' to that person’s WeChat, but he really didn’t say it to 'Master Qiu'.


He just saw the person who got off the back seat of the black SUV that had pulled ahead of his car and forced him to a stop.


Well, it was his 'look-alike', Gu Zecheng.




TL's note: 

Yin tang = the point located between the inner edges of the eyebrows, at what is also known as the “third eye” area of the forehead

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