After Gu Zecheng drove the car out of Gu's house, his originally smiling face immediately became expressionless.
As if the person beside him did not exist at all, let alone a conversation, even a glance from the corner of his eyes was not given.

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Lin Zixi sat stiffly in the passenger seat and stared aimlessly at the road ahead.
He did not dare to look at his dad because it would look like he was peeping at him, but he also didn’t dare to look out the window because it would look like he was impatient and disrespectful.


The two of them, one driving and the other watching the road (literally), were both silent for nearly half an hour.
Lin Zixi only felt that the atmosphere in the car was getting more and more awkward, and he finally couldn't help turning his head to Gu Zecheng, “Just let me off once you find a suitable spot.
I'll ask my assistant to pick me up.
Hengguo is so far away; it’s inconvenient for you to send me there.” 


Unexpectedly, Gu Zecheng did not appreciate him at all and replied with a sneer, “You know it's inconvenient, yet you dared to contact my mother in private….
You really did a good job in paying lip service!”


Lin Zixi had indeed been in the wrong this time.
A word “yeah” had caused his dad to be caught off guard.
Now that he was being criticized to his face, he was even more disturbed.
He touched his nose in embarrassment and put the blame on his grandma with a little guilty conscience, “It's the old woman herself who came to our filming set.
I'm afraid that if I didn't acknowledge her this time, it’d be difficult to explain later…”


“Why is it difficult to explain?” Gu Zecheng glanced in Lin Zixi's direction with disgust, “Just say that you’re now on a secret mission and have to pretend to be another identity.
Isn’t that all right?!” 


Lin Zixi curled his lip upon hearing this.


When Gu Zeyi died in a car crash back then, he was ‘sent by the country to perform a secret mission abroad’.
Now, after finding him to act as a substitute for his little uncle, he was also ‘performing a secret mission and pretending to be another identity’—the country said: What an enormous blame!

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“I'll explain it like this to my mother and tell her to stop looking for you.
You yourself…” Gu Zecheng continued talking but was interrupted by the ringing of his mobile phone halfway through.


He first answered the phone through the Bluetooth headset and said a few words, “Mom…
um, no, I didn't lecture him…
oh….” Then he transferred the call to the car's Bluetooth.


“Zeyi, ah….
Your big brother didn't lecture you again, did he? He's all for your own good, that’s why he always controls you.
Don't be angry with him.” Grandma Song's voice came from the other end of the phone.


Lin Zixi pondered, his dad could ‘create a life’ with his mother at the age of sixteen, so this little uncle who could make his dad always lecture and discipline must have been worse.
He then replied with a smile, “Mom, your worries are groundless.
My brother only asked me about my situation in the past few years and didn't lecture me.”


“Oh, then I'm relieved.” The old lady laughed loudly and clearly and then said the main reason she called, “I thought about it just now.
Zecheng, it’ll be almost in the wee hours when you come back after sending your brother off, which is really too late.
So don't go back home tonight, just stay with Zeyi.
It’s a chance for both of you to have a long chat since you haven’t seen each other for so many years….
But you mustn’t quarrel!”


Lin Zixi could not help holding his breath when she was halfway through speaking.


Never mind making his dad, whom was obviously on the verge of exploding, send him to Hengguo, she still asked the two of them to stay together in a room for one night—on doing a bad turn to his grandson, his grandmother was at professional level!


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Lin Zixi did not even dare to turn his head in Gu Zecheng's direction to see the other party’s expression.


Anyway, no matter how grave and gloomy Dad Gu's face was now, the words he said were nevertheless filial and considerate, “Okay, Mom.
Don't worry, I'll be staying with Xiao Yi tonight.
You went to Hengguo today and prepared a big table of dishes in the evening.
You’re also tired, right? So let’s rest early.
We’re already in our thirties; don’t keep worrying about us.” 


The old lady sighed and replied, “Never mind.
Your brother came back for the first time in so many years, how can I not keep worrying, ah.
After you arrive at the hotel, give me a call so I can put my mind at rest….
Well, you concentrate on driving at night.
Let's stop talking now….
Don't forget to call me later.”


Grandma Song's phone call took less than five minutes in total, and the road where Gu Zecheng was going to let Lin Zixi off and leave by himself was already blocked.


Lin Zixi felt that he was about to suffocate when he thought that he really had to bring Party A Daddy, whom his mother owed compensation, into his hotel room.


As a result, his dad, as if this episode had never happened, was actually able to carry on the conversation before the phone call and continued to lecture him, “I’ll make the old lady stop looking for you, but you yourself must also remember your own identity! If I know that you seize the opportunity to take advantage of my mother…”


Gu Zecheng paused for a moment and sneered, “It's not uncommon for an actor to die because of an accident on the set!”


Lin Zixi, having heard what was said, was like “WTF?!” and turned his head in shock to look at the man beside him, whom looked like he was not joking at all.

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What about a country ruled by law or keeping away from the political circle and concentrating on being a business leader?!!


A small disagreement led to an accident.
Lin Zixi felt that the image of Gu Zecheng he had constructed in his mind over the years as ‘an ignorant juvenile victim defiled by a female rogue’ was already tottering on the verge of falling apart, and it had not been more than three days since the two officially met.


However, there was one thing Lin Zixi could basically confirm now—Gu Zecheng should really not know that he was his son and, unlike him, was not putting on a play for the two of them.


It was reasonable to say that with his father's current display of strong personality, if he was going to find him to play the role of his uncle, not to mention everything, at least he would investigate his family background and the identity of his parents—his dad clearly knew his itinerary, address, license plate number, and passport number.


But for some unknown reason, after seeing his information, Gu Zecheng unexpectedly didn't realize that there might be a blood relationship between them.


Lin Zixi thought about it for a long time but could not figure out what actually happened.
In the end, he simply decided not to think.


In any case, he did not plan to recognize the ancestors and return to the clan, and Gu Zecheng also didn’t recognize him, his own son….
He only needed to keep a low profile and act well.
After a few years, his grandma would pass away, and it could be considered that he had done his filial piety to the utmost towards his father and grandmother, his two elders.
At that time, no one owed anyone.

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What's more, the reward Gu Zecheng gave was worthy of his status as a currently popular young actor.


In all honesty, taking money to act as his daddy's younger brother….
He certainly didn't lose anything for such an awesome job.


Lin Zixi figured out all this and suddenly felt that he had the confidence to face his own dad.
After taking a deep breath, he turned his head towards Gu Zecheng and said, “You really don't need to guard against me like guarding against a thief.
I really don't have any bad intentions for your Gu family.
You must have also investigated my information and know my income, expenses, and current economic situation.
I don’t like branded cars, famous watches, or luxury goods, and I also don’t plan to get into venture capital.
When my artist management contract with the company ends after eight years, there’ll be absolutely no problem with having a big deposit of tens of millions, which is enough for the rest of my life….
I really don't need to run counter to you for money.”


Hearing his words, Gu Zecheng, who was driving with one hand, actually gave him a few careful looks.
However, the words he said were filled with dissatisfaction, “You’re already satisfied just like this….
You really have no ambition at all.
No wonder people said that your acting skills have always been poor.”






If you had ambition, you would be met with an ‘accident’.
If you had no ambition, you would also be snubbed and criticized….
Lin Zixi felt that if he had really been brought up by Gu Zecheng, he might have left home eight hundred times.


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