The sound of music greeted the sense of hearing of an eighteen-year-old girl who was still wearing a school uniform. The gray-white clothes became the center of attention of almost all café visitors in the morning today. Of course, considering it should be during these hours that schoolchildren are already in their classrooms. However, the girl instead wandered around casually and the clothes couldn be said to be neat either.

Her name is Keiyona Daneen, the girl is often called Keis greeting. Her habits are indeed like this. She likes to leave the classroom and hang around as her subjects progress. Living in the middle of an elite and bustling capital city made her feel very stupid with her surroundings. Not once did Kei feel uncomfortable with their gazes falling on her. She prefers not to care.

”Coffee latte one. ”

A waiter at the café also immediately prepared Keiyonas order. After a few minutes, the order was finally ready. Keiyona immediately paid the bill, and then left the café area. When Keiyona was walking towards the car park, she could see a handsome man who was watching her car. Annoyance began to come to Keiyona when the strange man held the front of her car, not to forget the rearview mirror beside the steering wheel.

”Hey! ”

The foreign man looked very surprised to hear the sound of Keiyonas screaming, which was indeed quite loud. He also stepped back a few steps with his calm expression.

”Don touch my car! ” Keiyona shouted again with an annoyed expression.

The man seemed to nod his head and then planned to leave Keiyona alone in the car park. However, the mans plan failed with Keiyonas excited shout which had been eagerly urged by him.

”What did you do to my car?! ” She yelled that even Keiyona almost dropped the coffee latte she had just ordered.

The man seemed to sigh loudly. It could be that in the morning like this he faced the figure of a crazy monster like the girl who was nearby at this time.

”I accidentally bumped into it. ” He replied calmly, without a trace of fear.

Keiyona growled angrily. ”You didn say it on purpose? ” Her annoyance then chose to go to the strange man.

”Look, uncle, this car of mine is not just a car. From the appearance of the uncle, I know you have a lot of money. In exchange, the uncle should be compensated for this amount. ” She said as she raised her right hand and flicked her five fingers, right in front of the mans face.

”50 thousand do you mean? ”

”What?! Don you think Im joking huh? ” Keiyona shouted, who felt frustrated to face the handsome male model in front of her at this time.

Well, Keiyona is not blind. This man is indeed handsome, rectified and even very handsome. Again, it can actually be said by uncles call either because his face is still tight and maybe only 5 years different from her. Maybe? Keiyona didn know for sure either.

”I don want to know that the principal must be transferred 50 million! ” She said confirming making the man also seem surprised to hear that.

50 million? Which is just right!

He only nudged a little bit of the front of Keiyonas car, which was only slightly scratched and the rearview mirror that was also scratched was not severe. How could such a small repair be valued at 50 million?

”Fine, then I prefer to take care of it myself. ” The man replied which made Keiyona shook h

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