Keiyona was forced to walk to find the nearest workshop. She still tried to think positively despite the fact that it was very difficult to get a workshop in that area. Keiyona is quite aware of the area where she was trapped just because her car suddenly broke down, not wanting to start.

Keiyona kicks a plastic bottle that interferes with her running.

”So unlucky! ” she grumbled irritably.

Keiyona kept going, until in front of him she saw a hope where her eyes caught the existence of a workshop wide open. Excitedly, Keiyona immediately ran across the street and came to the workshop. She immediately met the manager of the workshop in office. But someone directly blocked her.

”Im sorry, you can just go in. ” said a man who immediately walked up to Keiyona when she was about to just walk in.

”I need help. ”

”You can just go to me. ” he said insistently.

Keiyona also chose to relent. She didn want to find a fuss where Keiyona herself was in need of their help. If he makes a fuss, they may not want to help Keiyona which will be fatal to him.

”My car broke down. Can it be brought here? ” she asked to make sure they could take the car on strike or not.

”It can really be, you know. If you can tell this was a strike because it ran out of gas or something was damaged, right? ” asked the man again who seemed to be one of the workers there.

”I don know. If I knew I wouldn be here either. ” she said in an annoyed reply.

Keiyona was in a bad mood. She really felt upset all day long because there was not a single thing that could make her feel at ease. Everything was very chaotic and uncontrollable for her.

”Okay, wait, wait, yes. Well bring it here soon. ” he said then passed away.

Keiyona could see the man had called a friend of hers, then the two of them went out together. Keiyona decided to stay in the workshop area and wait in the waiting room where there were several visitors there.

It has been more than an hour since Keiyona waited, finally the car has finished repairing. Her car did not break down because she ran out of gas, but there were some damaged parts in the engine. Fortunately it has been repaired and everything is safe now. Keiyona, who originally overslept in the lounge, was awakened by the female clerk who came to her.

”The car is settled. ”

Keiyon gasped in shock and immediately stood up. ”Ah yes, thanks. ” she said, then strode towards her repaired car.

”The fee can be paid at the cashier, yes, you know, ” said a man whom Keiyona first met at the workshop she visited.

Keiyona nodded briefly, and then she suddenly stopped her footsteps. Wait a minute, there seems to be something strange here.

Keiyona reached into her pants pocket. She just remembered everything that Keiyona didn have a penny of money to pay for the cost of repairing her damaged car. Keiyona also recalled the incident that happened to her at the SPA place a few hours ago, so this was enough to make her upset again at herself.

Why can Keiyona be so careless?!

”Whats the matter? Can I help you? ” asked the female clerk who saw Keiyonas confusion there.

Its up to Keiyona this time. He even hopes to meet Clayton again here, at least the man will pay for the cost of repairing the car. As Clayton did before.

”Can I borrow your phone for a while? ” asked Keiyona to make sure that she had hope for it.

The clerk looked doubtful, but still gave it to Keiyona considering that she was a guest in their workshop. Also looking at Keiyonas expensive and good car, it is impossible for this woman in front of her to be a fraud, he thought.

”Tsk. Pick up Jason! ” cried Keiyona inwardly as her friend Jason never picked up her phone line.

Damn it, where did the kid go?!

Keiyona tried several times, but Jason didn pick up his phone line. Even contacting him back just didn . Keiyona also chose to give up and surrender. She was about to return the phone to the master, but a name flashed back in her own mind.


A nickname flashed by. Keiyona felt very embarrassed and prestige to ask her for help, but this time it was only the man who could help her get out of this matter.

”For a while, I want to contact om me first. ” she said, who then ran to her car and picked up a business card that Clayton had given her.

Keiyona immediately immediately dialed the numbers on the mobile phone of the female employee she borrowed, and then contacted Clayton as soon as possible. Not how long Keiyona waited, a voice immediately greeted her. Claytons deep voice sounded out of thin air and thrilled Keiyonas mixed feelings, unsettled.

”With whom? ”


Does Keiyona have to lower her ego to get the mans help? Keiyona is eager to turn off her phone line, but she needs Claytons help. It seems that at this time Keiyona has to lower her ego.

”Regal. ”

Keiyona called Claytons familiar name which she used to call that. Clayton also seemed to be silent when he heard Keiyona voice. The man must have figured out who contacted him at this time. Because only Keiyona was one who called him by the call of Regal.

”Regal, I need your help. ”

”Im sorry, Im going to connect wrong. ” retorted Clayton who was about to turn off his phone line, but Keiyona immediately shouted quickly.

”Regal, please! Don be watched just yet. ” she shouted loudly.

Clayton snorted harshly and there was a shrug also from across there that came from Clayton.

”Whats the matter you
e calling me? ” asked Clayton finally deciding to stay connected with this number he didn know.

”I need you. I was in the repair shop again because my car suddenly broke down. If you
e pleased, you can come here? ” asked Keiyona sounding doubtful.

Clayton himself was able to listen to Keiyonas doubtful tone. Actually, he also couldn bear to let Keiyona there, but at this time Clayton was having a meeting with several of his clients.

”Im in a meeting again. ” he replied confessing honestly.

Keiyona scrambled her hair in frustration. ”Just this time, Regal. ” she said forcefully.

”I can . ”

”How about it? Theres still a lot waiting in line for your cars place. ” said the female clerk again who clayton was able to hear on the other side.

Clayton didn know what to do. On the other hand, he also feels that he can bear Keiyona who is trapped there without knowing what to do. Because according to Clayton, the woman did not have many friends who were able to help her at this time.

”yes, just a moment. ” replied Keiyona, then she went back to talk to Clayton.

”Help me Regal. Ill pay it right away, please. ” she said back pleadingly.

”I can now. Where are you going anymore? ”

Keiyona answered him and told Clayton where he was now.

”Ill come right away. Just give my business card to their boss. I know the owner of that workshop. ” he told.

e not lying? ” asked Keiyona ascertaining, if only Clayton could fool her.

”I turned it off just now. ”


”Tsk. Its really annoying. ” snapped Keiyona, who then returned the female employees cell phone.

”I want to meet the same one who has this workshop. ” said Keiyona requesting.

”Im sorry, but– ”

”You didn hear? Regal knows the same one who has this workshop. I have to meet him now. ” said Keiyona trying to be patient.

e not here anymore, you know. ”

”You don have to lie, okay. I saw for myself someone coming out from inside his office. ” said Keiyona again.

”yes, but its not– ”

”You are the one whose name is Keiyona? ”

Keiyona and the female clerk immediately turned their heads at the same time. The female employee also immediately lowered her eyes respectfully.

”Good afternoon, sir. ”

Tsk. You scammer, Keiyona thought.

”yes, right. ”

The man nodded slightly. ”Please wait in my room. Clayton will be here soon. ”

Keiyona also walked over swaggeringly leaving the female clerk.

e capable of it. ” muttered Keiyona, who was irritated.

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