Keiyona glanced at her watch briefly. The new hour hand showed the number 7 p.m. and he also had just arrived at her residence which was an elite housing for people who had some money to settle there.

For a moment Keiyona parked her car in the car garage, she could see a middle-aged woman seemingly running small towards her. She frowned at the sight of it at night today.

”Gosh, miss where have you been?! ” she asked with a panic expression that was very clearly visible.

Keiyona was even more unable to guess what happened. Its not uncommon for the servant in her house to look panicked like this if it weren for something.

”Whats the matter? ” asked Keiyona, who didn like to make small talk.

The maid waved her hand directly, motioning for Keiyona to get closer to her. Keiyona complied and a sentence that came out of the little whisper made Keiyona begin to understand her current situation.

”The great master and mistress are inside, miss. ”

A sentence that made Keiyona feel very upset to hear it.

”They know that miss didn go to school for a week. The master looked furious, miss. Its best that miss doesn need to go inside. I can help you to get through this. ” said her servant, who had been working with them for a long time.

Even no matter how troubled Keiyona was, it was only the middle-aged woman who helped her get out of the trouble herself. When no one cares about her, the woman always comes as her savior. An example is like today.

”No need. I can face it myself. ” said Keiyona who immediately stepped up with a bold step into the area of her house that felt tense.


A raw punch immediately hit Keiyonas right cheek as she stood right in front of the father who showed an expression of his anger. Keiyona didn cry. She just made a small grimace feeling the rush of fresh blood flowing from the corners of her lips.

”You kid doesn know yourself! ”


Not forgetting that a vase on the table became victim. The broken glass scattered on the floor made Keiyona really feel disgusted with the two old people who were in front of her at this time.

”What does that stupid brain of yours think?! You think your life is just to spend our money?! ” shouted the father who hadn stopped reviling Keiyona who did prefer to be tight-lipped.

”Keiyona did on purpose, pa. Mama has been bothered by calls from her school reporting about her mischief. Mama even had to change her cellphone because of her disgusting act. ” said the mother, which made Keiyona clench her hands tightly.

”Its more disgusting which one of you two never once wanted to know what I was feeling all along?! ” shouted Keiyona who was unable to hold back anymore.

”No need to refute, Keiyona! ”

”Im tired pa! Do you guys think my life is okay? I never even once got my rights as a child. ”

”Don shirk it, Kei. You accepted all the money. Its so hypocritical. ” snapped her mother which made Keiyona feel even more disgusted.

”I don need money! Can the three of us become a whole family once? Like a family that loves each other? ” said Keiyona with a face that was already perfectly flushed, holding back all the emotions she felt at the moment.

During this time Keiyona chose to be silent. She pretended to be forceful as if she was okay. However, Keiyona couldn lie to herself. She wanted the affection of her parents, rather than the money he always received from them. Go home once every 3 months and only settle for 2 days at home? Is that what parents call it? No, even long ago it always happened. Even sometimes once every 3 months they can go home at all.

”No need to dream, Kei. Alright, if you don need money. From now on we won send you anymore, how about it? ” her mother said again which further frustrated Keiyona.

”Fuck you! ”


Again, she felt a sting on her right cheek through the fathers slap. The pain and numbness hit her again. Her heart was even more sliced when the mothers laughter sound just exploded.

Damn, shed better keep quiet.

”Never once have you shouted that word again at your mama! Now go into the room and think about your mistake. ” said her father again which made Keiyona unable to hold back the tears that were already in the corners of her eyes.

Shes not my mom, shit.


Damn, why should she cry in front of both parents at this time?!

”Even if you don think of me as a child, at least give me as much money as hell! ” shouted Keiyona again in tears, and then she ran out of the big house owned by her parents.

Theres also no point in Keiyona staying inside a house thats more suitable to be called a prison for her. Indeed, Keiyona should not care about such a thing as their affection that she never once got. Keiyona was so stupid to expect that instead. From now on, Keiyona promised herself she wouldn expect that again. Keiyona wouldn ask for that disgusting thing again, never would.

”Miss Kei! ” cried the female servant again who went straight to Keiyona.

Keiyona didn care about the woman. She continued to walk out, picked up her car and left leaving the spacious yard of herhouse.

The servant was also concerned about his masters child, whom she had been caring for for a long time. Indeed, the rude attitude of both parents has an impact on their children, which is equally harsh. Keiyonas mischief in school is also the impact of what her parents have done. Even if they can take the time to visit Keiyona, at least they can keep Keiyona informed every day to encourage her. But in fact, it is not at all. Even when Keiyona had contacted them on a whim, the two did not pick her up. Just contacting back doesn .

So there really is nothing else to expect but money.

”What a pity you are, Kei. ”

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