Clayton Regan Stein

A name is indicated on the table located in a special room where a person works. There was a handsome man in his black shirt messing with his laptop that was on. With circumstances not as fresh as in the morning, he seemed tired even though he still remained faithfully sitting on the chair of his throne.

Until a phone call from his cell phone made Clayton forced to stop his activities for a moment. He sighed at the sight of a name clearly displayed on the screen of his expensive mobile phone.

”Gosh Clay, what time is this?! ” a man on the other side of it said.

Clayton moved his phone away from his ear, avoiding damaging his eardrum.

”Im busy. ” he said without wanting to prolong the conversation.

”Tsk. You! You
e here quickly because the others are already waiting for it. ” the person said again making Clayton have to be more patient.

”Ive said I can . ” said Clayton insistently.

”Whether you can or not, you have to come! ”

”You understand Indonesian don you? ”

A rough swearing from the sound coming from his cell phone greeted Claytons sense of hearing.

”Fine, if you don come, don expect you to be able to ask me for help if Vanya again– ”

”Damn it. ”

”The decision is in your hands, Clay. ”



Clayton scrambled his hair roughly. Tonight he did not have time to come to the event held by his high school closest friends. No, its not just right now, Clayton does usually choose not to attend those unimportant events anyway. One of the reasons is that he is so lazy to go there and also he is very busy, so he has no time. However, the threat that came out of his friends mouth could not be ignored by Clayton. The man was indeed silly, but he was always serious about what he said. Clayton still needs his help if only he doesn have time to take care of Vanya.

”Tristan asshole. ”


The sound of music clinking loudly greeted the presence of Clayton who had just set foot in a place. A place where there are many young people mingling with each other for sheer pleasure. Clayton continued to step as he watched the surrounding activities. He searched for the whereabouts of his friends who invited him to this place. Just as Clayton was about to step back, his friend named Tristan walked up to him. The mans muscular arms were wrapped around the shoulders that belonged to Clayton.

”Cmon, Clay. ”

Tristan took Clayton and dragged him to a table where their other friends had gathered for a long time. Clayton didn know all of them very well, but everyone there was certain to know Clayton very well.

It wasn Clayton who was overconfident, but it was indeed the reality. Especially at this time, the name Clayton Regan Stein is already quite famous. Considering that the handsome man is also one of the owners of a company engaged in investment. Claytons name is familiar because it is the kindness of the man who also likes to help entrepreneurs who need his help, especially business beginners. Not surprisingly, although Clayton sounded of his hard and cold temper, the man also had a good heart.

”Hey, Clayton. Long time no see you, bro! ”


”Don tell me you forgot about me? ” a man chirped as he squinted his eyes.

Clayton shook his head softly.

”Marvel. ” he replied making the man immediately smile from ear to ear.

”10 slots stock huh? ” said Marvel sounding jokingly.

”Its just delicious, Ive never been given it! ” snapped Tristan, who heard his friend Marvels request.

”You two are rich, but like to beg. ”

Marvel and Tristan laughed at Claytons heartfelt words, but they knew that it was just a joke.

”Relax bro, Ill buy you stocks next month. ”


Marvel hit the back of Tristans head lightly.

”Just think about it, you don have to worry about investing in stocks. ” said Marvel because Tristan is the most intelligent and simple male model that Marvel has ever known.

Tristan dislikes the name complicated and troublesome the most. This includes womens affairs. Thats why Tristan has a wide variety of women. Because if you are bored and lazy to deal with his woman who is too possessive and spoiled, Tristan prefers to leave her and look for other prey. No wonder that one playboy is quite famous among crocodile-seeking women.

”Its like you don . ”

”Uh, Tris theres a prey. ”

Marvel pulled Tristans arm and pointed at a woman who seemed to be dancing happily on the dance floor very voluptuously. The beautiful woman also seemed to be drunk, as can be seen from the way she danced and staggered slightly.

”His friend can also tuh. ” chirped Marvel again who immediately got a jitag from Tristan right on his forehead Marvel.

”It hurts. ”

”Your brain is right. Its got me. ” said Tristan with amused chuckles with his disgusting smile to Clayton.

”No, now its your turn Clay. ” said Marvel defiantly.

”Not my type. ”

Tristan immediately laughed loudly at Claytons answer which was indeed laughable enough for a Tristan to hear.

”yes, its your type, its Vanya. ” snapped Tristan in between his laughs.

”I don want to deal with girls. ” said Marvel reminding that the woman was back to dealing with Clayton.

”Not bad, Clay. Its been there samperin. ” said Marvel again making Tristan immediately take the first step.

”No, she belongs to me. ” he said, who had immediately left them all and approached the woman appointed by Marvel.

”Yes, thats a kid who never changes. ” said one who was there besides Marvel and Clayton.

An hour had passed, Clayton was bored with it all. The rest of his friends were already scattered in search of their prey leaving Clayton with no idea what to do. He immediately left after holding some alcohol that flowed down his throat. Clayton is strong enough against alcohol, so a few glasses will not have any effect on him.

He also stepped down some people who were still dancing and some even almost collapsed him because he was unable to support himself. However, just as Clayton was about to reach the exit he suddenly stopped his steps. Looking at the pair of humans who were looking not doing well. At the other end a woman was hugged tightly by a man who didn seem to be known by her. The man seemed to be lustful to bring the woman who refused to come along. Clayton shook his head, indeed, this kind of thing does happen very often.

”Take it off! ”

The woman screamed in annoyance making Clayton unable to step away without helping her. Until finally Clayton convinced himself to intervene considering that he also had a woman in his life, namely his mother.

Wait, he knew the woman.

Claytons eyes rounded funny realizing that he correctly knew the woman who looked rebellious in a mans arms. Damn, that guy is also her friend.


What horrific events is Clayton facing right now?

”Let go. ”

Clayton directly took over the woman and pushed Tristans body hard until it hit the corridor wall.

”Hes mine, Clay! ” a half-conscious Tristan said.

The man was heavily drunk, but still recognized Clayton there.

”From now on, hes got me. ”

A sentence that immediately thrilled the heart of the woman who was currently in Claytons arms. She felt comfortable being in the arms of a strange man who suddenly pulled her. He also turned his head up to see who was currently holding him.

”Kei has an uncle? ”


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