Clayton took himself in for the time he helped this woman named Kei. The woman also looked drunk, just like his friend Tristan who almost preyed on the woman who was next to him at this time. Actually, Clayton was also not in the mood to help her, but it was very difficult for him to resist his humility not to help a woman. Moreover, the woman rejected it. If only the woman hadn refused to be invited to leave, Clayton wouldn have interfered either, even though Tristan was a close friend of his.

”Uncle? ”

Clayton turned his head at the woman at a glance, then turned to the street that was in front of him at the moment.

”Im not your uncle. ” said Clayton again remindingly.

”I forgot uncles name. ”

”Clayton. ”

Kei nodded slowly. ”Uncles long name? ” she asked in between Keis drunkenness that made her head hurt at the moment.

”Its not important. ” replied Clayton.

”Okay, uncle. ”

”Tsk. This kid. ” inner Clayton chimed in.

”Clayton Regan Stein. ” replied Clayton in the end.

Instead of having to be called back by uncles call which made him feel like he was getting older.

”Regal huh? I like it. ”

”Regan is not Regal! ” insisted Clayton.

”Alright, Regal. Im Keiyona, commonly called Kei. ” said Kei starting to introduce herself.

”Full name? ” asked Clayton just wanting to find out.

”Its not important. ”

Clayton sighed harshly. ”I think you
e pretending to be drunk now. ” said Clayton as Keiyona seemed to be still connecting to him.

Keiyona chuckled slightly. ”Im not an annoying adult. Of course, I can still hold this consciousness, if not, I will definitely— Huwek! ”

”Shit! ”

Clayton suddenly stopped his car when Keiyona spewed his entire stomach on the dashboard of his car. All the swearing was uttered by Clayton, but nevertheless Clayton still took the woman until they finally reached the residential area of their house. Clayton stopped his car right in front of his house, then immediately pulled Keiyona out of his car.

”Wheres it really smelling again. ” chimed Clayton as he dragged out Keiyona.

Keiyona continued to hold her belly which felt very bad, as well as her head that seemed to be circling around the surface of this earth.

”Uncle, I– ”

”Im not your uncle! ” shouted Clayton who seemed to be no longer able to restrain his annoyance and patience at night today.

Unexpectedly, Keiyona hugged Clayton tightly instead.

”Hey, what are you doing?! ” he said, feeling very shocked when Keiyona suddenly hugged him from the front.

”Regal, my head hurts. ” she argued to Clayton.

”I don care. Your house is on the other side there, its better now that you go home. ” drive out Clayton who had already pushed Keiyona away from his holy body.

Keiyona shook her head slowly. He refused to go home because for some reason she felt bad about returning to that house for the time being.

e really troublesome, huh. Then Ill call me Lasti. ” said Clayton who was about to step towards the womans house, but suddenly a luxury car drove quickly and stopped right in front of his house Keiyona.

Clayton noticed a middle-aged man who had just walked out of the house. It seems that the man is the father of Keiyona.

What a good opportunity, Clayton thought.

”Lasti! ”

Clayton frowned at the middle-aged mans screaming voice at the door of Keiyonas seemingly deserted house.

”Get out! ”

Clayton felt even more strange about this all. He had confirmed that the middle-aged man was the father of Keiyona, because it was impossible for the man to shout so loudly in someone elses house. However, why did the man seem so angry at this time?

Soon, Lasti also walked out with a hurried step and faced the master of the house with her head down.

”Where does the child not know that self? ” the man asked in a very harsh tone.

Of course, it made Clayton dare not step closer.

”So… sorry sir, but miss Kei is at her schoolmates house. ” replied Lasti in a nervous tone.

”Don fool me, I know that kid squandered our money again. She didn even go to school. If she keeps this up, we can let you keep working here. ” pressed the man with the anger that surrounded him.

Lasti seemed to kowtow immediately to her knees. ”Im sorry master, I won repeat my mistakes again. Please don fire me master, pity miss Kei. ”

”Then I have to make it change. She just listened to you and one more, if she returns to the club again don blame me that the kid will be unfamiliar to Amrik. ” he said emphatically, then left at high speed in his luxury car.

After hearing it all, Clayton immediately stepped quickly towards his yard. He didn find the woman there.

”Kei? ” he called quietly by using the womans name for the first time.

Clayton then circled his car and found Keiyona in a crouching position while drowning her face in the folds of her legs. There was also a small sobbing sound from the womans lips.

Keiyona cried.

”Keiyona? ”

Keiyona is aware that Clayton is calling her name. She also raised his head and tried to stand up. With conditions that weren okay, along with her disheveled appearance Keiyona threw her smile at Clayton. The smile of anguish that Clayton caught made him feel sorry for the woman. Clayton was sure, Keiyona must have heard all of her fathers words and maybe this wasn the first time.

”Thank you, Regal. ” said Keiyona who then stepped away.

Clayton did not prevent the woman at all. He still noticed Keiyonas steps accompanied by the womans sob which was quite heartbreaking. How could a child like Keiyona bear a burden that she shouldn bear at her current age. This incident really made Clayton feel bad. He was about to catch up with Keiyona who walked not in the direction of her house, but out of their housing. But not having had time for Clayton to reach the woman, Keiyona suddenly collapsed and fell on the cold streets of the compound.

”Kei! ” yelled Clayton subconsciously and immediately ran over to Keiyona who was already lying helplessly.

Clayton immediately picked up Keiyona in a bridal style and led her to his house. He hadn even thought of bringing Keiyona back to the womans house considering the incident Clayton had just witnessed and also Keiyonas desire from the beginning who had refused to go home.

Clayton took Keiyona to the second floor and laid the woman right on her mattress. The house Clayton currently lives in has many rooms, but all of them still cannot be used other than his own room. So Clayton let Keiyona sleep on his mattress. He will choose to evacuate to the sofa in the living room on the 2nd floor of his house. But before that, Clayton attempted to replace Keiyonas dirty, smelly clothes from the womans own vomit.

Clayton then began to turn off his bedroom lights and performed the action without the slightest intention of peeking at what was under the teenage boys clothes. When he was done, Clayton immediately threw it into the trash can that was outside the room of his room. He didn want to trouble himself to wash it.

Clayton again sighed heavily.

”Im like a widower of one child. ”

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