The sound of splashing water disturbed Keiyonas calmness in the morning full of comfort and peace. Keiyona tried to keep her eyes very heavy to open. Not only that, but her head also felt a little dizzy with the state of the stomach not doing well. The nausea and want to vomit still enveloped her, probably the effect of her evening activities yesterday.

Keiyona still struggled to stay asleep. But it seems that the goddess fortuna is not on her side. Evidenced by the sound of ringing a cell phone that disturbed Keiyonas tranquility.

”Damn it, who the hell is calling me early this morning. ” she grumbled irritably.

As Keiyona recalls, today is a sunday. So its highly unlikely that anyone would disturb her composure on Sunday morning, except for Lastis. But usually, Lasti herself never wants to disturb her on Keiyonas holiday.

Keiyona was forced to wake up, hearing the ringing nor stopping to make a sound. She grabbed her cell phone that Keiyona kept on the nightstand.

”Zevanya? ”

Wait, Keiyona thought hard enough to remember the name of her classmate who had her Zeva name. As Keiyona recalls, she didn have a friend named Zevanya. Then who is this woman who called Keiyona? Whats more, how could Keiyona keep the number of someone she didn know?


Keiyona gasped in shock when a noisy voice interrupted her reverie. Keiyona also chose to leave her mobile phone and immediately walked towards the balcony of her room, which felt cold.


Keiyonas heart beats very quickly looking at the scenery out there. How she wasn surprised to see an adult man in boxer briefs and his T-shirt was sanctifying his own car. Instantly Keiyona began to come to her senses with what she had experienced on her sunday morning which was full of surprises.

Keiyona again walked into her room which felt foreign to her. No, this is not a private room belonging to Keiyona. Keiyona couldn possibly choose the theme of her room that looked masculine like this. She switched to a cell phone that was still ringing. No, it wasn his phone either and she didn know Zevanya at all. Finally, with a slow motion, Keiyona lowered her gaze and looked at the clothes she was currently wearing. Keiyona was again surprised by the oversized T-shirt she wore without wearing pants underneath, except for her own underwear.

What the hell is this all!


Keiyona shouted loudly heading to the balcony of the mans room and found the established man looking up to look at her. Clayton was stunned in a few moments to see Keiyonas petite body wearing his oversized T-shirt to the point of touching the womans thigh, so great.

”You kidnapped me?! ” chimed Keiyona with her sobbing voice.

Clayton had to again remind himself to remain patient. The woman who was up there was indeed very annoying, but Clayton couldn deny that he was also concerned about her.

e the one who came in there yourself. ” said Clayton in a tone of voice as calm as lake water.

Keiyona immediately denied not accepting. It is impossible for her to enter peoples homes indiscriminately as said by Clayton.

”Its better now that you go up here, before I pick up the call from Zevanya! ” shouted Keiyona again threateningly.

Of course, it immediately surprised Clayton. Don let Keiyona pick up the phone call because if it happens, then Clayton will never be able to live a quiet life again. Clayton hated that.

”If you dare to pick up the call, I won hesitate to– ”

”Gosh miss Kei?! ”

Clayton patted his forehead in frustration. What else is this ordeal?!

”Lasti help Kei! Kei was kidnapped! ”

”Miss Kei, whats going on in peoples homes? Here you go home! ” said Lasti no less excited.

”I was kidnapped by Regals uncle, Lasti! ”

”Shit, kill people, isn it a sin? ” grumbled Clayton, who immediately ran to the top floor and found Keiyona still faithfully standing on the balcony of his room.

”Here you are. ” called Clayton who was not heeded by Keiyona.

”Lasti, Kei wants to be mutilated. ” fights Keiyona on Lasti who is still faithfully monitoring her employers child from down there.

”Go home miss Kei, you can be scolded later if the master finds out. ”

”Kei was kidnapped. ”

Clayton licked the bridge of his nose which made his head aching and throbbing. Can he feel sorry and help someone like Keiyonas model? What a fool Clayton was.

”Keiyona! ”

Keiyona was immediately startled and immediately fell silent frozen. I don know what demon possessed her, Keiyona immediately walked up to Clayton who was standing right in the doorway of his room. The man also picked up his mobile phone that looked peaceful. He checked it out at a glance, then turned to Keiyona who was suddenly silent, not daring to make a sound again.

”Before you go back to making a fuss, you should have known what happened yesterday night. ” said Clayton, who felt unable to continue to be patient with Keiyona.

Keiyona lowered her head deeply, then she began to come to her senses of her different clothes to the one she wore yesterday night.

Wait, this one is more important than anything else.

”Wait a minute. ”

Clayton fell silent when Keiyona ordered him to be quiet through her sentence.

”Why can I wear this ugly shirt? ” she asked with anxiety, afraid that what Keiyona thought really happened yesterday night.

Ugly she said? Which is just right!

Clayton did not comment. Because Keiyona asked so, he glanced at the girls slender body which was quite cute and adorable to Clayton.

Stop! No, that girl is not cute and adorable at all! Throw away that stupid thought of yours Clayton, he thought.

”You don remember? ”

”Don look at me like that! ”

Clayton had to go back to being patient. He sighed violently, trying to stay calm.

”You are drunk and vomiting. You can see my car that smells because of your actions. ” said Clayton replied.

Keiyona frowned. She tried to remember what happened yesterday evening at the club. She still remembers very well how Keiyona danced with her friends and also drank the alcoholic beverage. However, Keiyona couldn remember what happened afterwards at all. It felt like Keiyonas head hurt again from forcing herself to remember the events of yesterday night.

”So who changed this? ” asked Keiyona, who was more concerned with who changed her clothes than how she could stay at the mans house.

Clayton was silent for a moment. He scratched his nape which was not itchy. Although he changed it in the dark, but still he is a man. If Keiyona knew about it, Clayton was very sure that the girl in front of him at this time would be back in hysterics. Like the incident where he started to realize that he was not sleeping in his own room.

Keiyona suddenly rewinded her steps with her two perfectly bulging eyeballs.

”Don tell me… ”

Clayton chose to be straightforward, it was useless nor did he say a lie.

”Yes, I changed it. ”


”Uncle pervert! ”

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