them who are there also know Keiyona because Keiyona is one of the most prioritized subscriptions there, so its no wonder that the servants immediately showed her the latest goods and quality.

”Any other colors? ” asked Keiyona, who didn really like the white.

Keiyona does like to be careless, so the white color is not suitable for her.

”Im sorry, but it seems that the other colors are gone. ”

”Its not that this is the latest output? ”

”Thats right, but its sold out. ”

”If thats the case, I won buy it. Just next time. ” said Keiyona who left immediately without leaving a word.

Just a few shops that Keiyona visited, she already felt bored and tired. Keiyona immediately went to a SPA place that was indeed in the mall. With a confident move, Keiyona visited the place which was already very well welcomed. Well, because keiyona visits this place so often, the old servants have also known her. Although Keiyona rarely comes here recently, but they still know the loyal customers in that place.

”The special package sis? ”

”Yes, don forget the snacks. ” said Keiyona who afterwards immediately occupied her place.

Next to Keiyona at this time, there was a woman older than her also taking the same package as Keiyona. At first, Keiyona didn bother her, but over time the woman looked annoying. Its not that Keiyona is arrogant, but that the woman does look childish. Keiyona came here to be able to calm down and pamper herself, not to hear that spoiled and annoying voice that just kept talking endlessly. Indeed, who can feel at ease? Moreover, what he took at this time was a special package, so it should be the elegant and calm people who would occupy it to calm down. Unlike a woman who was next to him at this time.

”Please the voice is conditioned. ” said Keiyona to a maid to be able to convey her discomfort at the moment.

The maid also immediately informed the woman of Keiyonas discomfort. Granted she complied, but the infuriating look further made Keiyona go up in blood on her face. Gosh, she came here to calm down, not to irritate her even more on her Sunday which had indeed been chaotic since this morning.

”I just moved, you know. ” said Keiyona, who chose to change places and fortunately there was still an empty place that Keiyona could fill, in contrast to the room with the annoying woman.

Its been over 2 hours since Keiyona has been in her subscription SPA. He was finished with his activities there on this sunday. The clock was already 4 p.m. and Keiyona had to get out of this place and go home.

”Sorry sis, your card can be used. ”


Keiyonas heart raced very strongly. What else is this ordeal?

”Wear this one, you know. ”

The waiter at the cashier also returned to use the card just given by Keiyona.

”Sorry, sis, I still can . ” she said, which was unusable.

Damn it, why with the cards that belong to her?!

”This is it? ” asked Keiyona again handing over the last card she had and hopefully this one will be used successfully.


”Sorry, sis, I still can . Is brother willing to pay with cash alone? ” the waiter suggested.


Keiyona didn bring cash with me at all today. Her face was already scarlet thinking about what Keiyona should do at this time.

”The style is just so rich, it turns out that you can afford to pay. ” quipped a woman who had also been next to Keiyona.

Keiyonas emotions were immediately provoked to hear it.

”What did you say?! ”

”Im right? If you can afford it, you don have to stop by here. ” she snapped again which made Keiyona unable to hold back even more.

”Excuse me sis, can I help you? ”

The woman nodded slowly, then squirmed spoiledly in the arms of a man whom Keiyona believed was the lover of the annoying woman.

”My boyfriend pays, you know. ”

”Owh, use boyfriends money anyway. No capital. ” retorted Keiyona irresistibly.

”At least Im not shy because I can pay. ”

Fuck her!

”You don have to know, everyone here knows me! ” said Keiyona was true because it was also defended by the cashier guard who made the woman feel furious, not accepting.

”Im the one who pays for it. ”

Keiyona was stunned at a voice that was quite familiar to her.

”Regal? ”

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