d to remember.

Why is it so hard for her to remember about the events that happened with her that night?!

”I just can remember what I did. ” said Jason replied.

Keiyona sighed harshly. ”Alright, thanks. ” she said, who was about to turn off the phone line unilaterally, but Jason immediately endured it.

”Uh, Kei I remember! ”

Here it is. Keiyonas heart beat very fast, fearing that it would be something bad to fall on her.

”Say its fast. ” retorted Keiyona.

”You almost wanted to be unboxed with a guy, but it didn work because there was something wrong with you at that time. ” said Jason, who recalled that he had seen Keiyona suffer in the corner of the club corridor.

Jason also wanted to save Keiyona drunk, but he was overwhelmed by a man whom Jason also didn know who. Looking at Keiyona who was already safe, Jason chose to leave afterwards.


A name immediately came to mind Keiyona who woke up at the mans house in the morning. Keiyona didn guess wrong, did she?

Wait a minute!

Keiyona already remembers everything.

Keiyona immediately cut off the phone call when the memory inside her head replayed the moment when Keiyona was taken away by a man keiyona knew by the name Regal.

”Why should Regal?! ” chimed Keiyona remembering Regal helping her.

Keiyona also began to remember that she had vomited all the contents of her stomach in the car of the man named Regal. Even Regal had also driven her away to go home immediately, but Keiyona refused. She really didn want to go home that night. Thats the reason Keiyona was at the club at night.

Keanu Daneen.

The name also became one part of Keiyonas memory that night. Keanu Daneen is the name of her father who had a debate with Lasti, but Keiyona had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. Although it is certain that they are making a big deal out of her. So its not surprising that Lasti asked her to go back to school.

”Fucking Keanu. ”

Keiyona returns to run her car to visit a place she visited a very much time on this miserable Sunday. But again he remembered a strange memory that made her heart feel comfortable and hier stomach seemed to be tickled.

The scene where Regal tries to replace his clothes.

Keiyonas vomit-smelling outfit was changed directly by a Clayton Regan Stein. Even the surface of Keiyonas abdomen still felt Claytons fingers trying not to touch her. Although it failed because the two skins touched each other several times and this made Keiyonas feelings mixed.

”Throw away your dirty thoughts, Kei! ” Keiyona shouted in her heart.


Keiyona slammed a little strongly forward because the pace of her car suddenly stopped even though her foot did not step on the brake pedal there. Fortunately, Keiyona wears a seatbelt, so nothing untoward happens. Keiyona felt quite panicked because of her car that stopped and couldn be restarted. She kept trying, but the result still failed. Keiyonas car broke down and she didn know what to do.

Ah, Jason. Keiyona can still contact Jason.

Keiyona also took her cell phone and tried to contact Jason again. Unfortunately, suddenly Keiyobas cellphone ran out of battery because all day yesterday he didn charge his battery.

Keiyona thrust her forehead on the steering wheel of her car firmly.

”Whats my sin to get bad luck all day?! ”

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