Jam can satisfy hunger after all.

After Xiao Yanran ate the jam fed by Lin Yan.

Less than an hour later, he began to cry again.

Fruits collected by Lin Yan.

There are few left now.

And it was midnight now, and there were almost no fingers outside the cave, and it was impossible to collect fruit.

in the cave.

In a hurry, Lin Yan walked back and forth with Xiao Yanran in her arms, trying to coax her to sleep.

But Xiao Yanran was hungry at the moment.

The more you cry, the more hungry you become, the more you cry, the more hungry you become.

in darkness.

I saw Lin Yans figure and suddenly stopped.

He hesitated.

I saw him slowly put a finger to his mouth and bit down hard.

The blood that had been biting all the time stopped.

While the wound on his hand was still bleeding.

Lin Yan quickly put her finger to Xiao Yanrans mouth and started feeding Xiao Yanran with her own blood.

Xiao Yanran is still a baby.

In the face of this milk-like food, eat with relish.

Looking at Xiao Yanran who is no longer crying.

Lin Yans expression was obviously relieved.

But before a few drops of blood dripped, the wound Lin Yan bitten out was about to heal.

Xiao Yanran also started crying again.

Seeing this, Lin Yan gritted his teeth, opened the wound again, and continued to feed Xiao Yanran with blood.

In less than a moment.

One of his hands has become scarred.

Exquisite Treasure Mirror.

Everyone was silent.

They were all taken aback by Lin Yans actions.

A six or seven year old child.

For another baby, he was able to bite his finger without frowning and feed the other persons own blood.

”No wonder he can become a Heavenly Emperor in the future. Just this ruthlessness is not comparable to ordinary people. ” The male protagonist Lin Feng sighed.

Xiao Yanran on the side.

Looking at himself when he was a baby, eating Lin Yans blood bit by bit, his body trembled slightly.

This picture is really shocking.

It was hard to endure the night.

On the second day, the sun was up again.

Lin Yan, who had been holding Xiao Yanran, was obviously tired.

Not only did he have to feed Xiao Yanrans own blood last night.

She has to keep coaxing Xiao Yanran.

He hardly slept all night.

Fortunately, after dawn.

Xiao Yanran, who had tossed all night, finally fell asleep.

Lin Yan hugged Xiao Yanran and started on the road again.

After what happened last night.

He already knew that if he continued to stay here, Xiao Yanran was afraid that he would starve to death.

So he had to find food for Xiao Yanran.

At the risk of being caught by those Taobao people.

Lin Yan and Xiao Yanran appeared in the nearby village.


Those people in Taoist robes did not appear, which made him breathe a sigh of relief.

He slipped quietly into the village sheepfold.

Squeeze half a bowl of goat milk from the ewes in the sheepfold.

Then she fed goat milk to Xiao Yanran.

Xiao Yanran, who ate goat milk, was obviously in much better condition than last night.

This made the worry between Lin Yans brows finally dissipated a little.

the days after.

It was Lin Yan who took Xiao Yanran to hide in Tibet all the way.

In order to feed Xiao Yanran.

Lin Yan looked for food for her everywhere.

There is goat milk.

There is milk.

Sometimes there is even animal milk.

Of course, the most important thing is human milk.

Lin Yan made an appointment with a pregnant woman in a nearby village.

All the rabbits he shot in the mountains were handed over to this mother.

The mother will help him feed Xiao Yanran once.

Xiao Yanran was able to grow up smoothly thanks to the mothers milk.


It is not easy for an adult to raise a child.

Not to mention Lin Yan, a six- or seven-year-old child.

Even if he is young and precocious.

After all, the body is still the body of a child.

In just one year, his originally chubby cheeks have visibly shrunk down.

Not much taller.

Instead, it was Xiao Yanran, who was chubby.

In stark contrast to Lin Yan.

several times.

A villager who knew them both asked Lin Yan to throw Xiao Yanran away.

Or, leave it to someone else to take care of.

But every time Lin Yan shook his head stubbornly.

In his mouth, he said to himself: ”This is the last bloodline of Uncle Xiaos family. I must let her grow up healthy and healthy, and let her… a safe life. ”

-To Be Continued.

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