Xiao Yanran finally learned to call her big brother.

Since then.

These two words became the two words she called the most.

”Brother…Brother, Im hungry. ”

”Big brother, go to sleep. ”

”Big brother, have dinner. ”

Sometimes, when Xiao Yanran has nightmares, she can help calling her big brother.

at this time.

Lin Yan immediately turned over, sat beside Xiao Yanran, patted her lightly, and hummed a nursery rhyme she heard from somewhere.

such a night.

I don know how many have been through.

Every time Lin Yan was impatient, in the dark and cold late at night, he silently got up, hummed a song, and patted Xiao Yanran to sleep.

And the cost is.

Lin Yans body seems to be getting thinner and thinner, and his spirit has become very poor.

Exquisite Treasure Mirror.

Xiao Yanrans expression finally began to change.

The previous picture, because she was too young, didn remember much at all.

The current picture is available.

She has retained a lot, but it has been buried deep in her heart.

Now look at the picture displayed on the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Those memories poured out like a flood.

that time.

Although she does not have Cultivation Base, it feels like the warmest day she has ever lived.

Day or night.

As soon as she opens her eyes.

The big brother will appear in front of her.

”But why did you become like that later? Could it be that a Supreme bone can really change your personality. ” Xiao Yanran felt like a needle in her heart.

Time flies.

Lin Yan took Xiao Yanran, and several years passed quickly.

As Xiao Yanran grew up little by little.

The life of the two was obviously much easier, and it was no longer the same as before, struggling on the edge of life and death every day.

But even so.

The two of them often ate one meal but not the next.

Whenever there is not enough food, Lin Yan will let Little Sister Xiao Yanran eat first.

When Xiao Yanran is full, eat by herself.

several times.

After Xiao Yanran finished eating, there was nothing to eat at home.

Lin Yan would pour cold water on himself.

chronic nutritional deficiencies.

It makes Lin Yans body very thin.

When he first took Xiao Yanran to escape, he was slightly taller than his peers, fleshy, and looked very cute.

But at the moment.

He has become visibly thin.

His peers were at least half a head taller than him.

Even Xiao Yanran has gradually surpassed him in size.

”At that time, he was really kind to Sister Yanran. ” Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, even Xiao Mei, who hated Heavenly Emperor penetrates the bone, couldn help sighing at this moment.

But thats about it.

Heavenly Emperor had such a warm time for Xiao Yanran.

Available to her.

But there is only deep hatred.


The time has come.

Lin Yan took Xiao Yanran and went into the nearby mountains to pick herbs.

In the past, Lin Yan refused to take Xiao Yanran into the mountains.

Because of the complicated environment in the mountains, he was afraid of hurting Xiao Yanran.

But today.

Xiao Yanran cried and insisted to go together, Lin Yan had no choice but to bring Little Sister.

while picking herbs.

This is the ability that Lin Yan has just learned in the past two years.

Herbs picked from the mountains can be sent to the pharmacy for money.

Thats more money than he could earn by hunting hard.

Although Lin Yan is small in body, her brain is very flexible.

There were herbs in that place in the mountains, and he kept them firmly in his heart.

Less than half a day.

Lin Yan has already picked a large bag of herbs.

Although I know that there are more precious herbs in other places, but that place is deep in the woods.

Lin Yan was afraid that Xiao Yanran would go in, so she didn take her there.

With picked herbs.

Lin Yan took Xiao Yanran home.

From start to finish.

Lin Yan was sweating profusely, but Xiao Yanran happily played by the side.

Lin Yan wasn annoyed either, but every time he looked at Little Sister who was playing beside him.

There will be a smile on the corner of the mouth.

Its also the only time he laughs.

”Heavenly Emperor at this time, really didn say anything to sister Yanran. ” Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, many people secretly said in their hearts.

At the same time, he couldn help but look at Xiao Yanran quietly.

But at this moment, Xiao Yanrans face turned pale, as if she saw something frightening, and she lost her voice: ”Its here, its here. ”

Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

After picking herbs, the two of them were already on their way home.

But it didn go very far.

Xiao Yanran suddenly pointed at the cliff next to her and said, ”Big brother, what is that? ”

Lin Yan looked in Xiao Yanrans direction.

Impressively see.

On this cliff, a palm-sized Lingzhi Mushrooms grows impressively.

Lin Yan has been to the herbal medicine shop many times and has a certain understanding of herbal medicine.

Naturally, I recognized this Lingzhi Mushrooms at a glance.

This made him look overjoyed.

If they can pick this Lingzhi Mushrooms, they will have a better life in the future.

The money sold for such a Lingzhi Mushrooms is enough for the brothers and sisters to live for several years.

Lin Yan wanted to send Xiao Yanran home.

Then pick this Lingzhi Mushrooms.

But I was afraid of being robbed.

So I can only tell Xiao Yanran: ”Little Sister, you stay here, don run around, Ill take it off and itll be fine right away. ”

Xiao Yanran nodded obediently.


Lin Yan put down the bag on his back and started to climb the cliff.

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