Ranking Systems

My Novel have three .

Martial Ranks

Monster Ranks

Magic Ranks.

The Metal and Colors belong to the Martial Ranks. The Highest of the Human Martial Ranking is the Saint.

Copper = Beginners / Amateurs

Bronze = Class E

Silver = Class D

Gold = Class C

Platinum = Class B

Mithril = Class A

Adamantium = Centennial Beast

Black = Millennial Beast

Saint = Myriad Beast

Calamity = Demigod

The Ranks of Monsters are Classified in Classes

(Example is Class A. Above Class A are called Centennial, Millennial, Myriad, and Calamity. Take note that this Auxiliary chapter is newly posted, so there might be cases when you will see other Monster Classifications like Grade A or Rank A monsters. )

[ Magic Ranks ]

Magic Ranks are simple enough. The power rankings of magicians are called Circles.

The lowest is the First Circle, while the highest is the Tenth Circle. ]

[ Each Circle has ten stages. Only after the magician has managed to breakthrough to the tenth stage would they advance to a higher circle.


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