Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 12: Choosing A Path [Part 2]

to your duties,” the man waved his hand and headed straight to the second floor where the resting quarters were located.

“Eyah, Eyah?” (What do you think, Mama?)

“… Meeeh.”

While William was waiting for his Mama Ellas reply, an unknown man burst into the bedroom.

“Aha! There you are, you little critter!” the man laughed as he grabbed William off the carpet and raised him high up in the air. “You are definitely my grandson, that red-hair and those green eyes of yours remind me of your father and mother.”

William smacked the unknown man on the face with his little chubby fist, but the latter only laughed.

“Hahaha! You are indeed a true Ainsworth. So small and yet so brave!” The man nodded in appreciation. “Listen to me, little brat. I am your grandpa. Grandpa, say Grandpaaaa.”

“Eyah… Eyah!” (Yeah… No. Take this!)

A sprinkle of water splashed on the mans face. Williams giggle resounded inside the bedroom as his “Grandpa” looked at him with a complicated expression. After a few seconds, the man roared and joined the baby in his laughter.

This was the scene that Anna saw when she returned to the bedroom. Their maid had informed her that her father-in-law had returned from his trip. She was mildly surprised when the old man went to look for William first, instead of looking for her husband, Mordred.

Anna covered her lips and chuckled at the funny scene in front of her. Her piss-stained father-in-law was laughing with the giggling baby in his hands.

“Father, youve finally returned,” Anna greeted after recovering her composure.

“Ah, Anna, Im back,” James, Mordreds and Morgans father, replied with a smile. “This brat sure is feisty.”

“William is normally a well behaved child.” Anna grinned. “This is the first time Im seeing his mischievous side.”

“Well, boys tend to be mischievous,” James agreed. “Also, Ella, stop poking me with your horns. Hey, I said stop!”

Ella was stomping her foot on the floor while poking James with her horns. She was very upset about how James was treating her baby. If not for the fact that the one who raised her was this man, she would have already impaled him with her horns-using her full strength.

“Ella has been taking care of William ever since he arrived,” Anna explained. “I think she treats him as her own child. Father, please return William to Ella or else she might really have a go with you.”


“Oh, you. I just left for a year and youve already forgotten how I raised you. What an ungrateful goat you are.” James snorted, but a smile hung on his lips. “Fine, Ill take a bath first. You look after this brat for me.”

James handed William to Anna and left the room while humming a tune. Clearly, he was in a good mood.

“Bad baby!” Anna lightly pinched Williams chubby cheeks. “That is your grandpa. Dont pee on him, okay?”

“Eyah.” (Ill think about it.)

Although this was the first time that William had met his grandpa, James, he found the old man to his liking. Of course, James didnt look old. In fact, he only looked like a middle-aged man that was still in his prime.

William was looking forward to knowing more about his family in this life and prayed that he would be able to get along with all of them.

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