Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 17: Guests From Afar [Part 1]

make anyone lower their heads in submission.

“This lady is one of the elders of the Misty Sect, Lady Eleanor.” Mordred grinned. “They came from far away just to see you, William.”

“Oh?” William raised an eyebrow and appraised the guests one by one.

The Duchess of Griffith had long light-brown hair, and green eyes. She could be considered a beauty, but the obvious displeasure on her face made William think of an old witch who was out to give little kids poisoned apples.

Her daughter, Rebecca, on the other hand, made Williams eye soften. Although he wasnt completely sure, he guessed that her age was almost the same as his. Her short light-brown hair that barely reached her shoulders looked as smooth as silk.

She had the same light-green eyes as her mothers, but compared to the old hag, her eyes were bright and clear. Her cute and adorable lips were poised in a smile that made her already beautiful face, very charming.

William sighed at the doll-like girl in front of him. He had no doubt in his mind that if he were a lolicon, he would have already locked her up in his room and treated her like a pet.

As for the cold beauty who was staring daggers at him, William didnt even spare her a second glance. Although she was beautiful, the boy could tell that she was the embodiment of bad news.

“Good day to all of you,” William greeted with a smile. “My name is William Von Ainsworth, Will for short, and the most handsome ten-year-old boy in the Central Continent. I dare say that you wont find anyone more handsome than me. As for the other boys in the continent…”

William curled his lip in disdain. “All of them can just fight for second place.”

After Williams shameless declaration, the room suddenly became silent. Even the scowling old hag and the cold beauty looked at William with dumbfounded faces. This made the smirk on Williams face widen. Clearly, he was very satisfied with this result.

The silence was suddenly broken by a boisterous laughter that came from James.

“Hahaha! As expected of my Grandson!” James clapped his hands. The anger that he had been bottling up completely evaporated into thin air as his eyes turned into crescents. “Worthy of being an Ainsworth!”

William flipped his hair and flashed a dazzling smile. He also gave the little doll a “I know you like me” expression.

Because he had just come from the pasture, Williams clothes were dirty. His face was dusty and his red hair was a mess. Even so, his green eyes-that were as clear as emeralds-made the little doll, Rebecca, raise an eyebrow in acknowledgement.

This should be enough for a first impression, William mused.If Im not mistaken, this little loli should be my fiance. As expected of Gramps, he really did a good job.

William found Rebecca to his liking and gave the young girl two thumbs up in his heart. The boy knew that, in a few more years, this little doll would grow up to be an outstanding beauty. Marrying someone like her wouldnt be a bad idea, as far as William was concerned.

However, before he could even imagine his rose-colored future, the old hag opened her mouth and broke Williams daydream.

“Since you are already here, let us get right down to business,” Agatha said in a mocking tone. “We came here to break the marriage agreement between my daughter and this unworthy boy who is covered in filth!”

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