Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 20: Williams Compromise [Part 2]


[ Ding! ]

[ Would you like to acquire the Swordsman Job Class? ]

[ Ding! ]

[ Would you like to acquire the Archer Job Class? ]

[ Ding! ]

[ Would you like to acquire the Spear Man Job Class? ]

[ Ding! ]

[ Would you like to acquire the Monk Job Class? ]

[ Ding! ]

[ Would you like to acquire the Thief Job Class? ]

Williams body shuddered in ecstacy. His breathing had now become ragged, as if he was about to faint anytime due to exhaustion.

“William, are you alright?” Mordred asked. He was very worried about his nephews current condition.

“I-I never felt better in my life,” William replied hoarsely. He took a step back and almost collapsed on the couch. Fortunately Mordred was paying close attention to him and was able to support his body on time.

“Are you satisfied?” Agatha asked. “Will you honor our agreement?”

“Y-Yes,” William replied. He still hadnt recovered from the euphoria that he had felt earlier. “I will agree to the cancellation of this marriage agreement.”

“We need you to write a letter, and it must have your signature as well,” Eleanor interjected. “Its not that we dont trust you, but this thing must be properly recorded.”

“Understood.” William nodded and asked for paper and ink.

He then wrote a letter saying that he didnt agree to the arranged marriage that was made between his gramps and Rebeccas grandfather. The reason he gave for the cancellation of the marriage agreement was due to Rebecca being not good enough for him.

He stated that since he was the most handsome boy in the continent, it was only natural that he be paired up with a girl that had the beauty to topple nations. Also, he was not optimistic about Rebeccas growth in her chest area.

William felt that the girl would only have a B-Cup when she reached adulthood. He even politely added that he could consider making Rebecca his concubine if his main wife agreed to accept her into his harem.

When Agatha and Eleanor read Williams letter, both of them almost spat out a mouthful of blood in anger. William had listed a series of complaints as to why Rebecca was not worthy to become his fiance and not the other way around!

Agatha even had the impulse to rip the little bastard to shreds in order to eat his flesh and drink his blood. She had never felt so angered in her life and it almost drove her crazy.

“Since I have written the letter then all of you should leave,” William shooed the pests away. “Dont tell me you plan to stay to have dinner with us? Well, I guess we can spare you some porridge since the Ainsworth family has a big heart. I dont want any rumors flying around that we didnt treat our guests properly.”

Agatha dragged her daughter towards the front door because she was afraid that, if she stayed a second longer, she would hack the little bastard into pieces.

Eleanor also left without saying anything, because she had never experienced humiliation like this in her life. She was the elder of the Misty Sect and was treated with respect wherever she went.

She cursed William in her heart and even decided to take revenge in the future. Rebecca hadnt seen the contents of the letter and obediently followed her mother back to the carriage. She thought that William was an interesting boy, but not worthy enough to become her fiance.

If Rebecca only knew what the “interesting boy” wrote in his letter, she might have summoned her staff and used it to beat the crap out of him until he shed tears of blood.

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