“D-do you have an affinity with lightning?” James stuttered.

“Affinity? No. I dont have any affinity with any element,” William explained. “However, if I hold an artifact or weapon that is related to a particular profession, it is very possible for me to learn that profession.”

James and Mordred glanced at each other before the older one left the room in a hurry.

“William, you shouldnt tell this to anyone,” Mordred advised. “You must keep this as a secret.”

“Uncle, the only reason why I told everyone my ability is because everyone present here is a family member.” William smiled. “If I cant even trust my own family then whom should I trust?”

William took a risk when he showed everyone his ability. However, he believed that all of them would keep it as a secret. He never had a family in his past life. As an orphan, he never understood what it was like to have a family.

This was also why he decided to divulge his ability. He was willing to put his trust to the Ainsworth Family. Although it was a reckless move on his part, he had a feeling that this was the right thing to do.

“Will, thank you for your trust.” Mordred felt touched by his nephews sincerity.

Anna felt the same as her husband and looked at William with affection. She didnt say anything because she felt that there was no need to say anything. Trust was something that couldnt be expressed by words. Feelings alone should be enough.

Five minutes later, James returned to the room carrying a wooden box. The box had a very intricate design. There were symbols written on it in a language that William couldnt decipher. It was over two-meters long and a foot-wide.

William assumed that the thing that was inside the box was a weapon. Seeing that his grandsons attention was focused on the box, James slowly opened its lid.

A flash or purple light appeared as soon as the box was opened, and tendrils of purple lightning writhed in the air like little snakes.

“… this is?” Williams eyes sparkled as he saw the weapon inside the box.

“Its name is, Stormcaller,” James said with reverence. “It is the weapon of our great ancestor, Claude Von Ainsworth.”

“Stormcaller…” William looked at the spear in wonder.

The spear was at least, six feet long. The black handle was laced with a streak of gold like a lightning bolt. The blade of the spear was of a purple color, and one look was enough to tell William that this was not an ordinary weapon.

“Go on,” James urged. “Hold it.”

James wanted to see if William would be able to harness the spears power. He wanted to know if the prophecy of the Ainsworth Family would come to pass in his generation.

William gulped as he reached out his hand to hold the handle of the spear. Tendrils of lightning crawled into his hands, but it didnt hurt him. Instead, it gave William a ticklish feeling.

[ Ding! ]

[ System has detected a weapon that can unlock a Prestige Class. ]

[ Host hasnt met the necessary requirement to unlock this Prestige Class. ]

[ In order to unlock this Prestige Class, host must first reach Job Level 40 in two job classes. ]

[ Host is unable to acquire the Prestige Class: Disciple of Thunder. ]

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