Reincarnated as The Elf God

Chapter 1 The Mortal Who Becomes God

he other drops they entered the heart and that as a divine work began to pump golden blood and from this blood veins were formed that spread throughout the silhouette of the soul from the feet to the head, after that more divine energy appeared and began to appear a skeleton that worked with the veins, it went vonstrulledo from the toes to the ribs and finally the skull all as white as snow, And finally after I finished completing the skeleton as if coordinated began again to suck divine energy and this time the common organs appeared, even some that have nothing to do with humans, these organs merged with the veins and the golden blood and also left golden, a brain appeared in the skull barely visible, this one is pink with a few golden spots, white eyes and no pupil like 2 white marbles that also merged with veins and blood, with that finished they came the nerves, muscles and joints so that it can move and finally the skin not as white as milk but just as beautiful and pure, The skin appeared by the golden blood without the intervention of divine energy, starting from the head, from hair golden as gold and fine as thread, eyelids to a pair of long pointed ears and low to give skin to the throat, pectorals, hips and what remains below and finally the feet, it should be said that in each you have finger and toe nails.

What was left was a Man with pointed ears, With hair as golden as gold, skin almost as white as milk but not sickly with a flesh-colored hue, nose neither too long nor too small in a perfect size, golden eyebrows like his hair [The one on the cover only without the armor and with a toga].

He had nothing more than a semi-transparent toga that covered his ool, revealing his toned body like an Olympic athlete.

[I forgot to say that the divine domain is a separate space where the gods live, the MCs divine domain is the size of a large forest, and it has nothing but divine energy that is golden in color that of the protagonist , since each god has its own color]

The body was floating in the divine domain since it had no ground, The young man who was floating with no signs of awakening moved a little, with every 2 to 3 meters that the young man floated he squirmed a little, that happened for a while until Suddenly the young man moved as if stretching his limbs, and when he did not feel something to support him, he opened his eyes, eyes as deep as the ocean and as blue as the sky, if any mortal or immortal who would notice his eyes would be lost for how deep they are or I would look away in fear of losing myself in their eyes and not being able to return.

That young man who had just opened his eyes, shone with curiosity and a spark of fear not knowing where he was, when he opened his mouth, as magnificent as the rest of his body, only one word came out that he had in his mind.

”That? ”







hello guys, I hope you are well, I want to tell you that this is my first story, I know that I am going to have many spelling mistakes and others, but I hope that you give me a pass, that with time I will improve

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