Reincarnated as The Elf God

Chapter 3 Divine Kingdom

pov mc

”What? ” That was the first thing I said first after waking up, I did not understand what was happening, not long ago I had just left work and when I wanted to cross the street I saw black and then after opening my eyes I saw gold I did not understand anything, I wanted to hold on to him ground but the only thing I found was that it was rubbing.

[ ”Ha!, sorry, Ive been doing other things and I didn pay attention to the tone of his voice, its a bit harsh but it doesn sound bad, rather like a person of power, but the Mc doesn pay attention to that since he doesn knows nothing and has just woken up, when the information reaches him everything will become clear to him and he will know that he died and reincarnated as a god ”].

”Hah! ” Taking a noisy breath I opened my eyes completely and what I found had no logic for me, everything was golden as if the sun and gold had said what would happen if they came together and this came out, I was getting nervous just because of this no I didn understand anything, I was on the street and now Im floating somewhere golden, trying to reach out to touch something my eyes greet me with arms that are whiter than those of the Americans, the arms are muscular not exaggerated but you could see that it was someone who has exercised for a long time.

Giving myself time to look good, what I found was a different body from mine, great arms of a color that makes it more beautiful to look at, legs of an Olympic athlete with the same skin tone as the arms, abdomen just as toned with a pack of 8 equally square pectorals, my tool barely concealed by some kind of white cloth and if im honest i feel like its bigger, shiny golden hair brushing past my eyes and almost hiding them, feeling something else where my ears should be take your hands to these and what you touch makes me almost jump out of fright, 2 pointed elongated ears, thats what I found as soon as I woke up.

”Do you drug me? ” that was the question

Feeling touch woke me up completely, I began to check myself, feeling touch with each touch I give, I begin to feel fear and great curiosity about my situation, moving my head from side to side in an attempt to find something more than gold and being able to stand up and not float, finding nothing disappointed me but that vanished because as if something knew my thoughts a floor was formed out of nowhere in this golden space, trying to float towards the floor, I make movements of swimming couple trying to move forward but out of nowhere saying face down towards the floor.

standing up on the floor I brush off my non-existent dust, Looking at the pristine white floor he had an idea, What if this place works with the mind? An absurd idea coming from a person who used to live in a world of science, but his curiosity got the best of him and he did it.


Up thinking that, the Divine Realm transformed to fulfill its owners wishes and a part of it rose up to his chest for comfort. Seeing that it worked, he spent almost 4 hours doing what he wanted with the Realm. divine, from blocks, metals and even trees and control the elements.

”What a strange dream ” the protagonist, still not believing that this is true, continued doing everything he wanted until by accident he made a piece of metal and it fell on his foot, ”There! ” In pain, surprised and a little scared to feel pain in a supposed dream he stands there in shock to understand that this is actually happening.

”Whats going on? ” He asked himself, already aware of what is really happening and it is not a simple dream, ”How did I get here or rather where am I? ” After that question a lot of information about the divine realm and some vague things from the world outside the dimension rushed towards the young man mercilessly, ”Hagg! ” Holding his head tight to try to dull the pain of the overdose of information and failing completely, spending the next hour getting used to the pain and analyzing the information as requested, he stumbled to his feet.

”How did this happen?..A god?…how did he die?! ” A little frustrated and with more clarity he wondered but the divine realm cannot give him that information since it was before he was his owner he was not with him, ”Ok, alright calm down… calm down~ ” with deep breaths he calms down and processes the information.

I am in a divine kingdom that is now mine, having a divine kingdom is a dimension where the god or divine Beast resides, which are beasts that reached divinity, in the divine kingdoms the owner god is like an almost-Omnipotent and almost- Omniscient because if someone stronger than me by a large margin can kill me and seize it by force, almost omniscient is that I can see the entire dimension but still, if someone stronger decides to hide from my senses, it goes away to make it harder to see in my dimension, Ha! And if I get stronger the dimension gets bigger or if I integrate more divine dimensions to mine and one of them can get bigger, I see….

”And that golden in divine energy that I can use to mold my dimension as I want, but how do I make it not look all golden?….a! Of course hehe Im the owner ” He said, now a young God, with a thought and Some movements of his hands the young god begins to fly from the ground where he was, already being at a considerable height he contemplates what he wants to do.

”Because of the information I have, I am a God of Life, Nature and Magic, and last of the Elves and the first elf for what the information says and for the big ears, since I am young and I have not had time to collect divinity from their respective domain I am a weak god but at least for being the first with the divinity of life and nature in this plane no one can be stronger than me in these domains except for the elven race already who is in my new biology and soul unless they kill me and take the domain and let it be an elf who gets the domain of the Elven race ” He said with a bit of heaviness at the end in his tone.

”Thats why I have to become strong and fast! ” And with a movement of his hand he begins to reshape its dimension to make it as comfortable as possible.









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