Reincarnated as The Elf God

Chapter 5 Magic and Information

”LET THE LIGHT BE MADE! ” Saying that he thundered his fingers and a strong light spread everywhere, from the fingers of the god a ball of light small, but strong enough to give light like a sun, rose to the heavens and stood high in the clouds .

After having made the Semi-Sun, I turn to see the forest that he made, contemplating it, everything that I create full of life and although it is not full of animals, butterflies, fireflies and the occasional small animal are still there in the forest.

Looking satisfied, he turned Aver over to an unoccupied spot with only grass on the ground, deciding that he would make a place for his home there, he began to plan A house?…not too normal for a god, how about a castle? ?…Nope! Its not too cliche either…how about…a wizard tower?…Mmm~ Yeah! Its going to be fantastic, a wizard tower, eventually Ill

To study magic and things like in harry petter motivated and with new ideas, he began to make rock for a new mountain, but this time it will not be the same since he also began to make lava with molten rock at the end in the center of the volcano-mountain.

Making stone started from the ground, one by one and then pressing, he did it with precision and tolerance, when finishing a part of the mountain he left a hole in the middle of about 200 meters to 200 meters, making rock and then heating it until the hot red and then throwing it into the crater he started doing that, one by one from hotter to warmer he made the rock molten or even melted, then so that it wouldn come out he made more normal rock and left a cover of water where it will be in contact with the lava, putting it where the lava comes out, when the lava is in contact with the water, a lot of steam came out, waving your hand to remove the steam, you saw a cover of black stone, shiny and something liza.

made obsidian.




Doing the same thing over and over again, I finish making the Volcano-mountain with a circular part on one side, moving my hand again, I create a rectangular stone block similar to a brick but made of pure stone, making one by one filled all the unoccupied circular part of the mountain making a cylindrical construction but wider than 30 meters and going up, melting each base of the brick made of stone so that it works with the one below and so on, more and more bricks were piled up and merged, at the end there was an impressive almost circular tower, but wider, with an amazing height of 140 meters high and 70 meters wide, a magnificent view with that design of the middle ages that gives it its unique charm, in the The roof was covered by stone but with a wooden hatch, with a round construction, where there would be a drop of 140 meters, made of stone with spaces to pass the air.

If they were inside, they would see a great variety of intertwined rooms and stairs that would lead to a room just as beautiful and amazing as the previous one, at the entrance there would be a large room where the tables and paintings are without supporting and without painting, the room is made cotton and polished wood, made to sit comfortably.

[There are more things but I don want to spend it detailing everything, there is a bookstore but without books, gigantic, there is also a room for potions and also to test spells, there are many things that I couldn explain, but if there are things, I won tell you you are surprised or surprised that suddenly it says a room and you do not know it]

Sitting in his private room, where he will be, he has a bed as comfortable as the others, with a wardrobe, a reading table, a red carpet, next to the bed on the wall there is a window made of glass, which can be open and close, sitting on his bed, he changes clothes to his newly created nightgown, covers himself and falls asleep.

Waking up one hundred percent, he changes for another change, goes to the door, walking through the stairs and corridors, he arrives in a room, which instead of a bed or armchairs, there is a rectangular-shaped platform in the middle, drawing in a role of the human body, he focuses on his newly acquired memories.

”So if Im going to make a life or body, I need its consciousness and what makes it functional, if I understand the first elf or the first elves that I make will not have a soul, because I don know, the model of the human body will be reference ” Taking a pencil, he began to draw and write names from human organs, to non-human, brain, spinal cord, larynx, lungs, heart, esophagus Do not cross that out erasing esophagus, wrote xaglopa, My elves do not

They will have the need to do the bathroom, they will be clean saying that he began to write more.

”Im done!…hehehe…an almost perfect being!…or so I think HAHAHA ” He exclaimed laughing like a mad scientist, he left the paper that was scratched up and revealed what he had done, a humanoid body with long pointed ears, beautiful, manly and another just as beautiful but cute, if they are the man and woman of their race, with all the names of the body from the brain, the heart to its reproductive part, everything was there.

Taking a breath, he turned to see the image, he began to make the whole body, from his own blood he started, from the blood more blood was made and from that blood the veins were formed, then arteries, with more concentration and energy, he began to make the skeleton, he did the hardest thing he could, after him skeleton he did, the brain, spinal cord, larynx, trachea, lungs, from there began the other organs both similar to those of humans to not even humans and nothing that see, Making after a lot of effort and energy a complete body.

Just as beautiful and manly, beautiful skin almost Balkan like milk, but with the flesh-colored tone, bright blonde hair, with his ears elongated and large in all their splendor, pink lips, if he were awake you would see that his eyes are sky blue with a touch of gold, handsome and manly.

Taking another breath he started again, he made a total of 3 men and 3 women, the first couple have long straight shiny blonde hair with sky blue eyes and a touch of gold, the second couple have equally shiny gray hair, also long and straight with eyes of color also sky blue with a touch of gray, And the last couple, the hair of Color black as the night, seems to shine and also like the elven characteristic his hair is long and straight with sky blue eyes, with a deep black touch.

Panting our Elf God sat up and contemplated the new lives he just made, with one last breath, he Fainted, its good that the elves are asleep until he wakes them up, otherwise they would be very confused.

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